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    Don't depend on me to be involved in tsl dev stuff, I really have quit this game, but here's some info from memory which might help you run tsl:

    My original involvement was to build the tsl website, which I had about 1-2 weeks to do, so it's pretty basic compared to other websites, but that's okay as that just means it performs well, is easy to use, and doesn't fuck up. I wrote it in php so it could be hosted on the tw web server (so it doesn't depend on me hosting it) and access the tw database (where the bots write data). I handed it over to qan, I never had access to these servers. The website is at: - it may not be obvious enough so I'll point out that player names and dollar values are links.

    The website has a configuration file for a season number, increment that number to start reading data for a new season. Presumably there's similar config for the bot so it saves data against this season number. As long as historical season data isn't deleted it would be possible to implement a season dropdown, but I didn't implement that due to time.

    At the end of a tsl game, the bot dumps scorebox data into the database, similar to twd. For the lulz you can use the twd website to view it using the same id, e.g.:

    Additionally, it saves a dollar value for each player in the game, these dollar values are used by the website. The formulas for producing the dollar values are in the tsl bot and I don't recall seeing them. RaCka You'll obvs want a tw dev person to get the formulas from the bot so you can check them.

    There were obvious formula issues, so I made a thread about it ofc, may be useful:

    At the start of a tsl game, everyone goes to the tsl arena and says !playing. The bot makes as many games as possible based on the number of players. 5v5 or 4v4 (don't think it goes to 3v3). Not everyone gets to play, can't remember if it prioritises them for the next game. It automatically snake drafts those players based on their ratings.

    RaCka you will want to check where these ratings come from in the database because they won't be the usual twdt ratings. You'll need to make sure as many people are rated as possible because you don't know who will show up. You'll want to make sure the ratings are updated based on twdt ratings. Despite best efforts, unrated players will show up, I think they get drafted as if they're low stars so obvs that can make imbalanced teams, so think about how you'll deal with it. qan added a page to the website to display ratings, I think it lists players who played in the current season, example:

    Each division is under a tab on the website. Players are sorted by their overall value in that division. In wb and jav the top 10 players would go into an all star game at the end of the season. All star players get a twd medal. There's a line on the ladder indicating the cut-off. In reality all 10 players don't show for the all-star game so you have to fill it with the highest ranked players who do show up.

    The overall value is the sum of the top X games in that division. In my code that's the top 20 scores and there's a line to indicate the cutoff on the individual player page, but it's different on the website currently. Example:

    Think about that number and scheduling carefully, I remember it being almost impossible to get 20 games as a uk timezone player, and about half your scores end up not good enough so if you play 20 you get 10 good scores and 10 bad scores, if you're american you play 40 games and get 20 good scores and 20 bad scores then all of your 20 included scores are good, it's a huge disadvantage for uk/eu.
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