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  • TSL Season 4 Winners

    Huge thanks to Ogron, Dwopple, Wirah, Biet, PureOwnage, Qan, and Cig Smoke for another (semi) successful season! Big congrats to the TSLJ and TSLD winners of this season. Moving forward if there is another ELO based league we have notes on several changes we would have to implement to improve this type of league. GG's this season!

    TSLJ Winners - Saiyan, Steadman, Vys, Skatarius, and Aagi

    TSLD Winners - Saiyan, Iron Survivor, Dak, Tripin, Vys
    7:Amnesti <TW>> racka is nestled in Candlekeep. hes nestled atop the cliffs that rise from the sword-coast.

    Amnesti> but i guess i havent tried so much yet, im only 19. when im 20+ i will on purpose make myself look as good as i can, and go to places where girls are

    1:Sika> "ezor" is #1

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    Thanks for hosting bud
    Best warbird to ever enter trenchwars