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  • TWEL Lag limits

    Hello everyone. It has been brought to my attention that people from Jamaica on wifi may not be able to participate in this great event. I've been thinking a lot about this - before bed... in the shower... and I think it might be the reason why the steam launch was unsuccessful.. (along with warbird resolution limits - shoutout hackysack). Now fortuitously this year we have a player who has sacrificed a good connection to go on a jamaican cruise and see what the limits should be raised to. Here are the results...
    TW-Duel2> : PING Cur: 440ms Ave: 560ms Low: 360ms Hi: 720ms PLOSS S2C: 2.2% C2S: -0.1% S2CWeapons: 0.0%
    TW-Duel2> ------- SLOW S2C: 0.0% C2S: 0.7% SPIKE Med: 41.85 Count: 2

    If we could possibly raise the limits to these standards I think we could achieve 10 teams in DT (at the VERY least) I've never been on a cruise ship but from the images I've seen a lot of people are just lounging around in warbird shorts cursing trench wars power-hungry land dwellers for enforcing such unfair limits. WE NEED TO INCLUDE EVERYONE!

    Thank you to our anonymous brave soul for researching Jamaican cruise ship WIFI limits, you have done a great service to the zone.

    In the future I think it may be worth it for the zone to fundraise for an antarctica lan-party to see if we are missing any potential players there due to restrictive lag limits.

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