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Let's wb duel to 341

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  • Let's wb duel to 341

    Uh yea, there are such lovely ways to spend the night with someone. What's sex if you can have a cute warbird next to you for 2 hours...

    Welcome to the Hall of Fame.

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    I actually started watched this when it was 72-72. A few of the longest duels shouldn't even be there. (one 37 minuter finished 0-0 ... one 38 minuter finished 10-3, how can you make a 10-3 win last 38 minutes and make it worthy to be that long??)

    But hey, some people will do anything to get on there The trick is to be on the hall of fame and not that of shame *cough gunivere cough*
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      OMG! OMG! HOw stupid!!!

      anyone wanna break it with me btw )

      Javelin: Ease defeats Nethila 0-0 TIME=17565307:51

      how much is 17565307 minutes btw ?!
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        Wow, I am evil

        Yep. Guenivere and I decided to go to 100, but that soon spawned more thoughts of going to 200, then finally all the way to 888. We took breaks, ate, and sat there and talked to people as well as taking turns shooting each other. :b

        We were at 339 - 339, then Connection came in and asked me what I was doing. Politely, I responded, "WE are dueling good sirrah!"

        Guenivere went AFK as soon as he entered, and shortly afterwards, 2Dragons busted in guns blazing. Except without the blazing... and the guns.. and he just entered the room . He asked me what I was doing, and then brought down his mighty wrath and commanded me to PLAY. Desperate attempts on my part to bring back Guen were in vain.

        Thus, I ended the duel with two quick shots to her head.
        [/end crappy dramatization]

        I'm sorry we are newbs We just did it because we are simple minded people who can enjoy simple things for hours on end. :b

        2Dragons thought I was Guenivere, but I explained to him that when she started, she started her name over here. Heh... I don't think it is possible to run 2 clients at once?

        Anyways... we won't abuse the system again

        Ease and Nethila must have their duels messed up.

        17565307 Minutes calculates to (Rounded down):
        292755 Hours
        9758 Days (If each month had 30 Days)
        813 Months

        I'm most sure I got my math wrong because I am not good with mathematics, just literature and the arts.
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          Their times will be fixed, I'm just awfully busy right now. Shortly.
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