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POLL: Make TWEL-S and TWEL-L Double Elimination Also?

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  • POLL: Make TWEL-S and TWEL-L Double Elimination Also?

    Lots of people have been saying that all tournaments should be double elimination. I'm already out in spider so I'm not really qualified to make a call on it by myself. If 70% of the vote is yes by Tuesday night I'll make them both double elimination.
    Yes - Double Elimination for TWEL-S/TWEL-L

    The poll is expired.

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    It's literally a shame that a spider like Mhz is out of contention after one round during a close game w/ Stayon. I Say yes.
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      tj making a power play for patouf?
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        i voted yes because some1 hunted me down on another game and told me to. it must be very important to them. you should all vote yes because 1 nerd cares a lot.
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          The poll was 14-5 (14-6 literally, but I removed summa's vote and someone notified me they voted no but meant to vote yes) from 3PM EST to until at least 1AM which was over the 70% required by Tuesday night. So yeah, double elim. Will update the brackets soon.
          PattheBat> steadman your name is literally "a mean std"
          ogron> CM,OPN NMKAN


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            oh come on , this is trolling....
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