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TWEL Season 12: The Grand Finals

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  • TWEL Season 12: The Grand Finals

    The TWEL Final(ly)s have reached the summit, only with the final showdowns of the game’s most elite players in each league. With over 100 duels played in all 3 leagues, plenty of whining, disqualifying, upsets and plenty of myself logging on and begging people to duel, we’re FINALLY here.

    Every duel played before these matches will feel meaningless compared to how these finals will play out. That’s because there’s actually real cash being handed out in this league. And while the winning pot of $125 may seem small to some people, that’s 17 Chipotle runs (RaCka), 25 steam games (Ease), 25 12-packs of Coke Zero (Ricko), and a house (Turban). While cash is nice, the bragging rights that come with one of the rarest titles in the zone, TWEL Champion, is the real prize. I mean, what’s better than adding to our online persona’s imaginary ego in 2016?

    Ease has already defeated Turban in the TWEL-S Grand Finals to defend his title, making him the first multi-champion of Spider and finds himself in position to win a total of $250 if he can defeat Turban in TWEL-J. That should help out with holiday season.

    Cash Prizes are as follows:
    TWEL-D: 1st Place - $125. 2nd Place - $40. 3rd Place - $10 (Iron Survivor)
    TWEL-J: 1st Place - $125. 2nd Place - $40. 3rd Place - $10 (24)
    TWEL-S: 1st Place - $75 (Ease) 2nd Place (Turban) - $20. 3rd Place - $5 (Stayon)

    Heaven is also adding an additional $50 as a bonus to anyone who wins more than 1 league. Ease is still in the running to grab the bonus prize.

    The Grand Finals of TWEL-D and TWEL-J will not be played unless it’s scheduled first and confirmed with myself. I’ll be updating this thread as soon as the games are scheduled. I’ll see if I can record each match, or if anyone is interested in doing so please message me.

    As of now the Grand Finals schedule is:

    TWEL-D: RaCka vs Ricko – Will be played after TWDT Finals on Sunday
    TWEL-J: Ease vs Turban – TBD
    TWEL-S: Ease vs Turban – Ease has claimed his title, defeating Turban 10-2

    Here are the breakdowns of each competitor and interviews from the winners from the winner’s brackets in TWEL-D and TWEL-J. Ease will soon get his own thread highlighting his dominant run in TWEL-S to win back to back Championships. Good luck to the remaining finalists!
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    TWEL-D FINALS – RaCka vs Ricko

    RaCka’s path to the Grand Finals:

    Round 1: RaCka vs 24 (10-3)
    Round 2: RaCka vs Iron Survivor (10-6)
    Round 3: RaCka vs 2pacZ (10-4)
    Round 4: RaCka vs Best (7-2)
    Round 5: RaCka vs Ricko (10-4)

    Ricko’s path to the Grand Finals:

    Round 1: Ricko vs tj hazuki (10-2)
    Round 2: Ricko vs Attacks (12-10)
    Round 3: Ricko vs Little Buddhist (10-0)
    Round 4: Ricko vs Ease (12-10)
    Round 5: Ricko vs RaCka (4-10)
    Loser’s Final: Ricko vs Iron Survivor (12-10)

    Looking at both of these masters of the #1 ship, they’ve each taken very different paths to the Grand Finals. RaCka has absolutely dominated everyone by wide margins while Ricko has come back to win almost every duel, stretching his wins into overtime where he’s able to land the decisive, finishing blows. While conventional wisdom might claim utter domination is more impressive than squeaking out close duels, there’s something equally impressive when you can figure out how to win when the games get tight and the game slows down, and Ricko has made being unstoppable in the clutch a staple of his game.

    RaCka will defend his Winner’s Bracket victory over Ricko with a fitting 1-0 lead in the best-of-3 Grand Finals. While RaCka won their previous duel fairly easily, the duel was played when both players were equally inactive and felt the pressure to just get the duel over with so I’d stop whining to them in ?message.

    Ricko quickly bounced back by defeating the seemingly unstoppable Iron Survivor in another overtime match. While down 6-8, the comeback kid once again showcased his determination and his newfound 1v1 mastery to defeat the former TWEL-D Finalist with his favorite score, 12-10. That win propelled him into the Grand Finals with a chance to redeem himself against RaCka.

    While a 1-0 lead for RaCka could very well be impossible to overcome, both players will be motivated to show up with their A game for the final bout, no excuses. If Ricko can keep things close and avoid the early onslaught and pressure that RaCka is most certainly going to bring, we could see a totally different duel play out. Ricko has the confidence and experience to excel in the closing minutes while RaCka hasn’t been tested in a close duel to decide the outcome. The problem is not a single opponent has come close to figuring out RaCka the entire season. Can Ricko produce the winning formula? Then can he do it twice in a row? It’s going to be a steep mountain to climb when RaCka knows he’s never been closer to winning the ever-elusive TWEL-D Championship. Tune in after the TWDT Finals end on Sunday to see who claims their rightful title as TWEL-D Champion and walks away with the $125 grand prize.

    I caught up with RaCka to see how he was feeling about his upcoming match:

    Mythril> Hello sir, congratulations on making it to the TWEL-D Finals
    RaCka> ty my man
    Mythril> How did you feel about your chances at the beginning of the playoffs?
    Mythril> Everyone knows you've been without your desktop for the last 2 years or so
    RaCka> i made it the finals relatively easily i didnt have to face anybody that had a good chance of beating me
    RaCka> i think im like 47-19 in twel-d atm
    Mythril> LOL that's an impressive rec
    Mythril> You play God Lord Ricko in the Grand Finals. You played him last round to beat him 10-4, how do you feel now playing him again?
    RaCka> stylistically i dont think he has a chance against me, especially since im up on him 1-0 already
    Mythril> It will be tough but he's taken out big names, Ease, Attacks, Iron etc
    RaCka> i highly doubt he'll get more than 6 kills on me
    Mythril> Yikes
    Mythril> Well if your prediction comes true and you win this elusive title, how will you spend the $125 buckaroos?
    RaCka> i plan on spending the $125 on buying pizza and mountain dew to hopefully become a better javelin
    Mythril> LOOOOOOL that seems to be a fool proof plan to becoming bad (elite) in 2016
    Mythril> Good luck to you sir I look forward to watching the duel Sunday after T W D T
    RaCka> LOL thanks bud :o)~~

    The match will be played after TWDT Sunday. Good luck to both Finalists.
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      TWEL-J Grand Finals: Ease vs Turban

      Ease’s path to the Grand Finals:

      Round 1: Ease vs dreamwin (10-0 DQ)
      Round 2: Ease vs Siaxis (10-0 DQ)
      Round 3: Ease vs Okyo (10-8)
      Round 4: Ease vs Mean Gene (10-7)
      Round 5: Ease vs 24 (10-6)

      Turban’s path to the Grand Finals:

      Round 1: Turban vs Fem (10-0)
      Round 2: Turban vs Mythril (10-2)
      Round 3: Turban vs Mean Gene (8-10)
      Loser’s Round 4: Turban vs Stayon (14-12)
      Loser’s Round 5: Turban vs Healt (10-7)
      Loser’s Round 6: Turban vs Tiny (10-7)
      Loser’s Round 7: Turban vs Fork (13-11) hour 16
      Loser’s Final: Turban vs 24 (10-0) DQ

      The TWEL-J Grand Finals will feature arguably the 2 greatest javelins of all time, and without a doubt 2 of the greatest 1v1 Javelins to ever enter TWEL. In a perennially stacked TWEL-J filled with contenders and former champs, it’s a testament to each of these competitor’s greatness that they’re the last 2 standing. Ease started off with fortunate disqualifications but then had to earn his spot in the Grand Finals, defeating former TWEL-J Champion and heavyweight, 24, in the Winner’s Finals. Turban’s cockiness and overconfidence shook him early in round 3 when he was sent to the Loser’s Bracket at the hands of Mean Gene in a close battle. But with his back against the wall, he’s gone on one of the most impressive killing sprees TWEL has ever seen, showing endurance in long matches (Fork, over an hour long duel), mental toughness against legends (Stayon, 14-12), and also defeated last year’s Champ, Tiny, climbing out the depths of the Loser’s Bracket to earn his spot in the Grand Finals.

      Both of these legends collided 2 seasons ago in maybe the most epic TWEL bout of all time, delivering a classic that couldn’t be decided in regulation. Turban outlasted Ease, 15-13, in an exhausting marathon that lasted 2 hours, 48 minutes and 36 seconds, solidifying both of them as 2 of the game’s ultimate tryhards. Turban would then go on to annihilate everyone else in his path to claim his first TWEL-J Championship.

      Two seasons later, with even more cash on the line ($250 for Ease, $145 for Turban), we’re lucky enough to witness these greats go at it once again, and this time with all the marbles on the line. We haven’t seen this much money being handed out since Ignite was trying to buy a TWLD medal (remember when TWL mattered that much? I don’t, I was perma-banned. Shoutout to Rudy).

      Ease starts this best of 3 with a 1-0 lead against another TWEL-J Champion as he seeks his very first Championship in this league to add to his 2 TWEL-S Titles and if he wins, would make him the first player to win a TWEL Championship in more than 1 league. Turban looks to become the first player to win multiple TWEL-J titles, but he certainly has his work cut out for him against the ultimate tryhard. Ease defeats his foes by controlling the pace - his incredible aim is only equaled by his unbelievable ship control, but he’s going against arguably the best to ever do it in the 1v1 realm. Turban is one of the most skilled players this zone has ever seen, and he has the unique vision to find impossible angles and enough talent to execute shots that nobody else sees coming (literally, the guy lags like shit).

      Many questions will be answered Sunday (or Monday, depending on how long the duel is): Will Turban win twice in a row to solidify himself as the greatest 1v1 Javelin of all time? Or will Ease get his revenge and win another solo championship in a different league to become the greatest TWEL player in the zone? Will these guys set a new record for longest duel ever recorded? We’ll find out before, or after TWDT.

      The duel is scheduled for 1-2 hours before TWDT. If extra time is needed, they’ll complete the duel after TWDT. Good luck to both competitors.

      (Hoping to talk to Ease before the match for an interview)
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          We will try to do our TWEL-J match before TWDT starts, and worst case scenario we will finish the duel(s) after TWDT ends.


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            super rude.

            Also 'God Lord Ricko' - lol what?!
            TWL-J Season 11 Champion
            TWL-J Season 21 Champion
            TWL-B Season 21 Champion
            TWDT-D 2017 Champion
            TWDT-J 2017 Champion


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              Wait....TWEL is still going on? It started 4 months done myth LOL
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                TWEL-J has been posted.

                Ricko, I only call absolute veterans who I truly respect 'God Lord'. And yeah Rough, nobody is happier than I am that this season is finally ending.
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                  Is this shit still going? I have now missed TWEL 3 years in a row now, can somebody tell me how to enter this tournament?


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                    Originally posted by Mythril View Post
                    TWEL-J: Ease vs Turban – TBD
                    As I will be recording these matches, please keep this one to under 2 hours please.
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                      Originally posted by project dragon View Post
                      As I will be recording these matches, please keep this one to under 2 hours please.
                      I wanted to record most of these games but they always play when im not online
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                        christ, I'd rather there be no evidence of what I'm about to be subject to
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                        TWL-J Season 21 Champion
                        TWL-B Season 21 Champion
                        TWDT-D 2017 Champion
                        TWDT-J 2017 Champion