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TWDT is back, with full Hot or Nots. Ease will run it, and I'll be helping him.

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    One possible idea to offset cap's value as a "free" pick: rather than a random draft, have draft order be based on cap's total star value, ascending.
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      Best players are knowing they would be last on draft order and could refrain from captaining because of this. I would if I was one of them, while a draw is exciting for every players. The only thing to do is to fire Heaven from this role, take someone like Trasher. If it can be on live streaming it's perfect.
      Trasher> lol hellrazor


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        live stream like NBA or any other sporting draft heh


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          After 2 days of canvassing, we're up to 60 players and 3-4 captains, and I've sent out 700+ messages, so players logging into TWL on Sunday or returning to the game should bolster those numbers quite a bit, as most of the messages haven't been read.

          Hoping Mythril or anyone with deep contacts on Facebook, Discord, text messages, etc. can get the word out that signups are happening and the league starts shortly after TWL.

          I've re-sized the TWDT Champions map so it looks nice on forums and avoids the re-sizer, and hope to get it up into the arena for the coming season soon. You can check out the TWDT arena graphic here.
          4:Spezza> I have bad news
          4:Ogron> NO
          4:Ogron> You can't show for TWDT?
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          4:Ogron> I appreciate your honesty
          1:Ogron> Spezza on the trade block
          1:Spezza> LOL


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            I?d like to cap if possible.


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              ma boi flew steppin up, bring back keith and draft hazuki-san bring back ambush