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  • TWLD Hot or Not the Grand Final

    TWLD The grand finals.

    We finally made it, Two sets of teams but only one set of medals, one team had to budge.
    Will it be another failed legacy for Dice? or will they salvage the season as they are clear favorites and let their stars bring home some more blue medals or will it be a eager Force who have had their eyes on one league all season and have practiced more than any squad.

    Round 1

    Dice 50-39 Force

    If a script was written out for a play or act to be performed exactly as it should and was predicted to be so, this round was it. A very nervy Force who were extremely passive with a suicidal Okyo going out in mere minutes with a very lack luster 3-10 and this left Force to crumble from with in in very short order and Dice going for the throat. Best going Ham with a 14-8 and Racka with a reserved but quality 10-3. It was a one sided round as much as a TWDD including Force and Dice went mere hours before hand. The round ended and Dice celebrated early as everything was going to plan and confidence was sky high they couldn't be beaten ever this was for the most part the same line that beat the legendary Fierce a year previously. However Force had other ideas.....

    Round 2

    Force 50-39 Dice

    This round started off very much like round 1, for Force Cres was still striking true from radar and Skepsis and Iron Survivor still struggling for a handle on the game very much like the first round, the differences were Raazi and 2pacz where strong previously began to get twitchy, nerves invaded 2pacz as the effects of his weed left him, Attacks and Skepsis rallied poor starts and Okyo completely went to town on Dice, from achieving absolutely nothing the previous round, to every rush hitting its mark. Of course Okyo still went out early, but it is Okyo after all but not without getting a awe inspiring 17 kills to his name first, this is why Okyo is the most dangerously inconsistent player in the league you really don't know what your going to get.
    All of a sudden it was 1-1 and Force and Dice became eerily quiet, however a loud and big as ever twl crowd were shouting GAME ON.

    Round 3

    Force 50-42 Dice

    Finally Force had the momentum back and they would not waste a chance to get forwards and push especially against a pro offensive lineup of Dice that wasn't used to playing defensive, 2pacz tried to push back and could not adapt to a more defensive stance from Dice, pulled a Okyo and had to be rescued by Jav star 24 for composure with a 4-8 in very short order. Mythril, Raazi and Racka were too quiet, last year they were 3 of the most deadly and aggressive players in the game however this match barely a peep was heard out of them. Best however was every bit as deadly as he ever is and lead a massive counter charge which brought Dice to just -2 to Force lead from a previous -15 gap, and it looked like Dice 2016 was back on the cards. This is where experience comes into play and where experience wins games, and their was someone who had more experience than anyone else in TWL finals than the exception of Ease or maybe Mythril and thats Skepsis, and sadly for Dice he didn't skip a beat and knocked Dice back down again and delivered the stake to the heart of Dices 2016 dreams for Fierce's vengeance and more importantly Forces new found legacy.
    Force were the champions, Cres, Okyo, Attacks and Iron Survivor would take home their first blue medals for maybe the last chance in this game ever. I certainly hope not. Siaxis had gone fishing, or was being chased by Ogron in Duckhunt we aren't quite sure, but he will receive a blue medal and did contribute throughout the season.

    Differences that would have effected the game if Siaxis showed, Would Okyo have been playing round 2? probably not and then he would not have had the chance to go 17-10 and tip round 2 for Force. If Raazi and 2pacz had spent more time warming up would things have been different? Certainly Mythril, Racka and Best worked hard and were on hours before. It was my belief that the difference was that 4 great players don't make a team of 5, Dices 5th man lost them this final, where as Force had 5 players and 6 for most of the season who were all near the same skill level and for the most part consistent. Had Ease been the 5th man like on Burn would things still have turned out the same? "No Ease no Victory" apparently. 2Pacz must keep on playing and put this behind him, otherwise it will haunt his confidence for years to come, and he must take the good points out of the season, which was that he performed well numerous occasions and even became Hot of the Week on one Instance.


    Best 14-8 11-10 14-10 Great performances despite a losing team, you will leave with your honor intact.
    Cres 14-10 13-7 9-10 Fantastic Round 1 and 2 performances, has performed great in semi finals and finals when it really mattered.
    Okyo 3-10 17-10 10-9 Almost didn't put him here for round 1, but without his second round performance Force would not be TWLD champions.
    Skepsis 9-10 4-7 15-8 Round 3 he took control of the game and held Force together through shaky nerves. No Skepsis no win

    2pacz 12-10 6-10 4-8 Still not the end of the world, the level of quality in the match, worst scores have happened against worse players.
    Raazi 7-9 4-10 10-10 Doesn't matter, hes beaten this game already.....

    Hope you have enjoyed this years Hot or Not as much I have writing it, there will be a special edition hot or not awards thread I will be bringing out in the next day, where we will be looking at those who need to be praised and those who need a wooden spoon inserted up them for good measure.
    I thank you all for your support and I was expecting people to go through and pointing out every punctuation mistake but infact people have been great and have been offering me encouragement at every turn, so thank you for that.

    Interview with F O R C E 2016 champions

    Attacks> Ok guys, How does it feel to be TWLD champions of 2016 F O R C E 2016?
    1:Cres> ya not answering that question
    1:Cres> 1 of u take it
    Cres> LOL
    Attacks> lol he doesn't?
    Attacks> well someone mime him
    Skepsis> I beat this game
    Iron Survi> LOOOOOOOOOOL
    Attacks> Anyway feels fucking great personally
    Cres> I put the Wars in Trench. That is my answer to your question.
    Attacks> okyo?
    Skepsis> TWLD is my arena
    Cres> I am COntinuum.
    okyo> very good.
    Attacks> iron?
    Attacks> And which of you guys were shitting a brick after round 1?
    Attacks> I was, thought we couldn't do it
    Attacks> well I knew we could
    Iron Survi> man
    Cres> i wont lie i saw squad morale pretty down after r1
    Attacks> but didn't think we could
    Iron Survi> calm the fuck down
    Cres> but i knew we could do it
    Iron Survi> was answering 1st question
    Cres> LOL
    Attacks> well answer first question, cuz I gotta edit this anyway cuz u slow as fuck :P
    Iron Survi> lol Attacks> ok
    Iron Survi> im happy to win twld with my friends, we been playing togheter long time.. and our time has come! we had attacks and skepsis added to potenza family, so cudnt be better
    Iron Survi> feel great smash racka and best who trashtalk alot during all thhose years
    Attacks> yeah
    Cres> no ease no victory is pretty obvious for those guys #realtalk
    Attacks> I must admitt we had a shaky start togethor with personalites, but we all got on really well at end and it showed in our teaming
    Cres> if ease didnt join burn last year they wouldnt have won LD
    Cres> shots fired
    Iron Survi> it just pointed out how they got carried by ease bad
    Iron Survi> i feel bad for ease
    Attacks> So guys, remmeber this a interview
    Attacks> whats gonna happen next season if their is one?
    Attacks> Force 2017?
    Cres> hard 2 tell
    Cres> depends on how twdt goes this year
    Iron Survi> we dont even know if this game will be alive, im looking to play with ppl i like in future , thats all i can say
    okyo> every1 quitting game temporarily now, we gona see in few months
    Attacks> aye
    Attacks> Im gonna go back to Ossify my roots and help some new players out I think
    Attacks> and
    Attacks> im gonna break siaxis fishing rod
    Attacks> Shout out
    Cres> lol siaxis was a good enough cap, he got us skepsis so he did his role tbh...u were great for our depth attacks and u stepped up when it mattered
    Attacks> to Skepsis for a great last round, Okyo for pulling back after a bad first round and delivering
    Attacks> Iron and Cres for being solid for 3 rounds
    okyo> we would have lost if siaxis here becuz me would have been benched round2
    Attacks> dunno
    Iron Survi> loooooooooooool
    Attacks> think he would have held faith
    Attacks> takes guts to come back from 3-10
    Cres> this game was similar like cobra one tbh
    Cres> i got 14-10 every1 else -
    Cres> and we comeback to win it all
    Attacks> lol that first round
    Attacks> I was doing well, then I was like guys?
    Cres> takes gods to comeback from 0-1 to win 2 rounds back to back vs competiton like that Attacks> ummm
    Attacks> they all dead
    Attacks> yeah
    Attacks> dutch courage
    Attacks> well guys
    Attacks> end of interview
    Attacks> congrats
    Cres> this interview 0/10
    Cres> suk me
    British> my 18th tomoz $$
    Sol ^> 18 and scouse, so that two kids you have by now, brit? :)

    i.d.> I just farted and shit myself alittle bit

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    Congrats to Skepsis, Iron Survivor, Cres, Attacks, and Okyo on winning TWLD!

    And I agree, Siaxis not showing was the key to victory, adding ducking garbage afraid of the moment over a proven, fearless aggressor like Okyo would have been tragic.

    Props to Attacks for writing Hot or Not all year, win or lose, and to Porkjet for all the video recording work he did this season -- you da real MVPs!
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      Rookie of the Year is evolving...!

      Congratulations! Your Rookie of the Year has evolved into TWLD Champion!



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        thought this thread was about tinder
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          david beat goliath.

          F O R C E 2 0 1 6


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            me and my harem indira, chandra, bharat, parvati, and priya wud like to congratulate tw's very own deepak "cres" cobra on dis grand accomplishment.

            Trench Wars Player

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              lol........allow me shoutouts u know how we do cuz

              Iron Survivor AKA Brazilian Beast - Guy consistently dominated the entire year and finishing #1 in overall kills shows it. The center piece of our team able to play any style.

              Skepsis AKA King Bharat - Had an okay season and playoffs due to inactivity, but the guy got his vengeance in a clutch performance exactly when we needed it in round 3. Saw him 7-1 within 2 mins and knew we had won. Huge respect for putting ego aside and joining an underdog core and proving your caliber.

              Okyo AKA Big Baby - A glass cannon type of player who can either be insanely dookie or an unstoppable God. He knows his role is to go big 1 round a series and he did exactly that when we needed it.

              Attacks AKA British ButtBummer - Everybody was skeptical with this new addition to the Potenza core but he proved to be more than a serviceable 6th man. Guy was crucial for us during the playoffs and solid in the finals.

              Siaxis aka Fishermin - Responsible for putting this team together and had a pretty good season. Potenza members had left Force right before TWL began and he stepped up and got everyone together.

              Huge shoutouts to every1 on Force for hyping us up entire season.
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              Coach: Omega Red
              Assistant Coach: Olde
              Physio: Milosh
              Public Relations: Shaun
              Marketing: Wirah
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              Hype Squad 2016: Solemn, Tarnish, Paradise, Pressure, Rough, Tiny, Jones, Sir Spider, Riverside, Field, Rasaq, Jessup, am sry if am missing sum1 suk me

              Staff Shoutouts:
              Markmrw - gj as twl op for the first time
              Porkjet - thx for being dis cameramin
              Attacks - HoN threads
              Ogron - Stats

              Paradise> NO NAMES. NOT A SINGLE NAME.....but 3/6 of the players on Force are of a certain descent. I will not go any further.
              1:Rasaq> i scrub really hard with toilet paper so little pieces of it get stuck to my anus hair and then later on when im watching tv i like to pull them out slowly because it feels pretty good

              1:Mutalisk> heard that n1111ga okyo got some DSLs

              Paradise> No names but there's actually a black man in the arena right now.

              Jones> MAAAAN1111GA UCHIHA

              Paradise> NO NAMES. NOT A SINGLE NAME.....but 3/6 of the players on Force are of a certain descent. I will not go any further.


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                just coming on here to say am happy to see Potenza won and not because cres guilt-tripped me into it. don't know why ease isn't in the finals this season, but this all sounds very Sweet-esque. am proud. iron survivor, always knew you had it in you homie- way 2 put in work.

                The evolution of TWLD champion Crescent Seal is something they'll one day write a movie about. Happy to see u carried too.
                9:zidane> i dont play or twd ever..

                1:Engineers> am top spider on squad call me avatar eng
                1:Cres> ye we only had to axe 10 ppl for it



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                  Huge shoutouts to every1 on Force for hyping us up entire season.
                  Manager: Healt
                  Coach: Omega Red
                  Assistant Coach: Olde
                  Physio: Milosh
                  Public Relations: Rough
                  Marketing: Wirah
                  Trainer: Ready
                  Mascot: Dominic
                  Fixed your post
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                    Kudos Attacks for your extreme patience, delivering on something completly dead. I admire your resolution, whilst I gave up


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                      Congrats Force!

                      Thanks for the HoN(s), tax
                      TWDTJ & TWDTB FINALIST 2019


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                        My ss children are now big strong TWLD CHAMPS! Its been a along journey, they make me so proud of how they grew up into adult wbs over the last 5 years!

                        Cres- My teenage girl that never shut the fuk up.

                        Okyo- My little emo/shy son that only wore black and had to wear eye liner locked in his room listening to Mega Death.

                        Iron Survivor- My oldest, the big brother that they looked up to, but ive always known was slightly gay, and was proven right when Cres's clothing went missing. Tranny?

                        Huge shout out to the rest of u fks!

                        Congrats boys!!! Started from the bottom, no stacking needed #Selfmade

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                          Not of the year. PureOwnage not being there to dominate everyone.

                          Glad to see the game is still going. Congrats Force
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