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Improve Quality of Life (IQoL) #4 - Balancing Teams

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  • Improve Quality of Life (IQoL) #4 - Balancing Teams

    Mission Statement: I am a firm believer that if you could improve the quality of life of any organization, no matter how major or minor, inevitably the system will grow and improve. Therefore, I will start a series of suggestions and feedback to what I believe may be a positive impact in the zone. Feel free to leave your constructive criticism, whether it be support or against the premise. Trolls will not be tolerated.

    Topic: Balancing teams for a competitive experience is of utmost importance to keep players entertained. I have observed on numerous occasions that teams are exceptionally lopsided/skewered and this should be amended.

    • In lowly populated times, i.e. 1v1 2v2, inactivate specific ships such as the shark and terrier.
    • When shuffling the teams, each public frequency should have at least 1 terrier (if possible), do not put 2 terriers on the same team unless >2 terriers are presently active.
    • When shuffling the teams, each public frequency should have at least 1 shark (if possible), do not put 2 sharks on the same team unless >2 sharks are presently active.
    • Warp all players from a public freq inside FR at the commencement of a game. Private freq may be exempt from this if they desire.
    • Increase monetary incentives for people to switch teams when they are not balanced.
    • Increase monetary incentives for people to use a terrier.
    • Automatic shuffling when a team achieves a win-streak of 2-0.
    • Place new policy on private frequency to balance teams:
    • Implement algorithm similar to TSL to place people with certain ratings on specific teams (this is a bit time-consuming and requires extensive coding if someone is willing to take up the fight).
    If you have any suggestions to balance teams please comment below.
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    I agree that sharks should not be allowed in low-pop games, e.g. 5v5 or less. When someone sharks in a small game it basically forces you to shark so you can get into the FR, but what if you don't want to shark... well you have no choice, get trolled, gg. Same argument works for weasels.

    I think shuffling could be better advertised and permitted at any time to trigger a shuffle at the end of the round and votes reset with each round.

    I want to see something done about people not going to base, and people going AFK. These people make the game imbalanced even when the teams contain the same number of players. This is why the active players give up and the numbers become imbalanced.

    I disagree about applying the TSL algorithm to pub. It only works when players are rated, and arguably it doesn't even produce fair teams then anyway.