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  • Rewards for 100$+ donations

    UPDATE: Added a photo of the prototypes of the 3D models. The 3D files have been tweaked slightly since I printed them. The renders are more up-to-date.

    UPDATE 2: Added a photo of a warbird model printed in gray. Looks pretty good and a lot better than the white does. This particular print had some red from a previous print mixed into the gray, noticeable at the engines.

    UPDATE 3: I'm sad to say the color red is now unavailable.

    UPDATE 3: Last chance! 10 days to go until the offer expires!

    In this post I will go into more detail of the donation rewards. The original idea was to send a gift package to the top 3 donators during the holiday donation drive (post here). We would like to extend it beyond the top 3 and give everyone who donated 100$ or more the gift package. In this case, a 3D printed model of one of the 4 ships, more details later.
    I'm in the lucky position where I am able to use a 3D printer without paying for the costs. The only real costs are shipping costs and time spent on making, preparing, printing, and shipping the models. If it is possible to send the gift per letter I'll cover the costs associated with shipping myself. I'll let you all know if there are any changes.
    I can produce such gift packages till the end of February and would encourage everyone who was already planning to donate to donate 100$ or more before the 23rd of February. You can donate multiple times within this time period and the total amount counts. Anonymous donations don't count towards the 100$ requirement.
    If you donate or already donated the required amount, you can send a mail to ( with all the details (more on the details below) and I will make sure it is properly sent to you. I'll also be in contact with those who met the requirements prior to this post.

    What do you need to do after you met the main requirement?
    If you wish to receive a gift package I would need to know a few things.
    1. We have 3D models of 4 of the 8 ships used: Warbird, Javelin, Terrier, and Lancaster. I'd like to know which one out of the 4 you would want a model of. (Renders of the models can be found in the attachment).
    2. Which color do you want your model to be: White, yellow, red (not available), brown, silver, light gray or black?
    3. Do you want the model to have a single color or do you want a differently colored cockpit? If you do, please pick one of the colors presented in the previous step.
    4. The address I can send the gift package to.

    If you got any questions or want more information, let me know.

    Thank you all for contributing to the game!

    The size of a model is around 85 mm in length.
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    Last edited by BIET; 02-13-2019, 08:20 AM. Reason: Red color unavailable. Last 10 days reminder. Added a new photo.

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    This is the coolest thing!
    -Wirah (Method/Mefod)


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      That's freaking sweet. Nice work!


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        You're doing God's work, Biet. Also, that's super nice of you to foot the cost of shipping it to the players, you really didn't have to do that. You really went above and beyond.
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          nice idea Biet! You should get one of each printed off and take pics of the actual models; it might motivate people to donate more if they can see exactly what they would be getting.
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            Ricko sure thing, was debating at first if it would spoil the surprise too much. I'll post them later today.


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              send me a Lancaster


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                Trench Wars Amiibo? Wouldn't it be cool if that was the way you selected your ship? Just pull your warbird out and play


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                  I NEED A WARBIRD IMMEDIATELY. This is fucking cool, gonna have to donate more now. Thanks for doing this Biet.
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                    Make mine solid metal, and ill donate $100 =)

                    Also very cool. My favourite looking ship is a Leviathan, however.. maybe Javelin is second.


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                      Hah! I was thing as well how cool it would be to cast or print them in metal. But then I wouldve wanted to add some cool transparent afterburner flames coming out of the exhaust as well.. if only luckily these prints are a nice alternative AND still up for grabs :x I don?t want to make it sound like you should do it only for this, the support for the zone should be the main motivation, but it is a little, rather nice extra


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                        Preparing the first print for shipment. Sadly the ships aren't as indestructible as their digital versions, need some serious protection.


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                          Got mine in! Unscripted, so it's a lot of "oh wow" and "cool," but you can get an idea of what it's like via stellar webcam footage converted to a lossy format.

                          Thanks for doing this, BIET! Amazing work!


                          Showing after:
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                            This is amazing. Good job Biet.
                            Nice video qan.
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                              Thanks Biet

                              Click image for larger version

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