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    Hey Qan, hope your well man. We found a bug today with your new 2nd highest death entry rework with the bot. Today there was some people playing and the highest death was 3. Someone did !late and they entered on 3 (not the 2nd highest). A person joined after they did and they entered on 4 (now has more lives than rest). Another joined after him and they had 5. BIET was there and corrected the bot, am sure you were made aware of this malfunction but thought I'd lay it here for you just in case.

    Curious. Why is there a voting system in elim anyways? I only play warbird but I wouldn't be opposed to it going wb - jav -wb - jav, giving a round for each ship spread out equally. Say it's all wb's on and no one wants to play jav, they don't enter and the next round starts off wb and vice versa. I'd even be down for removing votes on deaths and having it all be automated. Under 8 people, 5 lives each, 8+ people 10 lives each. Anyways, just was thinking about this and how sometimes voting against peers pisses them off, I know it does me when elim gets jav locked. Thought it might be nice if it was split 100% fair that it might make everyone happier. Just an idea, most likely dumb but never hurts to throw it out!

    Thanks for everything. Cheers!



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      To prevent confusion, I put in a fix for the betting system, not the bug that you mentioned. Thanks for posting it though!

      About the voting system. It might be nice to have it alternate between ships as long as you can 'skip' the ship whenever there aren't any players willing to play it. Otherwise I think it is crucial to have some form of player input to suit the crowd at a particular moment. A set system might be the most consistent way of doing it, but will also slow things down. That being said however, if people can vote for deaths for alternating jav / wb / jav / wb / .. and skip a ship by not entering, or voting, it might be a nice middle ground. Would anyone actually like this to be tested?


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        Voting for deaths is pointless. The votes scale based on number of players so it can be automated.


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          Rotating ships is a bad idea. It will probably kill momentum of elim in general if you have to switch back in forth. Many times there are more wbs or more javs who want to keep playing. I think the balancing with the extra vote system will correct the certain ship running elim. If you got 10 javs and 3 should cater to the javs and not switch and make 3 people happy and lose 6 and vise versa. The deaths though could work well with number limits. Super annoying to have 3 wb or javs playing to 10. Should have some sort of requirement. That being said, you need to fix the ratings system not to cater to 10 deaths games. That is a main reason people vote 10 because a 20-8 game is worth more than a 12-3 game (not exact number, but somewhat accurate).
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