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    pee pee so> so ur saying fc stands for fart cream?
    TW-Chat> #EG:Fc> i heard pee pee sock voted for hillary
    pee pee so> im not aloud to vote court order
    pee pee so> i got cot masterbatin in the voting booth
    6:Helios> i hate when u have a sex with a girl and your dick smells like a cat asshole
    pee pee so> todo the dog from wizard of oz?
    pee pee so> who's hotter tin man lion or hay man
    pee pee so> straw man
    pee pee so> wtf his name?
    pee pee so> hay straw
    pee pee so> FUK
    pee pee so> lol help me
    pee pee so> straw something
    Nathan Bar> strawcrow
    pee pee so> looool yaaaaa ty
    [Jul 17 10:19] pee pee sock: im dum like strawman. if i only had a brane
    -Wirah (Method/Mefod)


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      Here's a few I found:

      Frog> my dik is so small it looks like my balls are wearin a beanie

      mythril>got plans to annihilate some unlimited crab legs tonight
      mythril> im gonna suck those shits

      Poo Poo Socrates> the sock is gone

      steadman> zazu i would literally spread my cheeks on your nose
      and let out the most disgusting garlic bread fart right on you

      destruct> where is this confidence coming from
      beam> from the previous 2 rounds of inserting my giant weiner in ur buttocks
      Frog>On halloween I gave the black kids white chocolate so they could get dirty too

      RaCka> if a fart and a hot dog had a child together you'd get Steadman

      pee pee sock> i think my gf no's im gay


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        Mythril> from this day on im just gonna compliment fem on his chin growth im not going to court
        Mythril> the anticipation after you ask a girl for nudes is quite the thrill in life
        Spectacular> angelgirl is the type of person who imagine's carrying out an abortion for Hilary Clinton while frying snow peas in coconut oil
        Spectacular> izor has one single leg stop talking about him behind his back
        Spectacular> first time I met izor he told me about the time he fucked Kitty and said "ez" after he came on her tits
        Wirah> i cybered i.d.i.o.t. once but she had ?obscene ON and didnt hear a thing
        Helios> i never pay for pussy but i guess jessup does if he wants one
        Last edited by AngelsGirl; 08-03-2018, 05:11 AM.
        Izor> euros have hot accents but you still talk funny :P
        Izor> and youre a stupid nebwie
        AngelGirl> I know <3
        AngelGirl> but you still <3 me
        Izor> ROFL

        pee pee so> ur name make no cents kid, pick a knew one wow ur stoopid
        pee pee socK> im top 10 wb in tw

        (paradise)>hey deluge said he wants to have kids with u


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          TW-Guard0> +$1000 for team-kill by A Jelly Fish. Type ::np to forgive the TK, or ::report to notify staff of intentional or excessive teamkilling.
          Justice231> np
          TW-Guard0> -$1000 Forgave 'A Jelly Fish' for their unintentional TK. Thanks for being so kind!
          Justice231> wait gimmie back the $1K
          TW-Guard0> +$1000 for team-kill by A Jelly Fish. Type ::np to forgive the TK, or ::report to notify staff of intentional or excessive teamkilling.
          Justice231> ty
          A Jelly Fi> !buy repel
          A Jelly Fi> !buy repel
          A Jelly Fi> !buy rocket
          wicket666> frogs can mate withthem selves

          wicket666> they are a sexual

          Pepe the F> sounds like they turning Japanese

          flojo> their ribbited for your pleasure


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            LOOL I forgot about this!


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              shaun> i drank bleach but not as a youtube challenge
              shaun> twice
              Memes> gotta stay clean
              shaun> LOL u know why LOOOOOOOOL

              Best> I'm so honored to play with the guys i love man lol
              Beast> best, can I take your coat off for you?

              ro> can we get my man BEST in to the game
              destruct> we cn aobbor wone more?
              zidane> what in the FK did u just type my man

              -Wirah (Method/Mefod)


              • #22
                shaun> i was fuckin girl other day
                shaun> and after i came
                shaun> 16 dollars appeard
                shaun> money shot
                shaun> i called it
                shaun> cause i m funny
                shaun> then at mcdonalds later on i told the counter girl
                shaun> u dont wannaa know wher that came from

                pee pee so> my mom seen my shmeckel this morning

                Helios> pee pee how much u love jessup ?
                pee pee so> 7-8 outta 10
                pee pee so> u?
                Wirah> pee pee sock u ever been to king st?
                pee pee so> i live on king st
                Helios> i bet u do
                Wirah> thats jessup meetup playground
                Helios> u move into jessup house
                Helios> pee pee lives with jessup now
                Materix> lmfaooo wirah
                Wirah> looo
                pee pee so> if i did i wouldnt be playin id be fukin

                even more
                -Wirah (Method/Mefod)


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                  Steadman> when zidane had to pee in grade school he raised his hand, said "bee arr bee" and promptly evacuated the classroom

                  Havok> who here will look a girls butt if shes goodlookin enough?
                  Havok> <
                  zidane> ?
                  zidane> obviously..
                  nowon> what does that sentence mean
                  Major <ER>> Does the guy even speak english?

                  -Wirah (Method/Mefod)


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                    turban> not to name names but there might be certain players here who wear sweatbands and replace them every couple minutes
                    -Wirah (Method/Mefod)


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                      these are all terrible
                      jasonofabitch loves!!!!


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                        Stfu u pig nosed unicorn.
                        im the best wb in tw.


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                          and the award for 5 million pub bucks for best posted quote goes toooooo?.. forgottenghost with quote "pee pee sock> I think my gf no`s im gay". pls pm qan in game to collect ur 5 mill. good job man.
                          im the best wb in tw.


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                            So when will the funny quotes be posted?