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  • Agreed. they are way too penal about this.
    TWDT Power Squadron Triple Crown Win 2018 Season. Base, Javelin and Warbird Medals.
    TWDTB Season 15 Trench Wars Draft Basing: TWDTB Champion & Medal
    TSLB All-Star Season 2: Medal 1 Win-Baser in 2 or 4 to 10 Zones('Grab the Flag')&Paladen Best Old Squad 50 Members-former whiterabbits squad, fan and member: Invincible
    ~Babylon 5 spider insider.sigpic former No Surrender and No Surrender II,loyal to Anti-Scrub~ Kongregate Champion!


    • Thanks Rab to add my name in here, I truly appreciate!
      Hope we meet up one day around a beer and laugh about it,
      I sound mean and rude, maybe it's my way to escape reality, But I am truly a good guy ( Don't have to believe me )
      I am sorry to have been rude. Truly, before this game dies (R.i.p. Subspace 2025). I will try my best to help new players, and be more polite, you guys have been great teammates and opponents and I respect you, If I threat you, its because you were a strong opponent (and probably better than me, Rab you better than me, I won't lie here). I don't like losing, so I had to be mean. From now, I will be nice and support you guys!
      I love you guys and maybe the way to show love was hating !