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  • Agreed. they are way too penal about this.
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    • Thanks Rab to add my name in here, I truly appreciate!
      Hope we meet up one day around a beer and laugh about it,
      I sound mean and rude, maybe it's my way to escape reality, But I am truly a good guy ( Don't have to believe me )
      I am sorry to have been rude. Truly, before this game dies (R.i.p. Subspace 2025). I will try my best to help new players, and be more polite, you guys have been great teammates and opponents and I respect you, If I threat you, its because you were a strong opponent (and probably better than me, Rab you better than me, I won't lie here). I don't like losing, so I had to be mean. From now, I will be nice and support you guys!
      I love you guys and maybe the way to show love was hating !


      • Originally posted by PH View Post
        i wasn't directly involved but i do think it was damn hilarious and fitting that such a dark cloud followed you around after you decided to gather two more lowlifes and assault and rob a guy on christmas day just because you got shorted on weed

        i thought maybe you would have grown at least one iota as a person in the ten years since

        lol @ my naivete, you're still the same sewer rat who was so scared of a pot dealer that he brought two goons as backup

        ps this new forum sucks
        Man I forgot about this gem of a story. People don't forget.
        Peyton Manning

        Originally posted by Vatican Assassin
        all stats should be removed except for the stat of how many times mattey can go fuck himself which I would expect should be rather high
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        • Online communities are essentially safe spaces for staff who want to be tyrants or they are safe spaces for 'trolls' and people with extreme views who feel accepted.

          That being said I trolled for many years in subspace because of two problems that are persistent in online communities:
          1. moderator abuse
          2. a moral hierarchy
          a) a binary way to view human beings as either good or bad
          b) judging people as bad for text that was non-racist/sexist
          c) judging people as bad simply for identifying as a troll.
          d) an inability and lack of desire to turn "enemies" into friends, or by the same token harmful people into productive people.

          All of this being said, as a leader of squads, guilds and other communities unrelated to subspace. I don't and have never used my position online to enact power over others (so moderator abuse/being a tyrant). I don't view these communities, even the one's I run as my personal clubhouse or safe space. And in fact even as a troll I never aligned with any one person or group, I would venture out against everything and everyone I disagreed with whether I liked them or not.

          So there is a definite problem with being heavy handed against speech. I'm not saying that rules aren't good, but rather the mentality to ban and get rid of people like garbage is in itself flawed, morally wrong, and reprehensible. You don't inspire people to be friends, to be productive, or to change their attitude of you or the community by judging them or attacking them. So part of the problem with staff I guess is the lack of motivation/will and time to follow up with people and try and incorporate them into the community more. So to not just 'punish' people but to make them feel like you think they are a person, deserving of respect and time, and who you want to be apart of the game in a non-harmful way. Sounds mushy, it doesn't mean you can't be tough in fact you can be.. but it means having some integrity and at the end of the day making people feel like they don't want to attack the game, or other people, because we're all in it together.

          It's *our* community, we've been a here a long time not because we hate it, i hope. sure there are lots of problems, and problem people, and people can be frustrating or outright just want to attack you. but end of the day, most of all those negative things stem from a feeling of being on the defensive/insecure and a feeling of helplessness. deep down i believe people are mostly good, when they do something "bad", they are still good, they just need some help usually.

          this is why i strongly believe in letting people help with the game who want to help, even i would go so far as to say giving them access. just back up your files and it should be alright to trust people, trust goes a long way to mending things. especially if someone has never been staff before... policies on deciding who is staff shouldn't be based on fear or perceptions or even if you like the person or not... because again staff is supposed to be a team of people working together toward improving the game for the community, not some friend clubhouse. and besides how can you be friends with someone if you never have a dialogue with them? you just ensure the same cycle of hate continues ( i use the term friend loosely ). If someone was never staff they *always* deserve at least one chance, and beyond that i believe in second chances too.. (just not third chances).
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          • Originally posted by Scar Trek View Post

            This guy was on a roll, flooding pub chat with trashtalk. Really bad trashtalk. Trashtalk that deserves to get him temp banned imo. However, actively encouraging people to commit suicide is where he crossed a line.

            Pub is very inactive at certain times a day, I understand. But the lack of moderators and enforcement of even a bare minimum of rules, not only hurts this game (most people don't like having linguistic buckets of shit poured over them), it also fails to provide a safe environment. What if a kid fires up this game and that Bukakke guy tells him to google it, when the kid asks him what his nick means? (Which I believe I've seen him do btw). Should that account even be allowed?

            I'm not a fan overly censoring which tends to happen on commercial, mainstream platforms (be it gaming, media, whatever), but we need to draw a line somewhere, no? Pub is where most people start and hang out. I'd rather not have it turn into a shit hole filled with racism, hatred, holocaust denial, team killing and more of that 'good' stuff.

            Ps. I set these images to expire in a month, 'cause I'm actually violating the image hosting service's terms by uploading them.
            I'm think that this kind of attitude should be sanctioned immediately. After 3 strikes you are out of the community! Some people need their hate speech doze everyday filled up. Awfull people.