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TWDT End Of Season HoN/Playoff Predictions

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  • TWDT End Of Season HoN/Playoff Predictions

    Well another season is coming to a close. Maybe it hasn't been the best season ever, but if my memory serves me well this is the first time in a while we made it all the way to playoffs without an entire team dropping out. So my first shoutout goes to the captains of the teams this year (Jaa, Draft, Myself, Spikey, I.D., Violence, Renzi and Zidane). Kudos to all of you for sticking it out. I'm going to attempt to break down each teams performances this year and provide a Hot and a Not in each league, then overall winners in each league based on statistics with help from Beam in WBs. Enjoy!

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    Regular Season Recap/HoN

    Ruby - I honestly thought this team was terrible when I first saw it but they ran my team and several others over. I can't help being reminded of Pandora last TWL though, in regards to how big of a factor Mythril (their obvious star player) is. Props, Ballsaq, and Zyphen have been giving Mythril some crazy support making Ruby surprisingly good at teaming. I have to say I'm impressed with how these guys have come together over these 4 weeks and established teaming that other squads take years to develop.

    - I have no idea how Top5squad ended the season with 5 wins. For drafting 2 10 star wbs as your first picks, your wb line sure has been terrible. Raspi and Ease have both been non factors aside from Ease's 18 kill game week 1 against arguably the worst wb squad in the league. Fortunately for them Geisha and Oops have been able to step up to compensate for their 10 star wb's poor play. I know this isn't TWL Ease/Raspi but you guys signed up and it's embarassing to show up and play like you have been.

    Candy King
    - Burnt, Sika, and Apok are awesome warbirds and I'm sure by now everyone expects them to have amazing seasons. Unlike Ease and Raspi these guys actually pulled through. What no one expected though was for Kthx to have an unbelievably good season. Aside from his last game his numbers were ridiculous. Candy King's depth is atrocious and all of their losses have been with several key players missing.

    Audrey's Ass - Renzi you're a fucking idiot.

    Propane Nightmares - This team obviously didn't prioritize warbirds. Not going to bash them when they focused on jav/base and did well in both of those. Nice season Dak. Creature you're terrible still.

    The Jonah Takaluas
    - Riverside, Engineers, Guero on the same team. 3 of the biggest try hards in the zone playing together in a league most people don't really care about. Riverside followed his usual trend of being inconsistent and dropping either 6 or 16. Engineers and Guero were far more consistent with both scores and their overall play so props to them.

    PZ AAT - This is why 1 league players are generally not good captains. His team did well in his ship and terrible in everything else. He had a total of like 5 warbirds on his whole roster and 3 of them weren't able to ever make the twdt times. Zidane if you cap next twdt please make sure to ask people if they can show before relying so heavily on them. Better yet, don't cap next twdt.

    Pum Pum Crew - Who remembers the chants of 'undefeated'? Well, we started off 3-0 and everything was looking up for us. 4 games later we're 4-4. How fucking disappointing. Either way as we were expected to be the worst team in the league according to kthx's topic I'd say 4 wins is pretty damn good.

    Hot: I gotta give it to Mythril. Like usual this guy had a huge impact every game he played.

    Honorable Mention: Burnt - Had great games and scores but the quality of players he had around him were just far better than Mythril's.

    Not: Raspi - A 10 star player dropping worse than 1:1 ratio is a joke.

    Honorable Mention: Resurrected - This guy proved that he could only drop good scores with cheat res.


    Winner: Candy King - I just can't see this team losing if they show up. Expect their big names to continue putting up big numbers. Hopefully Kthx can rub off his poor performance in week 7 and get back to being an impact player. Burnt will hero at least one round. Heard it here first.

    Runner up: The Jonah Takaluas - Playing with 800% effort every game will propel these guys far above their easy playoff schedule straight to finals where it will be a slaughter. 3 try hard warbirds isn't going to be enough to beat Candy King's line.

    3rd place Top5squad
    - I'm gonna buy into Ease's hype that he doesn't care about regular season and predict he makes up for that garbage with a strong playoff performance. Raspi is emo as fk and will probably be too embarassed about his season to even show up. They need a solid lineup to show or they could easily lose in each round. Unfortunately they run into Candy King before finals or I'd give them the runner up spot. 2nd best team in my opinion.

    4th place: Ruby
    - The teaming on this squad is far better than any other but I don't think it's enough to compete with how much effort Riverside, Engineers, and Guero put into this game. Mythril gonna do damage but it won't be enough.

    6th place: Pum Pum Crew - Depending on our line we may be capable of pulling an upset over the master try hard Jonah Takaluas. We'd need someone to step up huge for it to happen and with how inconsistent everyone on this team has been I honestly don't see it happening.

    6th place: Propane Nightmares
    : These guys don't really belong here. Expect Top5squad to roll them with something like 50-30

    Playoff MVP Predictions: The way Apok has been playing lately I can't help but think he's going to dominate playoffs. Mythril will have a great game before he's eliminated. Ease will finally be useful and have a huge couple of rounds. I'm going to predict that out of nowhere Turban will show up and prove why he belonged in last year's TWLD finals.

    Playoff LVP Predictions
    : Riverside will choke like always. Raspi won't show up and be a waste of 10 stars.
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      Candy King (5-2): Now I know this is my team, and I will try to be as unbiased as possible, so let me start off with a few quotes from before the season started.
      Originally posted by kthx View Post
      TWDTJ – What was liz thinking? From a jav perspective, i'm forced to wonder. My first worry is: will Sika show? My second worry is, where is the depth?? Raples is looking like he will have to lead these boys to a W. But thats really grasping at straws at this point.

      I hope you know what youre doing Liz
      Not calling you out wark, I know paradise wrote that. Sika managed to show up to a total of 2 games this season, but he picked the right jav game to show, as he turned out to be a fundamental player in a close win. Despite the fact that I drafted horribly for javs, causing raples to whine all season that he wanted to be traded, I was very lucky that in the sense that I always had the same people showing up every week and they were very eager to play. We were given one free win from Pum Pum Crew when only 4 of their players showed, but aside from that, we had a very good season in javs. People stepped up at the right times when others were slacking. We managed to turn what should have been a horrible jav season into a tie for 1st place with 2 other teams. Kudos also to Kthx for swindling Renzi into trading Singer for an AFK Shadowmere.

      HOT: Zeebu - There were definitly a lot of bad/inaccurate ratings this year. This one worked out in my favor. Rated 6 stars, Zeebu managed to drop a 17-8 in week 5, and 19-7 against a heavily favored Ruby in week 6. Without these huge numbers, we would not have secured the #1 seed overall. Way to go dumptruck.
      NOT: Leir (Waven) - I thought I was being clever when I had waven use an alias to sign up for TWDT. I wanted to get him cheap! He practically begged me to draft him, and I gladly obliged. Well he showed up Week 1 and went 6-10 against the worst team in the league, and never showed up again. Suk many diks to you waven.
      Honorable Mentions: Demonic/Raples - Demonic is the book definition of inconsistency. She is always ready to play, but you never know what you are going to get with her. She had games of 16-2, 4-5, 3-10, 11-6. Still not too shabby for a 6 star pickup! Also raples, Despite all his whining to get traded to a better jav team, he always showed and was always consistent.

      PZ AAT (5-2): Also tied for first is Zidane and his retarded team name. PA got off to a horrid start, despite that everyone knew before the draft that zidane would choose nearly an all jav team but they finished as perfectly as you could hope, winning the last 5 games. The best zidane did all year was pick up chance for 4/4/4 in Free Agency, which allowed him to play a TWLJ caliber line every week while still abiding by the 6* rule. I'm glad these guys sucked in every other league, because had they made playoffs, they almost certainly would have won javs. Tremendous depth off the bench and consistent performance in TWDT-J was definitely the the bright spot in an otherwise disappointing season for PZ AAT.
      HOT: Evildeed - One of the very few members who managed to finish the season with a + record. Captain Tryhard showed consistency throughout the season, with his WORST performance being 10-8. Kudos to you.
      NOT: Zidane/hypocrit - Both of these players finished the season under 1:1. Which is a surprise for a 8 star zidane, but not so much for 7* hypocrit. I think this pretty much guarantees neither of you will increase in rank for next TWDT season.

      The Jonah Takaluas (5-2) The last but not least team to net 5 wins this season in javs. They showed they belong in the playoffs with strong performances all up and down their lineup this year. What confuses me is that their 2 losses were against much weaker jav lines in Candy King and Ruby. They've proven they can hang with the best, but cannot seem to close the door on the weaker squads. They have a good core of javelins that are going to need to step up. They face off against Pum Pum Crew in the first round of playoffs (Won 50-47 in regular season), and against Ruby if they advance (Lost 38-50). If the inseparable team Inflared, turban and struck are online and on top of their games, this could be well be a finals contender in DT-J.
      HOT: Infrared - Despite being downgraded from 9 stars to 8 right before the draft, Inf <ZH> proved that he probably should have stayed as a 9. Probably the #1 up and coming jav in TW. Had a great season in TW! Wahoo!
      Not: Turban - Rated 23 stars overall, with his highest league being 9 stars in jav, and manages to play in less than half the games? Perhaps you needed him in other leagues because people were not showing up, but why not save your highest rated javelin for the actual jav games? Oh yeah, and he finished the year below 1:1

      Propane Nightmares (4-3) - Definitely not the team I am most afraid of in jav. Very strong core of 3-4 players that showed up ready to play every week, beyond that is just a whole lot of disappointing numbers. A lot of talent on this team, and a lot of european lag. Maketso's shoulders must be getting tired from all the weight he's been carrying around in this league. Need people like Spikey to start stepping up, and people like Spawnisen/Creature/Century to actually show if you are going to last in the playoffs.
      HOT: JAMAL/Maketso - Despite the fact that I still think JAMAL is more overrated (in jav) than a box full of flavored condoms (Girls dont actually suck on the condom and enjoy it), his numbers show otherwise. He brought something to the table for this team that only maketso could match, consistency.
      NOT: M_M God - 7 stars means you are a consistent TWL starter. With numbers like 0-6, 2-10, 7-10 the only team you are starting for is Spiritcrushers. (Don't axe me!!!)

      Ruby (3-4) - By FAR, meaning no other team is even reasonably close to the amount of stars spent on jav talent, Ruby still had a disappointing losing season in javs. They went 1-3 against the better ranked teams in DT-J this season, and also suffered an embarrassing loss to Pum Pum Crew in week 2. However, with TWO 10 star javs (technically one 10 star, one 20 star) on the team it really wont be much of a surprise to see them turn it around in the playoffs and win the whole thing. This team is my prediction to win TWDT-J.
      HOT: Nobody - Granted I didn't very hard, but I did check the stats of everybody who played and couldn't find anybody with good enough stats to mention. Nobody really had a fantastic game.
      NOT: Fludd/mm89 - The 2 highest rated javs in the league. Fludd went exactly 1:1 and mega was slightly over 1:1. By no means did either of you have a BAD season, but certainly nowhere close to what is expected of you.

      Pum Pum Crew/top5squad/Audrey's Ass (All 2-5) - Rated C+, B+, A- respectively before the season started. I think its safe to assume that AA had a very disappointing season while PPC and top5 pretty much lived up to expectations. I cannot vouch for top5 but I know for a fact that Audrey's Ass and PPC were both plagued by inactivity in this league. Not a whole lot to say about you guys other than that, but it would have been nice to see the #1 overall pick do a bit more carrying.
      HOTS: Stayon You were the reason PPC even won the first 2 games in this league.
      NOTS: Stayon You were the reason PPC lost the other 5. (Don't axe me!!)
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        This division will is going to prove much harder to write about given that there is more than 1 ship in play, but I'll do my best....

        Ruby (6-1) - I'm really not too sure how these guys had the best season in basing this year. Its not like they are overflowing with basing talent. I like phiz and think he drafted well in the other 2 leagues, but outside of Cig/a2m in shark and megaman in jav (MAYBE blahhy in terr) I don't consider this line much of a threat at all. Despite the better #2 seed going into playoffs, I do not see this team winning a single basing game.
        HOT: megaman89: Very effective jav, and you don't even need euro lag to be good at it (Hi Turban). Without you, this team would have lost every game 15-1. Even against zidane.
        NOT: Draft - You didn't actually do anything wrong, I just want to pick on you. However when it comes to your turn in the playoffs, you should stay out of the red ship #real talk. Actually....stay out of every basing ship. #swag

        Propane Nightmares (6-1) - My personal choice as the favorite to win this league. Their only loss of the year came team. If their full basing line shows up, they will be fighting and clawing with each other over who gets to play because they have such a deep bench. I'd be afraid of going anything LESS than 3:1 in spid on this team since there would likely be several people waiting to take my place that could. Stop sticking JAMAL in shark, thats such a waste of spider talent. See you in the finals!
        Hot: Trasher - Personally, I can't stand the guy despite the fact that I've never even seen him speak. I think it takes 0 talent to camp like he does, however, he has mastered it and does it better than anybody and he's been shitting all over everybody since the start of the league and I predict he will continue shitting through the playoffs and into TWL.
        NOT: Spikey - M_M in jav is far more effective than you in warbird. Get back in the green ship and STOP SHARKING JAMAL!

        Candy King (5-2) - Again, its hard not to be bias when I am writing about my own team but I will try to be objective. We managed to lose 2 games this year. 1 against Ruby when half my starting lineup was stuck hosting other games, and another against a seriously disgusting top5 lineup that I have no excuse for. I drafted tremendous depth in spider and shark, but 75% of them have never showed up, and I've managed to be successful with a core of the same 8-10 players. If our spids/terr continues to perform at the levels they did during regular season, I do believe we will be in the finals against Propane Nightmares.
        HOT: Major Crisis/PH - Not so much of a surprise with ph, he's averaging 35 kills per game in his fat ship, and averaging over 1 kill per minute, definitely a first in the history of TW Leagues. I really thought I would be terring most of this season, but I'm glad I haven't had to with M.C. stepping up and filling the void, including a massive 57-4 performance against Jonah in a very close win.
        NOT: ODerus Urungus - I had to pick somebody, so I picked you for only showing up twice.

        I'm getting sick of writing this so these next few are gonna seriously suck. No offence, I've just been doing this for too long already...

        top5squad (4-3) - How you guys managed to have a winning season is beyond me. You lost to all the teams above you except candy king (which you gave up a 14-2 lead and won by 30 seconds). As ridiculous as it may sound I think you just consistently played squads that were missing players that particular week. I do not see you getting winning any base games in the playoffs, regardless of your opponents.
        HOT: the_paul - And he's not even on your team. That's how unintimidating you are in basing.
        NOT: jr5 - Enough said

        Pum Pum Crew (3-4) - This squad reminds me of a book I used to read in my 20's called "The little engine that could". I don't know if it was inactivity plaguing you guys, but you should have won a lot more games than you did. You put up good numbers against EVERYBODY, yet kept falling just short. Might as well change your name to Pandora.
        HOT: tj Hazuki - Cuz I'm really getting sick of writing
        NOT: Bacon - Too many calories

        The Jonas Brothers (3-4) - Much like PPC, all of your losses (With exception to Propane Nightmares) were very close and could have gone either way. When the right people show up, you could certainly be in a position to upset 1 of the favorites in the playoffs.

        Audrey's Ass (0-7) - PZ AAT!! (1-6)
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          Short and sweet, just like i like my women

          TWDT-D Predictions (Courtesy of beam) - Candy King over The Jonah Takaluas

          TWDT-J - The Jonah Takaluas over Ruby

          TWDT-B - Candy King over Propane Nightmares

          Overall Winner: Candy King
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            Good Reads.
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              wait how are the playoffs working? play all 3 leagues then after that the winners of each league continue? or play all 3 leagues vs one squad then the squad that wins 2/3 continues and faces in all leagues again?

              playoff bracket link

              actually they were right there, so i saw this:

              •TWDT will run 7 weeks of Regular season where you will play each opposing team in each league. After week 7 the teams will be organized into 3 standard 6 team tournament brackets, one for each league, based upon their composite standings. The first and second ranked team receive a first round bye. The teams will play until a champion in each league is declared as well as an overall champion. Teams will receive the same rank, which they earned from their composite regular season score, in each of the separate league tournaments.
              so there is one bracket to start, but treat it as 3 seperate brackets one for each league after that

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                nicely done
                Peyton Manning

                Originally posted by Vatican Assassin
                all stats should be removed except for the stat of how many times mattey can go fuck himself which I would expect should be rather high
                JAMAL> didn't think there was a worse shark than midoent but the_paul takes it


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                  first off, calling me an idiot is quite ignorant. i made sure with my players that they were showing, i messaged times/days, i spammed times/days in chats and in everything i always got a "yeah im showing" then they wouldnt show. so my fault? dont think so. then with that "kudos to kthx to swindling renzi out of singer for an afk shadowmere" or whatever that bs was...not sure that helped me much either (who's the jew now?). way to help me and my team out further! soldier that shouldnt have come back from war (this shit is serious business irl) #livid
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                    Ease averaged 12-7 on Sundays and 4-10 during the week. Small sample size (2 week games, 4 sunday games), but still.

                    Good read Lizard.

                    And yes, you are correct Zeebu. Each league starts with identical brackets for playoffs and then splits off.
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                      Someone's bitter I 19-9'd his terrible and overrated team. I show when it mattered, and put up 6s against renzi and spikey's team. Good analysis buddy!
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                        U change

                        Meh, yeah I've had a pretty bad performance in twdt-d. Close to 1:1 ratio :I, still havent died out in few matches tho - which counts for something imo. I guess its just harder and harder to keep giving a damn, because ->

                        Really big turnoffs in this whole draft league for me have been weekday games and 3-league rule, of which either I can't comprehend. I mean really, you already have the 6-star rule in effect. Imo a far far better alternative to 3-league rule (and finally when I'm a 6 star jav) would be like expanding 6-star rule: say, like forcing teams to field a 6, and 2-3 7s or 8s or something like that. Worst decision was to have weekday games (really?) and at the same time enforce 3-league rule. Really really bad decisions in my opinion.

                        So yeah, I think this years draft tourny has been worse than last years mainly for the reasons mentioned above, making it feel like playing twd matches with mixed ppl. Which isn't bad in itself but it really makes ppl not care much about the league (at least does happen for me). Honestly I couldn't give a beamir about stats and if draft league ever happens again with this same ruleset not gonna bother anymore.


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                          So everyone whines about twl not starting soon enough, so the twdt staff includes 3 games on weekdays to shorten the regular season by 3 weeks (hint: this means twl will start 3 weeks earlier) and people still whine. Noted.
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                          Originally posted by Vatican Assassin
                          all stats should be removed except for the stat of how many times mattey can go fuck himself which I would expect should be rather high
                          JAMAL> didn't think there was a worse shark than midoent but the_paul takes it


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                            Jee, I've never whined about twl not starting soon enough. I'd pick longer season over stupid rules anyday. -_-


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                              raspi we haven't played together in a while. -_-