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  • Originally posted by kentaro View Post
    5 games in one day might be difficult, I think everyone should play vs other twice at the very least. 6 teams, 10 Games should be a miminum I think with top 4 in playoffs. But games def need to be spread out, can you imagine doing 6 basing games in one weekend.... even 5 wb games sound brutal
    6 basing games is doable if it is to 5 minutes


    • on a tournament with teams that small, and if the prizes are solid enough, you could let the caps schedule games whenever a host would agree to be available.

      if no time slot can be agreed upon it would get set to a standard sunday slot. actually reversing that would be best, set it to a standard sunday slot and only allow teams to move out of it to another time during the week if both caps agree.

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      • I'd be interested in another twl season, I have no interest in tsl anymore and would rather just twd.

        I think it's possible to have 8 wb and jav teams and 4 base teams. We could also make it so wb/jav are separate from base, meaning you could be on 2 different rosters. I think this is the only way twlb could be decent and it's the only league that would need a major change to work. Just my 2 cents though


        • TSL pretty much put a nail in the coffin for TWD which in turn sped up the death of TWL. It offers low quality shit games with a meaningless finals where nobody even bothers showing up. This game thrives on squadding. There is a reason elim died out over time. Solo leagues do more harm than good with a decaying population. Revive TWD and prolong the life of this game.
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          • what time we sacrifice a goat and call upon the TW council to make an executive decision to bring back TWL
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            • I agree with a lot of the people above about TSL kinda losing it's mojo. I think we've seen a recent return of more TWD due to the burnout from TSL/random freqs.


              • Perhaps scheduled TWD games so people can play with the people they want to play with, but are actually guaranteed to get a game if they log in at a specific time.
                TWD has a borrow function already so if a team is short they can borrow. Could trail on non-TSL days. If there is interest I’m happy to do a bit testing, I know LEGO are keen to get some TWD action again


                • yep - what has made this game fun for most of us over the years has been the focus on team based games and squadding - with TWDT and TSL we have two somewhat solo based leagues left in the zone (sure TWDT is teaming, but can anyone really say they care if their team wins outside of the caps?).
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