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  • DT-D Starting Lines (First Glance)

    With the first phase of drafting completed after two hours and a bit more of busy work, the teams are set. Here's a few thoughts on each team's starting line: I only know more of in jav and basing if there's some discrepancy don't blame me too hard.

    STARTERS: Tripin (9), Zapata(8), Rough (8), JAMAL (8), AFRI (7)
    SUBS: Flew (9), POiD (7), Cripple (7) (C), Exalt (7)

    The team cripple has put together showcases more of the balanced attack with no immediate standout star. Zapata has proven in the past DT season that he's a reliable force that can consistently put up fair numbers with Trip and Rough as a supporting squad. JAMAL has struggled by the numbers going negative more than often. I'm sure he'll be looking to bounce back on a fresh clean slate. The 7* spot could be tinkered a lil bit, to see which player regularly performs the best. If Flew decides to show, then cripp would have several different lines to explore.
    RANK: B

    STARTERS: vys (10), dreamwin (8) (C), Sprackle (8), Major Crisis (7), Jurassic (7)
    SUBS: Ixador (7), Ra (8), Wirah (7), olde (8)

    The return of the triple crown squad with a new look is coming back in full force to aim high again. Powerhouse vys is looking to continue his warbird MVP status from last DT season. leading the way for the Terrorists. The DWTrain has drafted a considerable supporting cast, with Mr. Eria returning as vys' sidekick. The substitutes drafted to this team are also very good, so dreamwin will have quite a few options to try out to see which team will net the most wins. Between Wirah and Sprackle though, each has seen some inconsistencies throughout the past season so they will be looking to patch up the flaws at the start of the new one. Nevertheless, this team on paper is a team to watch out for.
    RANK: A-

    STARTERS: Iron Survivor (10), Lockdown (9), WBM (7), bitsaver (7), Jessup (7)
    SUBS: Trasher (8), Skyforger (7), Scurvy (6)

    Returning champs Iron and Lockdown have been paired up again, and hope to bring the Demacians to a great DT-D season. Supporting cast wbm and WZ provide considerable support, giving credibility to the first look of this team. However, this line is definitely fragile; if for some reason either Iron or Lock fails to show a week, this team is in big trouble to fill the missing gaps. RR would probably need to look for a reliable warbird during FA to patch up some gaps.
    RANK: B

    STARTERS: Peru (9), nowon (8), Commodo (8) (C), Aprix (8), midoent (7)
    SUBS: Mikkiz (7), spacedust (7), Ardour (8)

    I'm hoping Mhz checked with Peru to confirm his showrate, as this team composition absolutely needs him to show for this top line to work. Nevertheless, the captain has put together a fair collection of 8*, with one of the best 7* imo in midoent as his lag will allow him to eat three consecutive shots to the face before properly dying. Ardour has underperformed in the wb last season, so he hopes to be given a chance to redeem himself soon.
    RANK: B-

    STARTERS: RaCka (10), beam (9), Zizzo (7), Legacy (7), afghaN (7) (C)
    SUBS: Geio (8), Henry Saari (7), RTAllen (7)

    The DT-D team for Criminal looked absolutely abysmal up until Round 7, as afghaN picked up "im too good for this arena" beam and upcoming star Legacy on consecutive rounds (good job man). For a first-timer, afghaN drafted a considerable starting line, but will need to figure out how to work things out if Geio is to be fit into the lineup. This would force him to play a 6*, which is more than often less ideal.
    RANK: A-

    STARTERS: Okyo (9), Ricko (9), Alextron (8), ro (7), bram (7)
    SUBS: Zidane (8) (C), Welt (8), Murder (7)

    This team has many question marks surrounding them in order for them to succeed. Ricko and Alextron have on interval played like 8* and 7* respectively, so they need to up their game in order for Power to remain competitive. If Zid gets Welt to show and back to form, Alex/Welt can definitely be swapped around. If Zid can keep everything together, this team is not one to be looked down upon.
    RANK: B+

    STARTERS: Trapped (9), Paky Dude (8), Morph (8) (C), Myollnir (7), Kira_yamato~ (7)
    SUBS: Lupin (7), uprise (7), Let (7), ToK (7)

    As a side note, I almost laughed when morph almost drafted the entirety of Demonic on the same DT team. Newcomer sensation trapped has shown that he's a force to be reckoned with from dd's to warbird elims, and now he must prove it on a higher level game. All around this starting team composition looks ok, with many 7* options to experiment with. Similar to midoent, in my personal opinion Myollnir is another broken 7 if he can get his game rolling.
    RANK: B+

    STARTERS: Attacks (9), Ogron (9), kado (8), Pure_Luck (7), Tiny (7) (C)
    SUBS: banzi (8), Paradise (7), Rab (7)

    Finally, Attacks will get to see play time returning to 9* status. However, on paper this line is not much more than Attacks and Ogron, as others have not performed well, and Tiny's top sub banzi's activity itself is questionable. Definitely needs help during FA for this league.
    RANK: C+
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    Nice writeup. Thanks for this IXT.


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      Thanks for doing this, good read. Reunited okyo and ricko combo


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        Nice write up! Terrorist 2019
        Best> Para is the only guy i know who can put a quarter up his nostrils lol


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          Good write up buddy
          1:Ogron> i can officially say that i am quitting tinder dude fuck that i met the most amazing girl ever
          1:Zidane> congrats man
          1:Ogron> yeah she is into star wars movies and plays little bit of LoL
          1:Ogron> AND we had a 10 minute make out session in my car
          1:Rough> AND this guy wonders why he is a loser


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            Good write up . Thanks for doing it ixt. GOOOO DEMACIA!!!
            TWDT-J CHAMPION POWER 2018
            TWDT-B CHAMPION POWER 2018
            TSLD CHAMPION 2018
            TSLB CHAMPION 2018


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              I am surprised to see my name pop up on the lineup with wb. My last two seasons have been terrible, especially the last one... I would think Wirah is a safer option.

              good write ups, its nice!


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                well...lets see whos more consistent. like i said, method is capable of notching those 12-6 games or so but also is fully capable of going 4-10. Whichever of you two go more consistent, gets the starting spot, easy


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                  Oh shit, I didnt even realize TWDT was starting. I signed up a while back when zidane told me about it, but I haven't logged in for a while. My team looks pretty good.


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                    U might even get play time, if crip wants to fit flew in then he would need to play a 7 instead of maybe...Jamal perhaps