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  • Dt-D Week 4 Preview

    It's Friday and I thought entering the weekend, let's start some hype in prep for the draft! Let's see, i was 6 for 6 in last week's preview so im gonna continue that streak! Best of luck to all teams, especially with your new acquaintances come FA draft.

    Game 1
    Power over Terrorist

    Vys is starting to catch fire like he did last season, so I'm looking for him to have a garugatan performance like RaCka's 19-6. However, Terrorist's supporting crew of Jurassic and Major Crisis have too many uncertainties for shit performances compared to the likes of bram and ro, I have to give the edge to Power for their continuation of dominance. Throw in Wirah's on and off game, and vys will have certainly quite a handful to compete against to win. Need vys a similar game to RaCka and for the rest of the team to at least pitch in 8 kills minimum each for them to have a chance.

    Pure Luck over Spider

    Amidst a week of busy trading among the lower-tier teams, each team saw some new faces while losing some old ones. I'm giving PL the edge here due to the linkage of Ricko and Lockdown, while Spider has Attacks to lead the way. Unless Commodo provides some much needed support for Attacks to match the PL duo, then this one has to go the way of PL specially with Spider losing aprix.

    Criminal over Demacia

    Trading away Letdown so that Iron has absolutely no supporting cast aside from Herculean Trasher, I expect this to be a one-sided stomp perhaps starting from the mid 20s score. Criminal's team is too well-rounded in the warbird division, also having the choice of running extra 8* with a 6* (Beast) or 7*s. Kinda feel sorry for Trasher tbh.

    Halo over Treyway (minimal)

    Having been slightly thrown off guard with Zapata not being able to play, I expect Halo to be back in the zone with him leading the way. I also expect Tripin to wake up to have much more formidable games than those he logged last week. Rough's game has been on and off, so we need to see how that goes. Trapped and Myollnir have been strong instrumental pillars for the Treyway squad, but weak link Kira can sometimes be an uncertainty. This game could very well fall either way; I expect it to be a close match and whichever team's strong pillars crumble first will decide the outcome of the match.

    Game 2
    Halo over Terrorist

    This begins the interval where teams play the second time against one another. Halo took the victory in the first encounter, WITH a poor performance from a low star Israeli. Halo has found the lineups that work for them, so I expect them to execute those lineups to take the victory here. To be honest, I feel like Terrorist's warbird team has been constructed in what we saw with LaSenza last season. A top star warbird with minimal supporting crew. However in this case, its a top-star warbird with a supporting crew with too many UNCERTAINTIES minus captain dreamwin. Halo 2-0 in the head to head in warbird.

    Criminal over Treyway

    In the last encounter, Treyway took only a narrow victory WITH an abysmal 1-10 from Criminal's low star mercede$. Criminal has vastly improved in the warbird side since then, and I expect them to continue the streak here against Treyway. Unless Treyway can capitalize and punish the low star warbird(s), I have to give the edge to Criminal this week. Head to head 1-1.

    Demacia over Pure Luck

    This prediction entirely sits on if Iron shows this week to help Trasher out. Nipple had opened a lot of eyes with an unexpected performance last week, but has much more to prove than just an outlier in the chart. The addition of Alextron plays a major factor here, giving Demacia another real warbird to rely on to score well. Pure Luck luckily didn't lose much in replacing Attacks with Lockdown, but Trasher has shown real value as a first pick to their team and will lead the way for a much needed victory. Head to head 1-1.

    Power over Spider

    No brainer here, Power's team this season around is showing to be a real contender for ALL divisions. Attacks and captain Commodo will do what they can, but stand absolutely no chance. Power 2-0 in head to head.

    Of course, this does not factor in the new FA additions to each team. Who knows if there will be a dark horse this week? Good luck teams!
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    nicely done!


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      Thanks for this Ixt.


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        Unfortunately, your streak will end with your first prediction.

        Good write up though.
        Best warbird to ever enter trenchwars


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          Prove us wrong brotha