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  • HOT OR NOT -- WEEK 3


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    I'm traveling all week, so will take awhile to get everything up. Aiming for Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday.

    Paddington vs. Fish

    Tiny (13-10) and Zidane (11-8), in unexpected fasion, led their team despite being javs, as Paddington took down Fish, with Lasenza, Spectacular, and Cream of Clapton putting up solid scores in support.

    For Magikarp Inc., vys (15-10) and morph (13-10) did serious work, but their teammates were eating ass the entire round, negging horribly.

    HOT: Tiny (13-10)
    HOT: Vys (15-10)
    HOT: morph (13-10)

    NOT: Zizzo (3-10). Zizzo couldn't hit the backside of a barn, and destroyed his team's chances of a W with a horrendous round. The only time Zizzo is HOT is when surrounded by male penises, ie in a Finnish sauna.

    Haze vs. Win or Die

    There were a few incredibly close matches this week, as Haze edged WoD by 1 kill, as Ra (8-9) won the match as the last man standing.

    Haze had dele (12-10), zapata (13-10), and felix (11-10) lead the way, while Lockdown (6-10) rode their coattails despite being a 9-Star.

    Poseidon (13-10), Wirah (12-10), bitsaver (13-10), and Racka (10-10) were solid, but Cape (1-10) completely fucked them with one of the all-time worst performance in TWDT history (right up there with his 17 death terr performances in the 2011 dt-b finals which will haunt me forever).

    HOT: Ra (last man standing)
    NOT: Cape (1-10), Like a crackwhore, Cape is an expert at letting people down, and suffered from a serious talent withdrawal, as his hands shook worse than Donald Trump at a G20 summit.

    Mist vs. Pirates

    Pineapple Express (15-7) had the game of his life on Sunday, leading Biet, Flew, Fram, and Tripin (11-8) to the win.

    For the losing side, Beam (11-10) went plus despite starting the season 0-14, an incredible feat of winlessness.

    Pirates couldn't get much going with Henry, JB Inc, Murder, Mythril, and skynewbie doing badly.

    HOT: Pineapple Express (15-7)
    NOT: Skyforger (3-6). One of the legendary 6 forum stalkers I'm blessed to have follow me around while volunteering in a player-run game, Skyforger continued his lifelong streak of being terrible at this game, and bolstering his credentials as a future Stormtrooper.

    He's been hunting me in elim for 5 months straight, proving how sad and pathetic his life is. It must be nice to be so terrible at this game that you have no chance at ranking and can stalk people full-time. I hope you can find full-time employment making mud bricks in Estonia, instead of dedicating your life to trying and failing to ruin my elim scores.

    Lag & Luck vs. Gryffindor

    Self-proclaimed running piece of shit Burnt (16-6) successfully spent his Sunday lobbing off-screen and running for 21 minutes, as L&L strayed and lagged to make up for their talent deficit in warbird, as Cripple, Trasher, Ardour, and JAMAL.

    Ogron (12-10) led Gryffindor, successfully knocking out JAMAL with 3 quick kills at the 10 minute mark, giving Spezza (11-10), Dak, Commodo, and Banks a 5v4 edge, but the team fell apart dying to strays chasing running bozos for an eternity.

    Missing half their starting line didn't help, either.

    HOT: Burnt (16-6)
    NOT: Banks (4-10). Banks looked like he was playing Asteroids out there, shooting every possible rock in sight instead of the enemy.

    Paddington vs. Lag & Luck

    Lasenza (18-7) went super saiyan to take down the appropriately named Lag & Luck, alongside lil Gohan aka Zidane (14-9), as the duo carried a bunch of negging dookiemons in Eric Clapton, Spectacular, Exalt, and Tiny.

    Exalt somehow still hasn't managed more than 5 kills in a round. Impressive!

    Burnt (13-10) and Cripple (14-10) were recalcitrant, but couldn't hold down the fort with Doughnut, JAMAL, Trasher, and Ardour negging.

    HOT: Lasenza (18-7)
    HOT: Zidane (14-9)
    HOT: Cripple (14-10)

    NOT: Ardour (1-6). Like a groundhog, Ardour only pops his head out for TWDT, before going back underground and doing nothing come TWL. It's only Week 3, but TWDT-only egos are already in full bloom, and it's great to see all the players in spec when TWL Finals roll around flexing like they're Arnold in Gold's Gym.

    Gryffindor vs. Mist

    Spezza (14-7) led Gryffindor to the W, ahead of Dak (10-5), Ogron (10-6), Commodo (9-5), and Yeh (7-5), as they blew Mist out of the water.

    Everyone on the losing side negged.

    HOT: Spezza (14-7)
    HOT: Dak (10-5)

    NOT: Fram (2-7) and BIET (2-7). No doubt playing from the same retirement home, their treeflexes let them down as they combined for 4-14.

    Haze vs. Pirates

    Haze put in a balanced performance to get the win, as Ra (12-7), delectable (12-10), Lockdown, Felix, and Zapata got the win.

    Mythril (11-10), Singer (11-10), and Murder (10-10) were solid, but Beam, Major Crisis and skyforger sunk them.

    HOT: Ra (12-7)
    NOT: skyforger (0-4). You'd think someone who has spent years stalking me would have picked up a WB move or two, but apparently not. Skyforger racks up more doughnuts than a Police precinct.

    Win or Die vs. Fish

    Wirah (15-8) led WoD to the victory with a strong performance, while Poseidon (10-7) impressed in his debut, ahead of Cape, Racka (11-10), and bitsaver.

    For Fish, Vys (15-10) was on top of his game, but got no help outside of Bacon (10-10)

    HOT: Wirah
    HOT: Vys

    NOT: Myollnir (1-6). Less Thor's Hammer, more Loki's pencil dick. The only thing you're qualified to swing around is your resume, since you'll probably be on another team by the time I finish this sentence.

    [strike]strikethrough test[/strike]
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    2:zidane> steadman gotta try to be nice to ppl man
    2:zidane> u gotta learn to not be a total douche bag 100% of the time
    2:Ogron> stead prob still has an unevolved kadabra on his gameboy color bc he has no friends
    2:mcvicar> LOL
    2:zidane> ded

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    Fish vs. Win or Die

    Zizzo (17-9) and Morph (15-9) put in gargantuan performances to lead Fish to the victory, ahead of Aprix, Vys, and IXT.

    Win or Die fell despite strong showings from Children (15-10) and Racka (12-10), with bitsaver, sea bass, and skatarius being in the red.

    HOT: Zizzo (17-9)
    HOT: Children (15-10)
    HOT: Morph (15-9)

    NOT: IXT (2-10). It's impressive enough to only manage a 2-10, but to do it AND die out 7 minutes into a 17 minute game? THAT is special, Edward.

    From now on we're going to call you Special ED.

    Pirates vs. Gryffindor

    Kim (12-5) and Singer (12-9) led Mythril and Beast to the win, while Skyforger was putting around at the end of the game with a 3-5 doing god knows what all game running like a scared chicken with his head cut off all game.

    Yeh (12-10) and Commodo (10-10) played well, but were sunk by horrible performances from Spezza, Ogron, and Banks.

    HOT: Kim (12-5)
    NOT: Banks (2-10). Banks' adventure into new ships this week went about as well as those trying out the Titanic on it's maiden voyage.

    Mist vs. Haze

    turban (15-9) took home the MVP with a scintillating performance, alongside draft, poid, fram, and Mikkiz.

    Haze got slapped despite Rough going ham, with only hulk (11-10) pulling his weight.

    HOT: Turban (15-9)
    HOT: Rough (17-10)

    NOT: Lockdown (4-10). What do these three things have in common?

    1) Letdown going plus in jav
    2) How I like my steak
    3) Creator's of Goldeneye

    Lag & Luck vs. Paddington

    Ardour (16-5) continued to take advantage of TWDT: Communist Edition, where great players get punished for being great the last two seasons, while we subsidize the scores of slightly above average players in way stronger lines. If you're a 10-Star, fuck you lol. Shoutout to Attacks for being run out of the league by being given a 10, while players like Ardour get to parade around like bigshots with 7 and 8 star ratings.


    Mean Gene (12-9) and JAMAL (8-6) were also solid in the win, ahead of Cripple and Trasher.

    For Paddington, Zidane, Tiny, Destruct, Spectacular, and Eric Clapton got dunked by the star-cap system.

    HOT: Ardour (16-5)
    NOT: Zidane (5-10). You should have played worse and been less relevant in TWLJ the last 10 years. Idiot, lol. Stop performing when it matters, then maybe you can get rated a 9 and have some teammates. Dummy!

    Lag & Luck vs. Win or Die

    Trasher (14-4) and JAMAL (12-7) dominated WoD, with Cripple, Ardour, and Mean Gene in tow.

    Racka was stupid enough to get rated a 10 (lol idiot) and playing with two 6-stars somehow did not produce a win against a 9/8/8/8/7 line. I'm pretty shocked.

    HOT: Trasher (14-4)
    HOT: JAMAL (12-7)

    NOT: Unlimited (2-10). Like unlimited breadsticks at Olive Garden, the dough never rises to the top, and neither do you.

    Mist vs. Paddington

    Mikkiz (12-9), draft (11-8), and Tripin (11-9) formed an unlikely trio in leading Mist to the W in jav on Sunday, ahead of Turban, Poid (1-4) and Violence.

    Zidane (11-10) was the only player go to plus for Paddington, as Tiny, Spec, Eric and destruct negged.

    HOT: mikkiz (12-9)
    HOT: draft (11-8)

    NOT: Tiny (6-10). Tiny would go great on a ham sandwich, as he got more holes put in him than swiss cheese.

    Haze vs. Pirates

    Hulk (20-8) put in a Herculean performance in TWDT-J, flashing the old S17 Sweet magic.

    Rough (12-6) provided support alongside Ra, WBM, and Zapata. Lockdown continued to make his case for his versatility across leagues with a 0-4 on the winning side.

    HOT: HULK (20-8)
    NOT: Kim (2-10). Kim K looked less Instragram and more Insta-grandma, with the treeflexes on full display, as Kim transitions from playing Arthur Ashe to playing Arthur Itis.

    Gryffindor vs. Fish

    As Mattey would say, this was a slobber-knocker, with Commodo (11-9) emerging the hero and salvaging Gryffindor's rough week, taking down Zizzo 1v1 in a titillating 49-49 game that went the distance.

    Commodo led Yeh (13-10), who had a very strong Week 3 debut and helped carry the game, ahead of Davy (10-10), who looks like the best 6-Star jav in the game right now, Spezza, and Ogron.

    For Fish, it was a heartbreaker, with Vys (14-10) and Morph (12-10) coming up with strong games ahead of swagger, Aprix, and Zizzo.

    HOT: Commodo (11-9)
    HOT: Vys (14-10)
    HOT: Yeh (13-10)

    NOT: Swagger. The score was fine, but dying out 5 minutes ahead of everyone else swung this completely in Gryffindor's favor. Swagger died out earlier than Steven Seagal in Executive Decision.
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    2:zidane> steadman gotta try to be nice to ppl man
    2:zidane> u gotta learn to not be a total douche bag 100% of the time
    2:Ogron> stead prob still has an unevolved kadabra on his gameboy color bc he has no friends
    2:mcvicar> LOL
    2:zidane> ded


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      Pirates vs. Paddington

      Pirates edged out Da Bears with Major (31-6) terring ahead of Mythril and Rodney, reunited once again like Brokeback Mountain.

      Henry (90-36) led Bell, Murder, Singer, and Skyforger.

      Thix (32-7) terred for the losers with Zid and Paradise sharking, and Oder (93) and Shayde (87) putting up numbers with Lasenza, Magnum, and Scurvy.

      HOT: Henry Saari
      HOT: Mythril/Rodney

      Haze vs. Gryffindor

      The game of the week, this was a heartbreaker for Gryffindor as they lost and intense battle over the flag with 8 seconds to go after making a courageous comeback and nearly stealing the game, successfully defending the top of the flag over and over and over until they finally couldn't.

      Spooky (31-6) terred with Hulk and Poni in shark.

      WBM (122), Rucci (112), Rough (111), Ra (112), and LD (113) spidered, outkilling Gryffindor by a whopping 80 in spider.

      Ogron (43-6) terred like a madman, refusing to give up the flag and dancing and juking and warping and bursting over and over and over in the comeback, but alas it was for naught, despite the best efforts of Commodo and Markmrw in shark to keep him alive.

      Midoent (127) had a gigantic game in his debut post-FA, alongside Spezza (106), Holy Ship, Banks, Anonym, and Terminator.

      HOT: Ogron (43-6)
      HOT: WBM (122-78)
      HOT: midoent (127-67)
      HOT: Ra (112-72)

      Win or Die vs. Lag & Luck

      Another barnburner, this one also went to the wire, as this week featured multiple strong basing games.

      Win or Die kept their perfect season in TWDT-B going with bitsaver (38-4) terring well ahead of Joe and Nipple.

      skatarius (123), Poseidon (110), unlimited, rozay, and Cape spidered for the W.

      On the losing side, Trasher (23-4) took over terr duties in front of JAMAL and Mr Homo.

      They were spidered in the tough loss by Cripple (151) putting in another mindboggling statline, ahead of Ardour (105), afghan, mean gene, Zeebu.

      HOT: bitsaver (38-4)
      HOT: skatarius (123)
      HOT: Cripple (151)

      Fish vs. Mist

      Fish paddled their way thru the mist, winning by 10.

      zizzo (36-2), ahead of morph and sprackle, had spider power en masse thanks to aprix (86), bacon, bram, vys, and clay.

      Mist featured Mikkiz (27-11) guarded by turban and viop, with Biet, fram, jackiechan, tripin and poid in spider.

      HOT: zizzo (36-2)
      HOT: aprix (86-31)

      Haze vs. Paddington

      Another solid game, Haze took down Tiny's team by 5 minutes.

      Spooky (22-4) terred with Hulk and Poni providing strong protection.

      wbm (117) and ra (103) spidered ahead of lockdown, rucci, and rough.

      For Paddington, thix (41-4) terred nicely before zid and paradise, with oder (86), magnum, lasenza, scurvy, and shayde in spider.

      HOT: Thix (41-4)
      HOT: WBM (117-52)
      HOT: Ra (103-51)

      Lag & Luck vs. Pirates

      The competitive games continued late into the evening, with Pirates falling to L&L by a mere 3 minutes.

      Trasher (46-5) looked deft as usual, with sharking prowess coming from JAMAL and Mr. Homo aka LUC THE DESTROYER.

      Cripple (120), Mean Gene (101), Afghan, ardour, and zeebu spidered.

      Pirates had Major (34-9) in terr with Mythril and Hot Rod in shark, and Bellflowers (100), Henry (97), Skyforger, Singer, and Murder in spid.

      HOT: Trasher (46-5)
      HOT: Cripple (120-47)
      HOT: Mean Gene (101-58)

      Mist vs. Gryffindor

      Ogron (47-14) fell off the bandwagon after losing 15:00-14:52 and burning out playing all 6 matches, completely throwing the game in one of the worst performances of all-time, singlehandedly costing Gryffindor the game. YUCK!

      Commodo and Markmrw had the unfortunate task of trying to keep a suicidal terr alive, while Davy (105) was a beast ahead of Spezza, Legacy, Anonym, Holy Ship, and Banks.

      On the winning team, Mist picked up their second win of the season in base, with Mikkiz (33-4) looking spry in terr, ahead of Jackiechan and Violence.

      Turban (94) looked completely unstoppable in spider, racking up an insane 4 teks, ahead of Biet, Fram, Jizzron, and the ever-versatile Tripin.

      HOT: Mikkiz (33-4)
      HOT: Turban (94-73), 4 teks
      HOT: Davy (105-52)

      NOT: Ogron (47-14). Haven't seen someone get shot up that bad since Riley Reid in All the President's (se)Men.

      Win or Die vs. Fish

      One more good game for the road, WoD edged out Fish by 3 minutes.

      bitsaver (47-5) terred ahead of Joe and Nipple, while skat (105), Cape, Poseidon, Unlimited and Rozay spidered.

      Fish fell with Zizzo (46-3) putting in another masterful performance in terrier, with morph and sprackle in shark. Bacon (97), Bram (95), swagger, vys, and aprix spidered.

      This was a terring fiesta!

      HOT: bitsaver (47-5)
      HOT: zizzo (46-3)
      HOT: Skatarius (105-49)
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      2:zidane> steadman gotta try to be nice to ppl man
      2:zidane> u gotta learn to not be a total douche bag 100% of the time
      2:Ogron> stead prob still has an unevolved kadabra on his gameboy color bc he has no friends
      2:mcvicar> LOL
      2:zidane> ded


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        2:zidane> steadman gotta try to be nice to ppl man
        2:zidane> u gotta learn to not be a total douche bag 100% of the time
        2:Ogron> stead prob still has an unevolved kadabra on his gameboy color bc he has no friends
        2:mcvicar> LOL
        2:zidane> ded


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          Players of the Week

          WB of the Week: Burnt (16-6, 13-10)
          Honorable Mention: Lasenza (18-7), Zidane (14-9), Pineapple Express (15-7), Spezza (14-7), Wirah (15-8)

          Jav of the Week: Rough (17-10, 12-6)
          Honorable Mention: Hulk (20-8), Zizzo (17-9), Ardour (16-5), Trasher (14-4), Yeh (13-10, 12-10), Turban (15-9), Morph (15-9)

          Terrier of the Week: Bitsaver (38-4, 47-5)
          Honorable Mention: Thix (41-4), Zizzo (36-2, 46-3), Ogron (43-6), Trasher (46-5)

          Shark of the Week: JAMAL & Mr. Homo
          Honorable Mention: Sprackle/Morph

          Spider of the Week: WBM (122-78, 117-52)
          Honorable Mention: Cripple (151, 120), Skatarius (123, 105), Midoent (127), Rucci (112), Turban (94, 4 teks)

          Player of the Week: Vys

          Vys went 15-10, 15-10, 14-10, 71-27, and 84-47 this to help Fish continue its strong playoff push. Congrats!

          Runner-Ups: Hulk (20-8, 11-10, 3.0 RPD, 3.1 RPD), Rough (17-10, 12-6, 111-56, 88-35)
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          2:zidane> steadman gotta try to be nice to ppl man
          2:zidane> u gotta learn to not be a total douche bag 100% of the time
          2:Ogron> stead prob still has an unevolved kadabra on his gameboy color bc he has no friends
          2:mcvicar> LOL
          2:zidane> ded


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            Hot or Not Week 3 is now complete!

            Sorry for the delay.
            2:zidane> steadman gotta try to be nice to ppl man
            2:zidane> u gotta learn to not be a total douche bag 100% of the time
            2:Ogron> stead prob still has an unevolved kadabra on his gameboy color bc he has no friends
            2:mcvicar> LOL
            2:zidane> ded