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  • TWDT-B WEEK 2 Hot or Not

    Week 2
    HOT of the week - Jamal

    Enjoy my analysis of TWDT-B Week 2 games and score boxes. As always please contribute anything i may have missed.
    Due to colors signifying ship roles, Hot or Not is best viewed on Cocoa black theme.
    Legio XI Vs. Power
    15:00 - 1:13

    The score says it all, THIS IS SPARTA. Massacre is an understatement when it comes to this matchup. On Powers side, Bram(7) 24-9 was asked to shake off the rust and perform in the ship he is known for among the veterans of the zone. He said it himself that he is not the terr he used to be but I have high hopes that he finds his rhythm in the upcoming weeks. In front of Bram was Zidane(10) 3-71 / 2.7RPD arguably one of the best if not the best shark present time and Beam(7) 2-65 / 2.7RPD. At first glance it appears there was a timing issue between the duo as Zidane holds 6 extra deaths. That might not mean much to some but from my point of view a sign of well timed sharks is close to equal deaths. Seems slight but thats 24 more seconds Zidane spent in death screen than beam which spread across the game can impact timing/reps in crucial situations. The firepower that was anything but fiery was supplied by Cripple(10) 59-48, Skatarius(9) 47-36, Mean Gene(8) 36-22, Rasaq(8) 31-36, and FA draft pick ups Bugs(8)26-25, Rucci(8)21-17. All extremely talented spiders in their own regard but as this is a team league, they could not stay afloat and drowned with the rest of Power as they were unable to break an impenetrable cram by Legio lasting upwards of 10 minutes.

    For Legio, Mikkiz(10) 25-0 / 2TeKs put on an all-star performance and aced this game with 0 deaths showing his talent to anyone who doubts why he comes up in the conversation of who's the GoAT? Blocking for Mikkiz was Mythril(9) 8-68 / 1TeK / 3.0RPD and first round FA draft pick Rodney(8) 5-67 / 1TeK / 3.1RPD. Legio showed uncertainty in the shark department last week while trying to fill the shoes of second shark and it showed. Mythril cleared any uncertainty when he picked up Rodney in the FA to re-unite the duo that repped their way to last seasons TWDT-B Finals. FalconPunch(8) 68-26 / 1TeK led Steadman(8) 59-26 / 1TeK, Henry Saari(8) 62-24, Kado(8) 40-17, and another FA pickup Magnum Size(7) 60-23 / 3TeKs! The Legio spiders were unstoppable and rained fire down cram while Steadman used the angles of the coffins to his advantage plucking off Power every chance he got. The team synergy was on fire this game for Legio. On paper this should have been a fairly even match up.

    HOT: Legio XI, not one single player gets credit for a 15-1 finish. That's a team effort.
    NOT: Power, not one single player gets credit for a 1-15 loss. That's a team effort.

    Thunder Vs. Terrorist
    15:00 - 3:12

    Another wipe out of a game as Thunder stomped all over Terrorist with ease... no pun intended. Zizzo(8) 7-6 and Dreamwin(10) 12-5 shared terr duty which is concerning and could have attributed to the loss. Ships like Terr and Shark can be game breaking when not picked strategically. Having to switch ships often in a lineup shows lack of confidence and that you did not enter the game fielding the best line you could have. Markmrw(8) 4-80 / 2.6RPD, Oder(9)4-48 / 2.5RPD and 1st round FA pickup Hulk(9) 3-30 / 2.5RPD were among the shark shuffle. These are 3 highly capable sharks and to see them holding onto a 2.5RPD average is shocking. It's clear they could not find the needed support from each other to help turn the tide. Ra(9) 52-39 and Maito_Chi(7) 63-43 held it together while Public Assassin(7) 49-51 negged his way to the finish line with Hulk, Dreamwin, Zizzo, and Oder playing ring around the rosie swapping in and out of spider to no avail. Terrorist has great basers with high potential but they really didn't show it this game.

    Ogron(10) 19-2 provided a great terrier service for Thunder behind Jamal(10) 21-66 / 4TeKs! / 3.1RPD and Major Crisis(8) 10-65 / 3.0RPD. Again note the close death count between the sharks signifying optimal timing and support. Jamal was an absolute monster pushing out 21 kills only 2 of which being TK's clinching 4 TeKs and boasting an impressive 3.1RPD. Major provided a stable and consistent partner to Jamal which overall pushes this duo to come out on top. Solace(9) 79-32 / 2TeKs, Ease(10) 78-28, Tj Hazuki(7) 73-44, Rozay(7) 65-34 / 3TeKs!, and Unlimited(6) 48-35 / 2TeKs shredded Terrorist to pieces. With incredible spiders like Solace and Ease at the helm it is easy for other players to pick up on that energy and perform alongside them which is exactly what happened. Thunder played great as a team and are starting off this season showing their unmatched electricity in TWDT-B.

    HOT: Jamal, out killing Terrorists terr's, 4 TeKs and 3.1RPD
    NOT: Dreamwin, you seemed unprepared and as captain this ones on you


    Silence Vs. Thunder
    8:32 -15:00

    Silence gave their best shot against the behemoth that is Thunder but ultimately fell short. Turban(10) 11-5 and Waz.(6) 7-3 took over in terr ahead of shark duo Commodo(10) 15-95 / 2.8RPD and Olde(7) 3-91 / 2.7RPD. Silence lacks some confidence/experience in the terr and shark positions this game which was no match for Thunder's well oiled machine. Hellkite(10) 77-44 / 1TeK and Afri(7) 75-57 / 2TeKs played well while Ricko(8) 14-11(subbed out),Fire Phoenix(8) 72-73 / 1TeK, and Daeva(7) 57-37 who were also in charge of the pew pew but played like pee pee. Fire Phoenix with a 72-73 makes me picture a man running face first into a wall only to fall, get up and repeat for 15 minutes. Dying awfully close to the same amount of times as his sharks. Silence needed to bring their A game to this battle and they brought a C at best.

    Ogron(10) had a nice 30-4 holding it down for his team while his duo Jamal(10) 9-90 / 3.1RPD and Major Crisis(8) 10-96 / 1TeK / 2.7RPD put in work yet again. Ease(10) 95-50 / 1TeK, Rozay(7) 90-40 / 1TeK, Solace(9) 82-40, Erias(7) 73-40 / 1TeK, and Unlimited(6) 72-51 / 2TeKs slayed out on the spider front. I would also like to note Unlimited as a 6* showing his value getting a combined 4TeKs in this weeks games as well as Rozay a 7* with 4TeKs himself this week while keeping up with Ease kill for kill in this game. Look for thunder to dominate TWDT-B this season if they continue to perform at this caliber.

    HOT: Ogron, Jamal, Ease
    NOT: Fire Phoenix


    Terrorist Vs. Legio XI
    9:24 - 15:00

    Terrorist recuperated from their wash out game vs Thunder to put up a fight against Legio although futile. Burnt(8) 35-8 / 2TeKs did a great job as anchor for Terrorist supplying what seemed like an endless supply of bursts to cut through Legio defenses. Oder(9) 9-96 / 1 TeK / 2.8RPD and Hulk(9) 12-96 / 2.8RPD regained shark control and found consistency in each other. Terrorist spiders on the other hand failed to deliver. Zizzo(8) 83-57 / 2TeKs, Maito_Chi(7) 84-58 / 1TeK, Dreamwin(10) 86-66 showed promise but couldn't carry the weight of Ra(9) 69-59 and Spacedust(7) 60-78 as they were shamed by Legio spiders.

    Mikkiz(10) 27-7 / 3TeKs! stayed calm and precise allowing Mythril(9) 18-100 / 1TeK / 3.0RPD and Rodney(8) 7-102 / 2.7RPD to protect the jewels. Henry Saari(8) 115-46 played massive alongside FA pickup Jurassic(9) 94-47 / 1TeK, Steadman(8) 82-50 / 3TeKs!, Kado(8) 85-43, and Magnum Size(7) 88-47. With Kado and super value 7* Magnum holding down under. Henry, Jurassic, and Steadman were given the green light to be over aggressors in FR battles. Steadman again picked on the coffin angles to keep the intruding enemies advancements at bay.

    HOT: Henry Saari
    NOT: Spacedust


    Gladiator Vs. Silence
    15:00 - 4:24

    Here is Silence shuffling around terrs again with Thix(10) 5-0 and Waz.(6) 16-8 exchanging roles. Sharking by Commodo(10) 10-78 / 2.9RPD and Hellkite(10) 14-78 / 2.7RPD gave silence the highest rated shark duo this week. Although in doing so removes a 10* spider from the firepower and they were subsequently punished for. Turban(10) 65-43, Afri(7) 65-39, Daeva(7) 58-38 and World(7) 53-46 tried to maintain composure while Thix lagged out and Ricko(8) 18-10 took his place. Turban couldn't throw these boys on his back this time and needed extra force by his side if they were to take down Gladiator. RIP Thix as his lagouts probably threw a wrench in the plan that Commodo had coming into this game and that's unfortunate.

    Gladiator however showed no mercy with SpookedOne(6) acing with 32-0 / 1TeK. Hell of a performance from a 6* and truly showing his value to Gladiator. Shark duo Mcvicar(10) 7-75 / 2TeKs / 2.9RPD and Morph(8) 5-80 / 1TeK / 2.8RPD held down the fort while Trasher(10) 71-30, Tripin(8) 63-44 / 1TeK, Mvp(7) 65-38 / 1TeK, Lupin(7) 61-45, and 1st round FA pick Cape(10) 56-39 / 2TeKs provided the artillery. A Very balanced performance by Gladiator sharks and spiders as they all equally pull together to disgrace Silence. A Moment of Silence please...

    HOT: SpookedOne
    NOT: Thix, your team needs ya bud


    Power Vs Gladiator
    13:28 - 15:00

    Power, coming off an embarrassing loss to Legio pulled it together for a clash of titans against Gladiator. Mean Gene(8) 44-7 / 2 TeKs played impressively well in front of shark combo Zidane(10) 9-123 / 2.9RPD and FA pickup Bugs(8) 19-119 / 1TeK / 3.1RPD. Cripple(10) relentlessly dominated with a 122-81, showing why he is feared by many in spider. Skatarius(9) 97-67, Lasenza(7) 82-51, and Bram(7) 67-54 held it together but couldn't out weigh the dead weight of teammate Rasaq(8) who negged HARD with 37-60 / 1TeK. Pssst Rasaq, your terr had more kills than you. FA pickup Rucci(8) 22-16 / 1TeK subbed in for him in what seemed like too little too late as the sub wasn't made until 22 minutes into the game. This game could have gone either way but Power ultimately lacked the needed firepower even with big cripple leading the charge.

    Gladiator threw down the gauntlet with their second win of the week, SpookedOne(6) 38-5 / 1TeK continued his great value terr play with Mcvicar(10) 28-114 / 3.0RPD and Morph(8) 20-113 / 1TeK / 2.9RPD providing consistent top tier shark coverage. Mcvicar is one of the great top sharks left in the game and he proves it again, personally I've always thought he was a better spider but that only showcases more his vast versatility. Nowon(10) 118-56 / 2TeKs and Trasher(10) 115-48 held hands and took turns slapping Power around like a dirty prostitute. Lupin(7) 93-64, Lockdown(7) 82-47 / 2TeKs, and Clark Kentaro(7) 72-59 / 1TeK gave Gladiator the additional push it needed to overcome the enemy team.

    HOT: Cripple, Nowon, Trasher
    NOT: Rasaq


    Week 3 Game to watch
    5:00pm Thunder Vs. Gladiator
    The two titans will go toe to toe, this is poised to be an exciting match. Don't miss this one!

    All three games in the 5:30 slot will be revenge matches.

    Terrorist Vs. Thunder
    Will Terrorist pull it together and field a solid reliable line to dismantle the Thunder machine?

    Legio XI Vs. Power
    Will Power reach redemption off a 15-1 game or get blown away once more?

    Gladiator Vs. Silence
    Will Silence establish a solid core to capitalize on the skill set of their high value players or let the high stars be wasted just trying to survive?

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    Fantastic write-up, ty for this.

    Be sure to check out Thunder vs. Gladiator on Sunday, shud b a good one.
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      Woohoo colours. Good job.


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        Originally posted by Claushouse View Post
        Fantastic write-up, ty for this.

        Be sure to check out Thunder vs. Gladiator on Sunday, shud b a good one.
        oo you right, adding this in
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          My boy rodney with the Write-up! Ayeee.
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