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  • TWDT-B WEEK 3 Hot or Not


    Wins this week: 2
    Base record this week: 1-1
    Overall standing: tied at 3rd

    Terrier: SpookedOne (6)
    Shark: Cape (10) -> Sulla (7)
    Shark: morph (8)
    Spider: Trasher (10)
    Spider: nowon (10)
    Spider: Tripin (8) -> Cape (10)
    Spider: Lupin (7)
    Spider: mvp (7)
    66 / 67 stars first game, 65 / 67 stars second game

    Gladiator lost their first game to Thunder (15:00 - 13:23) but won against Silence (15:00 - 6:49). Grand spacelord Sulla was called in to shark the second game, but too late to affect the first one. At least he's in one of the roman-themed squads this year. Last year we had one, now we have two. Maybe Pandora will make a comeback and we'll have three antiquity-inspired squads the next TWDT.

    Gladiator vs. Thunder was of course the big basing game this week. Thunder was 4-0 and Gladiator 3-1 so far, their only loss coming from Legio XI by an astounding margin of four seconds. The game turned out to be, perhaps predictably, a slug match. They can be either the most boring or the most competitive matches to watch, depending on your preference. I lean towards the former category, but nonetheless, Thunder have now proven themselves so that come their second game, Gladiator will be fighting them from an underdog position.

    HOT: Cape (12-116, 2.9 RPD and 65-49, 4 TeKs). With Silence's subbing game the way it is, the TeKs alone amounted to killing about half of their lineup.


    Wins this week: 3
    Base record this week: 0-2
    Overall standing: tied at 5th

    Terrier: Steep (7) -> hellkite (10) -> olde (7) -> Commodo (10)
    Shark: Commodo (10) -> olde (7)
    Shark: olde (7) -> turban (10)
    Spider: hellkite (10) -> fire phoenix (8) -> hellkite (10)
    Spider: turban (10) -> daeva (7)
    Spider: wbm (9)
    Spider: Ricko (8)
    Spider: Missa (5) -> Myollnir (6)
    ?? / 67 stars

    Silence lost to Legio XI (0:45 - 15:00) and afterwards to Gladiator (15:00 - 6:49). There was (again) anything but silence in the Silence benches, when every possible lineup composition was tried in succession.

    Both Steep and olde had a chance to terr at the start of a game, but with very little confidence, getting subbed out at just 3 deaths apiece. Hellkite followed Steep with a worse performance (23-12 in spider, 6-13 in terrier). 5-star Missa also saw play this week with a missaligned 14-37. turban (28-32) was in spider in the Legio game before getting frustrated into using the javelin to break the cram. Rab already linked some gifs, but HERE's the first time turban breaks the cram with a beautiful straight diagonal rep-boosted rocket shot!

    Commodo (1-59 and 2.9 RPD) sharked as always, alongside olde (4-57 and 2.7 RPD). Spiders Ricko (28-31), wbm (53-39) and fire phoenix (28-21) did what they could but could not gain flagtime nor TeKs.

    The game against Gladiator saw Commodo switch into terrier himself, after allowing olde, again, just three deaths. Daeva picked up 2 TeKs nicely, and 6-star Myollnir replaced Missa. Staff had to buy Wicket666 a scholarship into MIT so someone could take a class in higher math to make sure Commodo has calculated the star ratings correctly for all games.

    NOT: turban (28-32 and 15-83, 2.8 RPD). Better raise that turban above eye level so you can see what's actually happening in the game.


    Wins this week: 3
    Base record this week: 1-1
    Overall standing: 2nd

    Terrier: Burnt (8)
    Shark: Oderus Urungus (9)
    Shark: hulk (9) -> spacedust (7) -> Bacon (8)
    Spider: dreamwin (10)
    Spider: Ra (9)
    Spider: Bacon (8) -> spacedust (7)
    Spider: MaiTo_cHi (7)
    Spider: Ardour (7)
    67 / 67 stars first game, 65 / 67 stars second game

    Terrorist won over Power (15:00 - 5:04) in the first game but lost to Thunder (8:24 - 15:00) in the second.

    Burnt, who is now the staple terrier of Terrorist apparently, got 2 TeKs in the first game which proved no challenge overall. After game one, hulk had to leave (I assume because of a hand egg I mean football party) so spacedust replaced him. Him the Terrorists switched with Bacon at 9:30 game-time. One might think that Terrorist's loss against Thunder had something to do with missing their sharks, seeing as apart from hulk, Markmrw and Zizzo were also not present. However back in week two Terrorist fared even worse with these players in. That time they achieved only 3:12 of flagtime against the same opponent. Maybe this allows us to conclude that Oderus Urungus is Terrorist's best shark.

    Legio XI

    Wins this week: 4
    Base record this week: 2-0
    Overall standing: 1st

    Terrier: Mikkiz (10)
    Shark: Mythril (9)
    Shark: rodney (8)
    Spider: Steadman (8)
    Spider: kado (8)
    Spider: Henry Saari (8)
    Spider: Falconpunch (8)
    Spider: Magnum Size (7) -> Rab (8)
    66 / 67 stars first game, 67 / 67 stars second game

    Legio XI beat Silence (0:45 - 15:00) and then Power (15:00 - 11:00). Rab spidered the second game.

    Watching Legio dominate the cram yet again this week was like playing one of those Tiger Electronic handheld games. You know, those ones that have a painted background and a few blinking sprites that simulate movement. Similarily movement was denied for Legio's opposition. The cram was the constant background and button A put Steadman in the coffin, the only move needed. Add in the B button which allows you to switch turban into javelin or back, and there you have an accurate two-player rendition of Legio vs. Silence.

    The Legio relied on their proven line of 8-star spiders, and Silence didn't know which one of Steadman (39-15, 3 TeKs), kado (49-18, 1 TeK), Henry Saari (59-14, 4 TeKs) or FalconPunch (58-22) to target. 7-star Magnum Size (60-22) was no slouch either, gunning down 5 TeKs.

    Mikkiz aced this one with 16-0 and Mythril (7-53) could almost just stand back and let his team do the work. But he didn't, and applied big pressure. Rodney (9-49 and 2.9 RPD) completed the line with solid offensive and defensive play.

    As mentioned Rab switched in for the second game, needing a break after having spent game one flying the spectator ship like a crazed Steven Spielberg, getting all the best shots for youtube.

    Mikkiz overextended a bit in the second game with an unfortunate death, but not something that would jeopardize Legio's whole game though. Watch it HERE. (ty Rab)

    HOT: Mikkiz (16-0, 2 TeKs and 41-5, 2 TeKs). An ace this week.
    HOT: Magnum Size (60-22 and 5 TeKs) the TeKminator.
    HOT: Mythril (7-53, and 18-108, 2.9 RPD) and rodney (9-49, 2.9 RPD and 11-102, 3.0 RPD), keeping the pressure on.


    Wins this week: 3
    Base record this week: 2-0
    Overall standing: tied at 3rd

    Terrier: Ogron (10)
    Shark: JAMAL (10)
    Shark: Major Crisis (8)
    Spider: Ease (10)
    Spider: Undercut (8)
    Spider: rozay (7)
    Spider: tj hazuki (7)
    Spider: Anonym (7) -> Engineers (7)
    67 / 67 stars

    Thunder beat Gladiator (15:00 - 13:23) and then Terrorist (8:24 - 15:00). Engineers spidered the second game. Thunder is running at max star capacity at all times since for Ease, doing anything other would be totally insane. If the other squads want to beat Thunder then the first thing to look into would be to actually utilize your Mythril-given star slots.

    Thunder won against Gladiator, their remaining base opponent, in a feat that is not to be undervalued. They have now triumphed over all of the other teams, in the flagroom at least. Thunder is now the favorite to win basing medals, assuming of course that they can make it into the playoffs. But this they are on their way to do, as they continue to pick up two base wins consistently every week along some sporadical wins elsewhere.

    HOT: Ogron (41-7, 1 TeK and 40-3, 2 TeKs), Ease (85-60, 1 TeK and 106-52, 2 TeKs) and tj hazuki (93-82, 1 TeK and 81-60, 2 TeKs). Three TeKs apiece, on an important week nonetheless, and an MVP for Ease to boot.


    Wins this week: 3
    Base record this week: 0-2
    Overall standing: tied at 5th

    Terrier: Heaven (9)
    Shark: zidane (10)
    Shark: bram (7) -> JacKieChan> (6)
    Spider: cripple (10)
    Spider: skatarius (9)
    Spider: Rasaq (8)
    Spider: LaSenza (7)
    Spider: Singer (7) -> bram (7)
    67 / 67 stars, 66 / 67 stars

    Power lost to Terrorist (15:00 - 5:04) and afterwards to Legio XI (15:00 - 11:00). Bram continued the tradition of switching ships every game this week as well. 6-star JacKieChan> replaced him in shark during the second game in a move that some might call daring.

    Warbirds LaSenza and Rasaq were building up the Power firing line with cripple and skatarius taking care of the high end. Or taking a break, as the scores might indicate. This week's power TeKkers were cripple and bram, both with 2 apiece.

    Games of week 4

    Next week Power and Silence will have to fight to stay alive. Week four will be especially challenging for Legio XI as well. Enough of guerrilla warfare and fighting in the mountain passes. This time Legio XI will meet two full-grown armies in the open field. How will they fare?

    Slot 1
    TWDTB2: Legio XI vs. Gladiator. Can Gladiator overcome Legio XI this time, after their incredibly close 15:00-14:56 game back in week one? Who will win, the disclipined warriors whipped into shape by Mythril, or the savage fighters of nowon?

    Slot 2
    TWDTB1: Thunder vs. Legio XI. Will Thunder beat Legio XI yet again and keep their win streak going? Or can the Legio become victorious?
    TWDTB2: Power vs. Silence. Both squads need playoff points with increasing desperation.

    Edit: Removed mistakes from Gladiator lineup.
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    Great write-up Holy, thanks for this!
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