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[Pitch] Dueling tournament based on twdt ratings

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  • [Pitch] Dueling tournament based on twdt ratings

    Hey everyone,

    Not sure what has been decided for competitions after twdt has finished, but I thought I'd just pitch an idea I had for a potential 1v1 dueling tournament.
    In this tournament, players will compete with players of similar skill (based on their twdt ratings).
    10* players will play only 10* players, 9* will only play 9* players et cetera. In this way everyone has somewhat equal chances.

    It should work something like the uefa nations league:

    There will be five different brackets, based on the twdt ratings (6 to 10 stars).
    Say for example that 16 Players with a 9* rating would sign up; They would randomly be divided into 4 groups of 4 players who would all play eachother in a round-robin.
    The player that wins the group will be promoted, and will play the next season in the 10* bracket.
    Similarly, the player on the bottom will be demoted and will play the next season in the 8* bracket.
    The other two players will keep the same rating as before.

    Additionally, the group winners from each bracket will compete in a single elimination format to compete for the title of '<bracket x> Season champion'.

    Alternatively, there could be just a large group of all the players in a single bracket (which again would be played out in a round-robin).
    The bottom two would be demoted if not in the lowest bracket already, and the rest would play playoffs in a double-elimination format. This would determine the season champion and who gets promoted
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