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Thunder vs Terrorist TWDTB Part 2 Appeal

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  • Thunder vs Terrorist TWDTB Part 2 Appeal

    Major Crisis> [Feb 14 06:58] Ogron: Hey basers, I spent 6 hours cutting a video of our Legio loss, with extensive analysis to help us. It's only 15 minutes long, please watch it, some simple fixes to vastly improve our chances, thanks!

    Appeal on the grounds of none of his team watched his video...
    1:Ogron> i can officially say that i am quitting tinder dude fuck that i met the most amazing girl ever
    1:Zidane> congrats man
    1:Ogron> yeah she is into star wars movies and plays little bit of LoL
    1:Ogron> AND we had a 10 minute make out session in my car
    1:Rough> AND this guy wonders why he is a loser