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    TWDT-D By the numbers Week 1

    Individual stats

    Most kills – Vys 36 total kills
    Vys was the MVP in each match, taking a loss in the first versus Figirmin (17-10) but coming back swinging hard with impressive win over Kobe (19-9).

    Runner up – Flew 27 total kills
    Flew had a good showing today winning both games, going 15-8 versus Thunder and 12-7 versus Power.

    Honorable Mention – Tiny 26 total kills
    Tiny even though not given any credit in the reviews was able to put down the third highest kills out of all the matches. Racking up two wins for Paddington II, going 14-10 versus Morph and 12-7 versus Hottub Homeboys.

    Top performers in their star category were

    10* - Racka – Won both games, one MVP and an impressive total 2.18 KD.

    Runner up – Vys – Highest number of kills, 1.89 KD, two MVPs and one win.

    9/9.5* - Flew – Won both Matches, MVP once and a total KD of 1.8.

    Runner up - Turban – Won both Matches, MVP once and a total KD of 1.5.

    8/8.5* - Tiny – Won both Matches, MVP once and a total KD of 1.5.

    Runner up – Dreamwin – Took a L in the first game going 11-10 but came back and got MVP versus Funk going 13-10, total KD 1.5.

    7/7.5* - J-B-INC – Won both games with an decent first match (11-9) and then staying alive for a 9-9. Total KD 1.1.

    6/6.5* - Omega Red – One of the better 6.5 stars that performed today, Omega was able to get 6-6 and 8-7. Winning both games with a total of 1 KD.

    unner up – Unlimited – Was able to follow the WB vets of Thunder to a first round win, going 7-6. The second game wasn’t so pleasant. But overall Unlimited was able to finish with one win and a total KD of .6.

    Top Team – Blast 2-0
    Three teams are still undefeated, Blast (100-70), Paddington II (100-76) and Fingirmin (100-88). Blast’s two top stars Racka and Turban both had an MVP apiece and both had killer KD’s, Racka 2.18 and Turban 1.5 respectively. The lower stars on the team also performed quite well, with all three having positive KD’s. Total team KD was 1.3. Last note, Blast did not use any subs and kept the same line each match - Racka, Turban, Omega, Spectacular and J-B-Inc.

    Runner up – Paddington II 2-0
    No explanation needed here, this team proved all the nay-sayers wrong including myself. Each warbird had their own moments, Tiny in first match, Ardour MVP in second match, Star Fox with a 13-8 game and Beam pulling his own with a total KD of 2. The only one who struggled was RA, with a .68 KD. Overall it was a clean day for this team in Warbird.

    Blunder Team award – Kobe 0-2
    Kobe opted not to play their top stars in the first match and took a beating from Blast, losing the match 50-30. In the second match Kobe switched the lineup going for more a top-heavy line, with Best, Siaxis and Tripin. But it wasn’t enough and ended up losing a very close match vs Power 48-50. Not a good showing over all for a Team I ranked high in my review. On a positive note Lupin did perform quite well in the one game he did play, going 8-10.

    Runner up – Funk 0-2
    No one ended up performing well on Funk, their top-rated star Lockdown had total KD of .85. The rest of the team also had a negative KD ratio. On paper this team looks great, so maybe it was a lack of teamwork, warbird inactivity, or whatever it was let’s hope next week they will have a better showing.

    *All this information was gathered by myself, so I apologize in advance if there are any mistakes in the numbers. Though I do try to be as accurate as possible.
    *Also a huge thanks to Wirah for updating the website so quickly.
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      Great write-up whoever you are. It's like a statistical non-douchey hot or not.
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        Thanks for the write up AnonymousV
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