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    Time has come (feels like forever) to enter the playoff phase of this very long tournament and we got some exciting matchups. Let's see how our teams lineup and what could be the outcome:
    [B]Treyway [/B](4 wins in main season) vs [B]Kobe [/B](2 wins)
    WB season was very even from start until finish with only Nightmare standing out, being clear favorites to win the title. Treyway has had an up and down season with some emotional highs, like beating gryffindor 50-49 with team captains battling it out and morph taking out ogron in the end and taking out terrorist in last round, with Morph going crazy with 20-8 rec, but also lows, like getting completely trashed by one of the worst teams Helmet 50-23. Treyway has been struggling finding the perfect lineup entire season, they have used 11 people overall and mood within team has not been great, as their low vps have been struggling alot, which limits possibilities of using the superstars Morph/saiyan and animeboy together. Scores like 0-10 for clefairy, 2-10 skatarius, 3-10 warthog etc happen more likely then less. Their high-stars have also had their ups and downs, when stars align, Morph and saiyan are unstoppable, but also at times they fail to make an impact their vp would suggest.
    Kobe has had very similar story as Treyway. A lot of different lineups have been tried and paper, all should work, but results are not there. Kobe has only 2 wins entire season, has used 11 different players and almost as many different combinations, but with poor results. What is even more confusing, a lineup that finally brought a win (by using low-star mouse) failed dramatically next round, so picking up correct line for quarters will be difficult task for Kobe leaders. Also individual player performances can be so different week in, week out and that goes for both high and low star players. Seems like every week there is at least 1 player, who for some reason just does not perform and makes it hard for freq to win.
    Both teams met in regular season during week 5. It was very close game, but mid-game sub rylo, replacing groan, changed the game with rylo going crazy 8-2 in the end and Treyway winning 50-42.
    My prediction [B][U]Treyway wins[/U] (2-1)[/B]. Looking at Kobe games entire season, it is very difficult to see us prevailing in wb. Our high vps have not been at their best level and although on paper we got some really good underrated low star wbs like jessup, mouse, sarger, ekko etc, team just has not clicked, with some players being far too aggressive, while others same way, too passive.

    [B]Gryffindor [/B](4 wins) vs [B]Outlaw [/B](3 wins)
    Gryffindor has had rather good wb season. They started off strong and by last week, their only 2 losses have been very close calls (49-50 in prementioned game vs Treyway and 46-50 vs rapid). There is a big "but", their quarterfinal opponent Outlaw dominated them in last week game, so all that good season may come crashing down, if they give same performance. Unlike first quarterfinalist pair, Gryffindor has had very steady lineup with Ogron, renzi, rasaq, absurd, tiny and clark kentaro getting majority of minutes. Ogron strategy of using no low-vps, but seasoned but not 9+ vp wb vets has paid out. This strategy works fine in majority of cases, but it lacks the "X" element that 10 star wb can bring into your game. This is exactly what happened in last game, where vys had a blast and made some of Gryffindor players look like low vps.
    Outlaw season has been a rollercoaster ride with some impressive wins mixed with embarrassing losses. Like any other team with 2 10* players, game outcomes usually depend on those players putting up a show and other players not dying out fast. So vys and iron survivor need to bring their top game for Outlaw to continue on their win vs gryffindor. Also picking up correct team to complement the 10* will be difficult task for mvp. Maketso, markmrw and spectacular did good in last main season game, but also tj, zizzo, ardour, mvp, lai, dwopple and others have had their chances.
    My prediction [U][B]Outlaw wins (2-1)[/B][/U]. I think it will come down to crucial moments in the end and there, 10* player can give you and advantage

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    This is great Lee.

    Where has lee been this whole season? We should have use some money for people to write articles all season. ????
    1:waven> u challenge
    1:waven> if i challenge it looks too scary

    Originally posted by MHz
    Hope you contract ebola from your, no doubt cheap, Easter Egg, you fucking shit-jav, pug-faced cunt.


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      Clutch Writeup Lee!

      Can someone please advise what TWDT team [USER="85450"]saiyan[/USER] will be with this Sunday?

      Its been hard to keep track lol


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        [QUOTE=Tiny;n1362141]This is great Lee.

        Where has lee been this whole season? We should have use some money for people to write articles all season. ????[/QUOTE]

        ive been around, but tempo of the league is really slow, so there is really not much to talk about. I think i preferred the league setup with 2 matches in each per weekend.


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          Um, lai isn't on outlaw, she is on nightmare. If outlaw tries to take her from us, cripple will take a giant crapple on outlaw, and i'll hire pawner to break some jaws!

          Sillyness aside, thanks for writeups.
          rEnZi> just looking at rageritual tilts me
          rEnZi> its crazy
          rEnZi> thats real power

          Siaxis> yo it was way harder to kill Rage then beam in that dtd

          ogron> u need permission from otehr team to borrow a 9* (rage)
          Dwopple> denied
          Dwopple> too gud


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            Results, was wrong on both games, Gryffindor shared aimbots among their players and took 2-0 win, while stars aligned, clouds dissapeared and Kobe team suddenly clicked and pull of amazing results in both games. Probably also helped that saiyan did not show for Treyway.


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              Great writeups Lee! KOBE WON THO. <3
              absurd> havnt seen ekko miss in 20 mins;\