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  • TWDTD semifinals predictions

    After very long time of waiting the top 2 teams in draft league can finally also get some gametime with semifinals coming up. We got 2 juicy matchups with 2 final spots available.
    [B]Nightmare [/B](6 wins in main season) vs [B]Kobe [/B](2 wins in main season + 2-0 in quarters)
    Nightmare was completely dominant during main season and clearly best warbird team. After losing first round match, they went on and won every single other game with Mythril and Steadman pulling amazing performances, supported by clearly underrated Kassius (7VP), who is among top 15 wbs this season and lightyears ahead of any similar star player. Also GenX and cripple have done well, so they are clearly favorite team to go into this matchup. Although looks like flew is gone, he has not played as big part of their success as one may imagine. They also won last main season game pretty comfortably against Kobe. Nightmares key to success has been really everyone playing up to their VPs and even more, low vps dont go out fast in games and 2 stars havent had a single bad game so far. Ever since they got Steadman from draft, they have been really unstoppable, with all games besides 1, won with 10 or bigger score difference as well. They rarely make mistakes, stick together and manage to stay alive and then finish game with numerical advantage.

    Kobe had in all honesty truly horrible season, so I did not expect us to make it to semis, but here we are. Quarterfinals have really given us massive boost, especially that nailbiting first game. Best and sarger have been putting massive hours in wb to get their game up and especially sarger seems to be already on much higher level than his 7.5 rating. Our biggest problem has been finding decent lineup that works well together and accompanied by Ekko, tripin and zidane, we may have finally found one. With several good wbs like bike, zapata, riverside and lower vps, like rampage, jessup and myself, we can also make adjustments incase inital plan fails. Kobes biggest issue seems to be uncontrollable desire to live out bad performances on team mates, but seems like we have once again pulled ourselves back from many insults shared among each other and now have 1 clear goal in front of us.
    I am going to go against the logic here and predict [U][B]2-1 win for Kobe[/B][/U]

    [B]R1p1t1![/B] (4 wins in main season) vs [B]Gryffindor [/B](4 wins + 2-0 in quarterfinals)
    Rapid, although ranked 2nd team in wb, did not really have that spectacular main season. Usually a win was followed by loss and that trend went until last matchday. Rapids strength lies in its very balanced lineup, which has noone above 9 or under 8 stars, relying on experience and teamwork. Jz and jurassic are leading the line with Jack and vio also having a good season. They did acquire both siaxis and bacon, both players definitely capable of making an appearance and influence the game. So very solid team, which tries to take out opposition low vps if possible (clefairy still remembers his 0-10) and then finishes it off with more players. Their weakness comes out, if that does not happen. Besides perhaps siaxis, they do not really have that top player, whos skills decide the final moments in game, taking out players with 9 lives and surviving themselves. What makes this matchup very interesting is that they are facing a team, that is more or less built according to same logic and does not have any low vps in game. Their matchup in week 6 was really close, expect all games go same way.

    Gryffindor did great in quarterfinals, first it was rasaq, who went crazy 12-0 in first game vs outlaw and second game, although closer, they managed to take out outlaws lower vps and then used the numbers to take out iron and vys, with absurd dominating. Absurd and rasaq have been backbone of Gryffindor performances with renzi doing great as 8vp.Tiny makes the 4th starter with Ogron and clark kentaro have also been involved . Besides main season last game vs outlaw, they have also avoided the stinkers and performed on good level even in their losses, so its hard to expect either team really dominating this matchup. I feel like siaxis showing or not showing may be key in this game.
    I am going with [B]R1p1t1! winning this 2-1[/B].

    Nightmare wins vs Kobe
    Kobe wins vs Nightmare
    R1p1t1! wins vs Gryffindor
    Gryffindor wins vs R1p1t1!

    The poll is expired.

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    Helmets ganna unleash hell mates!!

    Oops wrong chat lol


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      Really happy to prove this odd prediction wrong. I predicted us going to finals on draft day. I was the most useless warbird all day today, somehow we still 2-0 them. Great carry mythril/steadman/kassius/cripple.
      rEnZi> just looking at rageritual tilts me
      rEnZi> its crazy
      rEnZi> thats real power

      Siaxis> yo it was way harder to kill Rage then beam in that dtd

      ogron> u need permission from otehr team to borrow a 9* (rage)
      Dwopple> denied
      Dwopple> too gud


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        Both predictions wrong, Kobe never got going in wb, gazillion of different people were used, but team never clicked. With 7* Kassius MVPing for Nightmare, it is going to be difficult for them to really lose in finals, clear favorite and top team entire season.
        Gryffindor and rapid went to 3rd round as i thought, but in the end poor performance and going out early by Bacon and violence going 3-10 gave ogrons team 2-1 win.