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TWDT 27 final conclusions

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  • TWDT 27 final conclusions

    So finals are over and time to honor the winners and give some final words:
    Only final to go into 3 games, with Crimson going into finals as a favorite. First game started with bit of a shock with spectacular going 0-5 very fast and The Sh1tt1rm1n taking early lead that they never gave up. Spec was eventually subbed for dare, but game was done by that time. Bombed had game of his life with 19-6, supported by surprise pick Rasaq. Violence completely surprised everyone by playing Mobey, who did fine job as 6 star watching his kills and ending up with 4-6. From Crimson also renzi never got his game going ending up with 4-10.
    Second game saw same teams lining up, as dare took position in starting lineup instead of spectacular. Game started in similar way with The Sh1tt1rm1n taking early lead, but this time Crimson recovered and myth/hawk really started dominating with great teamplay. They managed their lives much better, which saw them picking out vios men one by one. Rasaq pulled great game, but rest of the team on The Sh1tt1rm1n failed to perform with bombed facing sudden weird drop in form (7-10 from 25% kills per bullet to 11%).
    Crimson now confident took control of 3rd game from the beginning. For the first time Crimson took comfortable lead and it almost looked like game over as they managed to take out Mobey early. Either overconfidence or sloppy play, but The Sh1tt1rm1n kept themselves in even with 4 vs 5. Lockdown had some great plays, violence managed to eliminate dare, so teams went to final stage with only couple of deaths difference. But then Mythril made an awesome KO on LD followed by Hawk taking out bombed and game was over.
    So great finals, The Sh1tt1rm1n put up big fight and violences team management probably made them have their best lineup of the season, but Crimson was just too dominant losing only a rare game here and there.
    Lee's best wb award goes to Mythril. Second league in a row Mythril lead the team to victory with some crucial plays in finals.

    Hype was high for jav finals where Win or Die and Power, 2 best jav teams entire season faced off. Win or die took early lead by very poor performance by draft, who went 0-5 early on. After being subbed, cripple did better but in the end died out with zidane going shocking 6-10 soon after. Spawnisen pulled another MVP worthy performance and power did not show any promise of being match to good teamwork from Rackas team. Second game was started as pretty equal battle with zidane pulling some great shots and keeping his team in competition. But unfortunately rest of his team was not really up to battle. In mid-game, Win or Die took control and after taking hypocrit out, it was over. Couple of things to notice, putting beast in lineup ever since semifinals really leveled up Win or Die. TPZ did fine, but beast as 7* really managed to stay alive, which low star player has to do and even get some KOs along the way. Secondly, Power in the end seemed to have only zidane to rely on, with hypo and cripple both not really being match to their similary rated players on win or die. I truly believe both spawnisen and beast should be rated higher for next season.

    I give my best jav award to Racka, some truly impressive moves in final, but spawnisen should be also mentioned, one of the best 8* performances in recent memory.

    Last finals saw 2 surprise teams matching up in base. Pure Lucks luck seemed to have changed in game 1. They started off with without zapata, surprise package as spider and tj hazuki, one of their key players so far in league. Instead snes and zizzo were used. This resulted in being stomped by terrorist that went up to 9-1 lead at some point. Zizzo was laggy and soon subbed for tj and zapata in similar way subbed in for snes. After that Pure Luck game improved dramatically, tiny pulled some great moves as 7* terrier and game became much more equal. In the end early lead terrorist had achieved shrink down to 9-15, which gave us hope for very tight second game.
    But terrorist had other ideas, they controlled game from beginning until the end, never really giving pure luck much chance. Tiny started making mistakes, terrorist remarkable spiders made some great pushes and cig/sprackle duo wrecked havoc. Autopilot was absolute beast and mvp in both games.
    So in the end, terrorist proved to be better team. Congrats!
    Difficult to give best terrier award, instead i give most improved terrier award to tiny.
    Best shark award goes to Cig Smoke - surely, there were some sharks who had eventually better stats, but winning and playing great in finals is the most important thing
    Best spider award goes to autopilot - what and absolute beast.

    Was fun league, hopefully next one will be announced soon!

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    Thanks for the write ups this season Lee they have been entertaining to read $$
    1:Riverside> you guys eat schmores in america?


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      Season after season I'm benched for 7* players. I should not be rated 7.5* in jav.

      Base rating also needs reducing as there's 0 practice games in my time zone I'm losing every 1v1 now.


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        Big Lee. Thank you for taking the time to hype us up for game after game, you're the man.

        shout out to all the teams who made finals, it was a great season