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    Please message RaCka, Tiny, or Dwopple in game to sign up for this upcoming season of TWDT, reply in this thread, or type !signup to TWDTBot in ?Go TWDT in game.

    The bolded red names have expressed interest in capping this season. The amount of captains will be based on the total sign ups and will be considered finalized one week prior to the draft.

    Please sign up before May 3rd (Friday) for the league ops to have the appropriate amount of time to adjust for total team count, star caps, captains, etc.

    Draft date is scheduled for May 5th

    TWDT Signups:
    1. Dwopple (missing one week in May)
    2. Lee
    3. Banks
    4. Tiny
    5. Absurd
    6. Beast
    7. Jackie>
    8. Retroaction
    9. Dare
    10. TJ Hazuki (missing one week in May)
    11. Mikkiz
    12. Willby
    13. Mvp
    14. Vys
    15. Rozay
    16. Spectacular
    17. Oder
    18. HellzNo!
    19. Rampage
    20. Omega Red (Requesting Spider only)
    21. Kangal
    22. Cripple
    23. Dreamwin (Missing 2 weeks)
    24. Raazi
    25. Apt
    26. Beam (50% show rate)
    27. Yeh
    28. Ekko
    29. Violence (can't show until mid June)
    30. Groan (50% show rate)
    31. FieryFire
    32. Chance
    33. Frog
    34. Jabra
    35. Henry Saari
    36. CZ530
    37. Bick
    38. Cyclone
    39. X-Demo
    40. Snik(
    41. Hulk (0% wb 50% jav 100% base)
    42. 100
    43. Booker007
    44. L3MU3L
    45. clefairy27 (low show rate)
    46. hellkite
    47. Mouse
    48. Joeses (missing 1 or both basing games the first two weeks, and Jun 9)
    49. Lockdown
    50. Greenman
    51. Zapata
    52. Geio (50% showrate/ 0% base)
    53. Ixador
    54. Ravage (low availability)
    55. Whispus
    56. Rabbit!
    57. Charas
    58. Kush
    59. Christian10
    60. Azuline (Unknown showrate)
    61. Ardour
    62. Hurricane (25% regular season/ 100% playoffs)
    63. Mythril
    64. Shaw
    65. Siaxis
    66. Best
    67. Refer
    68. Product
    69. Dak
    70. BongHits
    71. Enter
    72. Pawner
    73. Harder
    74. Calculus
    75. Y0gi
    76. Public Assassin
    77. Rainbow Seeker (50% showrate)
    78. Guero
    79. Flew (50% showrate)
    80. Paky Dude
    81. RednaZ
    82. AFRI
    83. Delos
    84. Jack (50% if svs league going on, more if not)
    85. wbm
    86. RUCCI
    87. Dutch Baser
    88. RageRitual
    89. Frozen Throne
    90. Mercede$
    91. Zizzo (Missing some weeks)
    Last edited by RaCka; 04-25-2024, 03:55 PM.
    1:waven> u challenge
    1:waven> if i challenge it looks too scary

    Originally posted by MHz
    Hope you contract ebola from your, no doubt cheap, Easter Egg, you fucking shit-jav, pug-faced cunt.

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    I'll have to check in with the wife. My kids usually have their soccer games on sunday and We almost Always get ice cream after.
    4:BigKing> xD
    4:Best> i'm leaving chat
    4:BigKing> what did i do???
    4:Best> told you repeatedly you cannot use that emoji anymore
    4:BigKing> ???? why though
    4:Best> you're 6'4 and can't use emojis like that
    4:BigKing> xD


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      Is it too late to sign up?


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        Originally posted by vaginal discharge View Post
        Is it too late to sign up?
        You can still sign up! There's about a month left to sign up for this TWDT
        1:Riverside> you guys eat schmores in america?


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          dropping out from DT - wont be available most weeks
          1:Foreign> i screenshot every time i get mvp in javs
          1:pascone> folder is empty :/
          1:Tiny> LOL
          1:Mega Newbie> uhauhauhauhauhauha

          1:Ricko> i havent played so well and gone 4-7 before


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            Sign me up. Available to cap if needed.


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              Sign me up please. I honestly am about 50% for games. However, I won’t stay for base don’t have the time.
              Geio> Down to chill and play that
              Best> rather log off and attempt to suck my own d


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                I'll sign up, but I'm probably missing 1 or both basing games the first two weeks. And depending on how long it runs, I know I'm going to be gone June 9th
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                  Me and Y0gi ready for this. Here is an inspirational song to get the season started.
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                    Is it too early to ask for game start times, more specifically base? And when DST over there ends (I assume it's still going)? I'm trying to work out how early I need to get up or if it overlaps my work schedule in order to make games. Your Sunday games are Monday morning for me.


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                      Gonna post now when I still remember... Note to all caps. 100% will be missing week 4 and week 5.
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                        fuck it, sign me up. I'll probably only show for base, eyes too old for warbird.
                        rEnZi> just looking at rageritual tilts me
                        rEnZi> its crazy
                        rEnZi> thats real power

                        Siaxis> yo it was way harder to kill Rage then beam in that dtd