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Name trading is dead! Please help!

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  • Name trading is dead! Please help!

    So, many years ago I know name trading used to be a thing. Gobbling up names that weren't taken, sifting through the dictionary looking for the best 4 letter name, you know, stupid shit like that. NN2 chat seems dead, and it seems like sooo many good names are sitting dormant never to be seen again. I've decided that in coming back and playing again I'd like to find a username that suits me, so I was hoping to reach out and find anyone with any usernames they are holding on to. It's a shot in the dark but if you do have any usernames, or know of anyone with a stockpile, post them up here, I'm trying to find something to use for TW, maybe even HZ as well.

    Seeing as I'm not twelve anymore and have grown up a bit... who am I kidding age is only a number.. I don't have any names to trade myself, but I can make up for that with uhh, paypal? So yeah, before this post gets banned or trolled on or whatever happens these days, feel free to drop me a message in TW (forcful*) or even better, just post in here with names you have been holding on to. Or, if you know anyone with a stockpile of names, drop me their info I'll get in touch with them!

    Thanks for your time guys and happy flying!

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    Pm me in game I could probably help you out
    Geio> Down to chill and play that
    Best> rather log off and attempt to suck my own d


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      Originally posted by Geio View Post
      Pm me in game I could probably help you out
      Okay great, thanks Geio.


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        Also, if anyone else has any names, or information, please post away, will be checking this regularly to see if any new responses come in. Thanks a lot!


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          I haven't given up hope! Anyone out there with old names! Please drop a line on here or message murd in game. TY!


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            I got the perfect name and it's unclaimed: Pepperoni

            get it quick before someone else gets it!


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              Surprised that name hasn’t been taken I mean it happens to be the greatest pizza of all time


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                i got a name for you:


                its fkn free.......fresh out of the fkn oven asshole
                Best> Chrissy how you been to me babe wtf
                Chrissygirl> hey !
                Best> fuk wit a rn..what r u sayin sweetheart
                Spectacular> sweetheart? o.O
                Paradise> o.O get the strap
                Chrissygirl> lol what
                3:Best> she talkin to me in PM..told her to play dumb in front of him alie?
                3:Paradise> ?
                3:Spectacular> im on this chat dumbass