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  • Acronym the names

    OK, ITT you have to acronym the name of the poster before you.


    1) Acronymers only. If someone fails to acronym, then just do the person who acro'd last.

    2) Numbers -- lol. If the person has numbers or punctuation, feel free to ignore them (unless they represent letters) unless you have a clever way to tie them in.

    3) Ns and Js... I know they're tempting, but don't do it.

    4) Aliases allowed. If you feel like going after an alias you know of the poster's, go for it.

    5) Insults welcome. Make it funny or mean and it'll be more entertaining. Make me laugh!

    Try not to get stumped! You can shorten it up if the person has a really long name.
    I'll pick an easy one to do first.

    Possibly Homocidal

    OK OK I'm next up. I. G. N. O. M. I. N. Y. (or you could go with Igno, if you're lazy).


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    I've Got No One. May I Nuzzle You?


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      True rapists ogle little ladies. Kobe inpregnates neighborhood girls.
      5:royst> i was junior athlete of the year in my school! then i got a girlfriend
      5:the_paul> calculus is not a girlfriend
      5:royst> i wish it was calculus

      1:royst> did you all gangbang my gf or something

      1:fermata> why dont you get money fuck bitches instead


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        Fucked In The Oral Face Region And Good Eats
        Originally posted by Jeenyuss
        sometimes i thrust my hips so my flaccid dick slaps my stomach, then my taint, then my stomach, then my taint. i like the sound.


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          Dear Ozzie. Today, hispanic elephants flew and nose dived around New Guinea. Olé!

          d o t h e f a n d a n g o
          Last edited by Salubrious; 08-13-2006, 05:28 PM.
          Originally posted by paradise!
          pretty sure the flu is just bacteria found everywhere, just during the winter our immune systems are at its lowest, thus the bacteria aren't exactly killed off.
          1:Reaver> HALP
          1:Reaver> HELELP
          1:Reaver> SAW CRANS MOM NAKED
          1:Reaver> HELP YOU DUMB FUCKS


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            Suck A Lemon, Ugly Bitch! Redneck Imbibes Old Used Semen.

            or "Reproduction Is Often Uber Sexy"
            Last edited by za gophar; 08-13-2006, 02:48 AM.
            Ripper>cant pee with a hard on
            apt>yes u can wtf
            apt>you need to clear the pipes after a nice masturbation
            apt>i just put myself in a wierd position
            apt>so i dont miss the toilet
            Ripper>but after u masterbaition it usually goes down
            apt>ill show you pictures
            apt>next time I masturbate


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              Zounds! A Gopher Outside Prarie Hole? Awesomely Righteous!
              three perfect chords get me closer to heaven
              been mappin the abyss since 2007

              internet de la jerome

              because the internet | hazardous


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                Javelin errors ruin our marvelous efforts.


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                  The raincoat of little lady Karen is not great.


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                    Severe Urinal Problems Eliminate Reason To Enjoy Dicks

                    edit:// Ahahahah! Good luck with my name! :>
                    Regency> not in for dd lol
                    Regency> would rather eat some cock ;<


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                      Originally posted by Dant-Zu
                      edit:// Ahahahah! Good luck with my name! :>
                      Luckily I occasionally notice his easy alias right there.
                      Last edited by Ignominy; 08-13-2006, 10:56 AM. Reason: occasionly... lol I was tired


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                        Inside God's nose, Oggers mainly inspect new yachts.
                        Thousands of candles can be lit from a single candle, and the life of the candle will not be shortened. Happiness never decreases by being shared.


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                          Massive penis
                          Originally posted by Facetious
                          edit: (Money just PMed me his address so I can go to Houston and fight him)


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                            Zoinks! Eat Urined Shit!!fag.dont.ruin.acro
                            All good things must come to an end.


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                              Originally posted by gran guerrero
                              Ah, nice ostracizing of some hater