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  • TV-shows.

    I've never been an active watcher of TV-shows that actually has a storyline. Just random comedy shows like Simpsons, Futurama, Friends etc etc.

    After Stargate opened my eyes, and pants, I'm in need of MOAR, MOAR.

    I've heard that Heroes, The Shield and Battlestar Galatica is good.

    Throw me a bone here, what shows can the Trench Wars Forum population reccomend to Noah?
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    The Office
    Battlestar Galactica

    are the four I mainly watch off of Tivo.


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      Stargate Atlantis :greedy:
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        I know, I have to wait to I get to the right season so I can watch both at once. :wub:
        Da1andonly> man this youghurt only made me angry

        5:ph> n0ah will dangle from a helicopter ladder and just reduce the landscape to ashes by sweeping his beard across it


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          Good shows

          24 (1 episode is one hour. It follows a guy of CTU for 24 episodes = 1 day)
          + Every episode is a good constant thrill & action.
          - Sort of a McGuyver.
          - You start talking (loud whispering is better defined) like Tony Almeda
          + and - You can't watch one episode.. it's too addictive.

          Lost (People get stranded on an island.)
          + Misterious. Constant question of "what's going on".
          + Well put together. Everything has a reason.
          - You have the feeling that they stretch useless things ("character flashbacks/info) too much.

          Sopranos (maffia family in new jersey)
          + Just vegging out on the couch. It's an "relaxed" show. Great intro song.
          + Funny/Cool sketches.
          - It slow, sometimes you feel nothing happens.

          Prison Break (this guy is in death row. His brother wants to help him escape)
          + Constant thrill
          - IMO, it's way to streched out/ slow. I quit watching after 6 episodes. But appearantly alot people disagree since it's very populair.

          Band of Brothers (2nd world war, only 6 episodes or something)
          + Looks pretty realistic
          - Looks pretty realistic

          House (a doctor in a hospital with great one liners)
          + Funny one liners
          - IMO, yet another csi/whatever

          There's a few I don't know but appearantly they are populair. Maybe someone else can fill it in. Such as 6 feet under, 4400, invasion, Greys Anatomy (for women), weeds and finally bones.

          Just gotta add Hell's Kitchen (us version, dont get the uk version) because it's just hilarious, although it isn't a real series/ storyline.


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            curb your enthusiasm - pretty, pretty, pretty, pretty good

            i'm alan partridge (first series) - funniest tv ever made. ever.

            the wire - "The breadth and ambition of "The Wire" are unrivaled and that taken cumulatively over the course of a season -- any season -- it's an astonishing display of writing, acting and storytelling that must be considered alongside the best literature and filmmaking in the modern era."
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              THE SHIELD

              and Oz ofcourse...
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                Battlestar Galactica (Movie in November, season 4 in January)
                Prison Break
                Stargate Atlantis
                The IT Crowd
                The Office


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                  Besides the usual good ones of House, Battlestar, 24

                  Daybreak - 1 season mini, 13 epis, Groundhog day-style police action thriller. Very good shit

                  Thief - 1 season mini, 6 epis, about bunch of thieves, from their point of view. Got some emmy or something. Really good shit too

                  The Maxx - $$

                  Firefly - Such a good show, space cowboys baby! Fucking idiots to drop it, whoever they were...
                  Dunno which chick is hotter, although Inara (before going all Hollywood sub-zero size) has everything talking for her *snap* *snap* *snap*

                  Bleak house - if you dig costume dramas "A suspenseful tale about the injustices of the 19th-century English legal system"

                  The Nine - bunch of ppl in a hostage situation, and their lives after, but I've only managed to see the pilot due to bad times, so I have no idea if it's proper good
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                  when i was on incuria i took 40 mgs of adderol like an hour before every match. didnt help me that much :X


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                    Read a book.


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                      Originally posted by NaiLed View Post
                      i'm alan partridge (first series) - funniest tv ever made. ever.
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                        The Shield is fucking awesome.
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                          how the fuck is prison break 'slow'
                          I'm just a middle-aged, middle-eastern camel herdin' man
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                            3 seasons so far, 4th starts Feb 08.
                            Great show, gets you thinking/talking about what it's leading to. First series was pretty good, second series starts off slow and not great but improves. Third series was brilliant, especially the second half. Can be a bit confusing.
                            Won't be able to understand what is going on unless you watch the seasons in order.

                            6 seasons so far, 7th starts Q1 2008. Also a movie planned for 2009.
                            Great action, always full of twists and turns. Each series revolves around Jack Bauer helping stop some sort of terrorist plot, but each season is incredibly different. Also, thank 24 for introducing Elisha Cuthbert to the masses.
                            Should watch all the seasons in order as there are many recurring characters/plots.

                            Prison Break
                            2 seasons so far, 3rd starts today.
                            Clever show. The premise for the first season is that the main character gets himself put in prison so he can break out his brother who is on death row. I'm only half way through the second season. Finding it a bit slow at the moment but apparently it picks up towards the (apparently incredibly unexpected/somewhat random) end. First season was great.

                            1 season + 1 feature film (Serenity).
                            Watched the whole lot in about 3 days, brilliant show. It's kind of a sci-fi/western hybrid. Set aboard a spaceship called Serenity, it follows the crew in their escapades in space. Unfortunately it got axed after 14 episodes, so a few questions remain unanswered, but due to fan demand they made a movie Serenity which adds some sort of conclusion to the saga.
                            Watch them in this order, the air dates were in a slightly different order, but completely messed up the timeline of the series. Watch Serenity after the series.

                            Those are the ones off the top of my head that I have watched.

                            Others that I plan to watch:
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                            9:Kim> UM
                            9:Kim> i didn't
                            9:cool koen> hahahahahahaha
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                            9:Stargazer <ER>> WHO FUCKING SCORERESET
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                              American office


                              English office kicks the shit out of it.