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    "Deth can believe anything he wants, he's obviously not going to listen to facts or what we say.

    Point is, I talked to the OP who did the manual bypass. The Op had no idea what was going on about TWL and simply did a favor. You can believe all you want that no <3 did it illegally, but why would a TWD Op who "tries to stay out of TWL as much as possible" (quote) really care enough to cover this up? Such a conspiracy!

    Also, why is it that Falk is now supreme knowledge commander of everything involving TWD and TWL? He's not a TWL Op and you talked to him hours later about what happened. It's his opinion.

    I find it ironic that the people complaining about bypassing the wait are the same ones who have repeatedly sent in ?help's about bypassing the wait themselves If you want to argue about soft lock see my previous explanation.
    TWD Op


    Since PH is trash ill reply to this here...

    Awseome, who was the TWD op that did this then, or will you continue to avoid the question? Secondly, if the TWD op was smart enough to do something like that without paying attention to TWL (great staff we have) then the matter should have been reviewed once puma was offered a twl position.

    If you a refering to me as the player that "repeatedly sent in ?help's about bypassing the wait themselves " then you are full of shit. I have never asked to bypass that wait.
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    Last thread was closed (by Forum staff, independent of game staff). End of discussion. Don't repost closed threads again.