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  • World Peace

    I mean, is it really a good thing? With world peace hockey wouldn't exist. Football would be a memory and we would never get to see Kyle Farnsworth get to beat the shit out of the Cincy Reds. GTA3 and GTA: VC would no longer be video games and we will have to play games like Parappa the rappa. Instead of playing Subspace we would have to use the computer for work. Noel and Liam Gallagher would have clean mouths and would hug each other.

    In short, what a sad day it would be if world peace would actually ever be achieved.
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    Get the song 'No Sleep' by the Cardigans.....

    Will Thom Yorke ever cheer up? - ZeUs!!!


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      also get the song 'I played GTA as a child' by Hitler
      hey I'm Paddy Tanniger the caddie manager yeah it rhymes big whoop wanna fiight about it??


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        Originally posted by Material Girl

        Get the song 'No Sleep' by the Cardigans.....

        im gonna c the cardigans live next week

        edit: ow yeah, i agree with Commander Ender


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          The world would get overpopulated X\

          We would have to randomly send people to the sun.
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            Naw - we'd recreate the old gladiator arenas and crap - have ppl battle to the death for cash and prizes. i say, in the next 50 years that will be a reality


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              What I see in the future lies within our media's constant pushing of the "bar of acceptance levels". Sooner or later, media will slowly integrate its allowance of Death exposure on television, since there is a limit to how EXTREME things can get on TV without the risk of death. So, maybe gladiator arenas or sending ppl into random areas of the Amazon, who knows.
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                READ: Brave New World by Aldous Huxley

                i think i spelled the guy's name correctly but correct me if im wrong

                its not 100% topic related tho