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Veteran players murder public games and make players leave

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  • Veteran players murder public games and make players leave

    I logged in yesterday, I saw a reasonably well-balanced game, 7v6 going on, between lots of pure pubbers, no names there. I joined to make it 7-7. Within 5 minutes, no exaggeration, the arena had emptied to the point I was the only person left in apart from an AFK terrier on the other team. I had killed everyone on the other team multiple times, they couldn't get in the Flag room, so the other team quit. Then my team quit because they got bored with no-one to shoot.

    I've tried priv-freq often, it has similar results, but I need to not shoot terriers and other base-bound ships otherwise the same thing happens.

    There must be something that veteran players can do in public that helps, not hinders the game. Either divide them away entirely, into a sub-area of the map for veterans to dick around in, or enforce balanced teams with ?usage queries on players rather than pure numbers. Perhaps pubbux penalties on killing base-specific ships like Terrs and Sharks who are new to the game via ?usage queries..

    Otherwise when no-one will join an elim game, when there's 35 ppl speccing a 3v3 TWDD match, there's nothing else to do. Do I esc+q for the good of the game? Or join the IRC chat in the TWDD arena?

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    This has overlap with what everyone's sick of hearing me say... if players are on your team and not actively contributing to the flag game then you're at a huge disadvantage. Think of it like playing a BD a man down.

    Veterans, in addition to being good players, do actually contribute to the flag game. So a team with a higher proportion of veterans has a better chance of having a full team contributing to the flag game. Veterans also create a team composition of 1 terr 2 sharks and some spiders among their fighter ships.

    Examples of players who you don't want on your team:
    FreeSpirit - puts a port in FR then leaves base. Enjoys to port in at the last second to capture the flag. Some argue he should be free to do that if that's what he enjoys. I argue it puts the team at a disadvantage because he's not contributing to the flag game. There's also a kicker with him being in terr some people attach to him - effectively splitting the team up. So it's not really 1 player not contributing, he pulls other players away from contributing too.
    Nuke the Yanks - an example of a player who always plays levi. Some argue he should be free to do that if that's what he enjoys. I argue it puts the team at a disadvantage because he's not contributing to the flag game. Playing 7v8 feels shit so it's not surprising people leave.

    Actions I recommend:
    1. Lock FreeSpirit out of terr. Alternatively netban him.
    2. Permanently enable RabPurePub (no levis on freq 0/1). Stops people playing lev which contributes nothing to the flag game. Stops people accidentally attaching to LT terrs because they'll be on priv freqs instead.
    3. Encourage team composition of 1 terr 2 sharks x fighters. Terr: limit of 1 per team. bot message $420 reward for switching to terr when your team has <1 terr. Sharks: bot message $420 reward for switching to shark when your team has <2 sharks and team size >= 6. Rewards limited to once per 30 mins.
    4. Stop deaths counting towards !afkcheck resets. It's very frustrating trying to remove an afk player only for someone to shoot them while you're typing.
    5. Enable permanent blueout. Often the "afk" people are engaged in cancer chat so they're typing more than playing - sometimes they're only in a ship to avoid !stfu. !stfu wouldn't be needed with permanent blueout so can be removed. Write on the map at spawn: "type //<message> to chat with your team in yellow text".
    6. Spawn everyone in the default spawn area so they have to attach to get to base. To stop them duelling in spawn draw a wall down the middle of the map, 0=left, 1=right. Don't spawn people anywhere else, even in small games. Remove the concept of game size entirely. Write on the map at spawn: "pgup/pgdn + f7 to attach to your terrier". Players having to attach immediately puts them near to each other, players interact, work together, more fun, everyone wins. Players spawning in different places and not attaching is why pub has no feeling of teamwork.


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      Guess how many were left in pub after that Killothon.


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        I always try and help when i pub by jumping on teams less balanced.. On another note, I'd like staff to warn or ban steadman for constantly ruining pub matches by team killing. He does it every time he is in pub and I report it and nothing is done..
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          Im typically online during "peak" times so if any of you notice anything blatant going on detrimental towards the game in pub...afks/teamkillers/cancer chat/etc feel free to just send me a beep and I'll do what I can. I pretty consistently go through the F2 menu and afkchallenge anybody I see that isn't moving to try to keep the teams even.

          Can't really force people to base though, nor can we force people to base twd style. "Veterans" should by now which players they can rely on and those they cant. Plenty of people sit in jav and just lob blind strays into base and could care less who's on the other side of the shot. It could be argued they contribute nothing as well. I won't touch on the levs, I've always hated levs. Now theres 2-3 of them that sit in mid and wait for beginning round warp only to end the basing game in the first 5 seconds. Its lame and stupid.

          I still think the biggest problem is the chat. This even happened tonight over a period of about 15 seconds....

          newplayer: (TW-WelcomeBot) (Public 0): <newb1234> [UNITED STATES]
          <name removed>> ez faggot newb1234 fuck you
          newb1234 left arena

          Once I get the powers that be to let me come down on people like this hopefully we can create a healthier playing environment for our players.
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            Is this OP's realization that HE/SHE is the problem? Or is this a veiled complaint that there are not enough newbs to slaughter?

            Hoping that the "good" players can stop measuring their skill level by how many people they can vulch / pick off in their WB or how many pew pews that they can spray while calling people "ez trash". After 20 years you'd think that people would measure their skill set by their ability to lead and develop people.

            To answer OP... The reason that you feel empowered enough to post this garbage is because there wasn't a good player on altruistic enough to the general interest of the game to bitch slap you and keep you from slaughtering newbs.