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    I am happy to say staff saved the day a couple of days ago and protected me against a stalker / some fool purposefully racking up my TK count. Love is is spreading like a pandademic


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      For 4 days now some guy Dogecoin stalking me. Normally, I don't care, but he is a broke ass time waster. He do a couple of things:

      1. If I am on freq 0 or 1, he follows my bombs in wv and shoots before they hit the wall to get my TK count up.

      2. He gets in shark and reps nme mines into me.

      ​​​​​​He refuses to base while doing this, essentially interfering w 2 players on the team.

      Then if I switch to private 2+ freq, he follows and does the same thing.

      I know this isn't allowed, but actions against this are not enforced. The racism against levi's is rampant. Can some one stop this fool?

      Also, y don't we just fix the TK algorithm and not have a limit on private freqs? The NP action is broken... I reported this in bugs, can I get some $$$s?