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    Is there a staff list? Tryna figure out which newb staff I need to clap thighs with to not get ship banned again.

    I have loose morals and am lazy, but staff graduated to scapegoat finding level of the two to appease the conservative community. "Look at me, I do big boi stuff like banning the thicc attractive lev gurls". This game needs more love, like jesus would. Everyone needs love, even the pedo spawn neggers, the "ez sit newb" sayers, intentional tk raging javs, game ruining sharks and roofers, and even the newb staffs.

    ​​​​​​My sub 5% TK to K ratio is apparently the biggest issue out there. It is even that low when, no lies, 4-5 sharks on each team keeping zero health, suiciding, w enemy repping my mines into the team.

    Purepub makes the game racist enough w/o staff trayvoning the blue ships.

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    Staff list is right on the trenchwars main page, click staff button on the left.

    Or if lazy here is a link:
    Siaxis> yo it was way harder to kill Rage then beam in that dtd

    rylo> 1.5 mil for whoever kills renzi
    (10 seconds later)
    rEnZi is out. 17 kills 10 deaths. 2 players remain.
    P TW-Pub> rylo sent you $1,500,000, you now have $4,047,199.

    If you're going to do a thing you should to it to the best of your ability or don't do it at all.


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      Yes, I am lazy. Thank you Mr. Nipple Nibbler, this is very helpful. You have already succeeded in being more helpful to the community than most of the moderators combined.

      Voting West/Nibbler '24


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        Apply To Be Staff
        DoCk> (Retired) System Operator
        PriitK (Retired) System Operator
        Zone Staff
        qan System Operator
        Beasty System Operator
        Wirah System Operator
        M_M God System Operator
        Staff Coordination
        (Vacant) Dean of Staff

        Bans Department
        tucker Head Ban Operator
        Doughnut Assistant Ban Operator
        Staff Training
        WillBy Head of Staff Training
        SenorKevin Assistant Head of Staff Training
        Events Department
        (Now hiring) Head of Event Coordination
        Marketing & Public Relations
        Wirah Head of Marketing & PR
        Markmrw Leagues Liaison
        Many community volunteers League Coordination
        TWD Operators
        Doughnut Markmrw
        Development Staff
        qan Head of TWDev
        BIET Dev/Map Sysop
        BIET Head of Bot Development
        Wirah Head of Web Development
        Wirah Head of Forum Maintenance
        bitsaver Bot/Web Developer
        Dezmond Bot/App Developer
        Hak Bot Developer
        BITSAVER BrOkEn Clue 1525
        destruct Dezmond Hak
        Henry Saari Hookecho i.d.
        Johnie kanucmee Kim
        Koula L S LF
        qan stark Vys
        Zazu Zidane
        Event Referees
        Chips <ER> fp <ER>
        Zone Helpers
        Dwopple <ZH> IxaDor <zH> Juicypump <ZH>
        Synth Bot <ZH>

        Retired after i dropped 24 kills and carry the team

        wbduel Map Maker Legend


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          Dock and Pritt never really fucked with zone settings haven't seen them in ages.

          Qan an afk pubbie in spec
          Biet been doing most in the zone 4 development
          Beasty is a clown shouldnt be staff
          Wirah aka Method another unactive staff memeber

          tucker and spacehiker dont know nothing about BanG ops

          Willby n senor gr8 mods

          Ixador and synth scrubs bot same person, they don't help this zone at all or take calls.

          Dwop gr8 mod

          Retired after i dropped 24 kills and carry the team

          wbduel Map Maker Legend


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            Banned again from lev. I asked the team if they were cool with me being lev and whether I caused them issues... The only reason was along the lines of "ofc I am cool with you being lev". Just cause people aren't going to !np. Bot or mods needs to change. They are picking up when Dwopple repped my mines into the team. BS racist bots/mod and bitch ass complainers when they are dying in WB cause people killing them in different ways than they are used to. People scared of whats different. Stay woke. Pure pub is a racist institution. Bots & Mods are racist


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              Okay, now I am double banned. I go to terrier to wait out my time. Then freq switched, so I switch back, go to roof with Mr Canada and done... This staff needs jesus.

              BTW, everyone knows that BIET gets angry when some one keeps him from beating up the newbs during the day time (so much so that they accuse him of cheating). Sad


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                There are people who should be banned from pub, Lizzo is not one of them.
                hint: start with FreeSpirit and the spec chat wikipedia/politics morons.


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                  I dont know you, but youre right. btw, are you rich and single?

                  BTW, if FS gets banned, I get his $$$s. I am in his will.
                  Last edited by Lizzo; 12-10-2020, 03:23 PM.


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                    We don't generally talk about bans in public, but as you brought it up, you're waiving your right there:
                    • You were reported by another player who didn't appreciate your TKs. Not everyone on the team was OK with it.
                    • After being shiplocked due to repeated multiple TK infractions before, you went on a public freq and tried to intentionally sabotage the game by sitting on roof in Terr doing nothing. There was no need for you to be on a public freq in order to enjoy playing Terr.
                    • Your freq was changed. You switched back. Your freq was again changed. You switched back.
                    • As you weren't going to cooperate and just seemed to be attempting to ruin pub to inflict your revenge, you were banned for a day.
                    If this account is significantly different from what you experienced and you believe there was staff abuse at play here, please send in your side of the story to All complaints are reviewed and taken seriously. Please include logs and screenshots if possible. (Not required.)
                    "You're a gentleman," they used to say to him. "You shouldn't have gone murdering people with a hatchet; that's no occupation for a gentleman."
                    -Dostoevsky's Crime and Punishment


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                      Freespirit sits outside the base in terr most of the day every day. At least be consistent.


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                        Originally posted by Lizzo View Post
                        repped my mines into the team
                        This will be the only part that I reply to. Your mines TKing people is still TKing. Upon your return to the zone, I'd suggest taking a peek at the rules at A1, number 3 in particular.

                        I'll paraphrase.... Intentional OR EXCESSIVE teamkilling is punishable. Intent was never really an issue with you, but the sheer volume of yellow ships that you kill is by and far more than every other TKer in the zone combined mulitiplied by 3.

                        If you're finding that a lot of those TKs come from repped mines, then stop leaving mines in places where they CAN be repped into your team. I like to shark in pub. My rec is always poor but generally speaking I probably get on average 2-3x more kills with everyone else's bombs and mines than I do with my own. There's more to basing than just saving your own ass or padding your rec.

                        Look forward to your return tomorrow.
                        1:wbm> i squint when im angry

                        Originally posted by mtine
                        Yo LF, u'll never get me. Trust me, SUCK MY CUNT U MADAFAKING IDIOT!!! Cum at me bro. God, ur even worse than some fags irl's history. commit suicide since u aren't even worth 5 penises. CAN'T TOUCH DIS!!! Jeez man. ALL UR MOFOS THAT U RULE IN THIS GAME SHUD RLY SEE HOW UGLY U R IRL AND HOW DUMB AS WELL. Oh, 1 last thing: CAN'T TOUCH THIS ASS.


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                          I don't care about this being discussed in in public, just get the facts right.

                          1.) I never said ALL teammates were cool. Some are h8rs and everyone knows it. I said majority, and I am right about that. I disapprove of play style and am TK'd all the time, I generally NP unless it is INTENTIONAL and non strategic. I also disapprove on tactics of people who don't use bombing ships often times.

                          2.) I was not intentionally sabotaging game, I was afk for literally a couple of mins and told people not to attach. Even newbs know there are much more effective and obvious ways to sabotage pub. the game wasn't going anywhere cause FS was on anyway, so at least I had an opportunity to collect some $$$s. Ironically, I was not banned until I CAME BACK and went to the roof. No discussion, no warning, just banned.

                          Anyway, it's your game, you run it as you please. But it shouldn't come as a surprise that there are dwindling numbers when the staff count exceeds avg players and biases are not checked in administration.

                          And since some people here are dense: what I mean by "biases are not checked in administration" -- levs have it hard enough. I CANNOT play another ship because I am 1.) lazy and 2.) fat, everyone knows that. I get to afk to snack almost constantly when and no one is the wiser.

                          LF, you are in denial and full of yourself, and are proving my point on the bias cause you can't be indifferent. Pull some meaningful statistics and really assess how good you play and the quality of play when you are on. Also go hang out on roof more while youre at it... I TK 3x as much cause I play more than most. Too much staff means too much bias. And that is the reason that you are never going to give levs like me the benefit of a doubt. My rec is good because fools like you can't handle a body positive player. Play the EXCESSIVE killing card to get me off the game cause anyone who is not doing the same old shit for 20 years blows your mind. Teamwork makes the dream work and everyone knows how I be. Take a vote and permaban me or take the subjectivity out of this BS and let the game prosper.

                          Last edited by Lizzo; 12-10-2020, 08:50 PM.


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                            Click image for larger version

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                            lizzo gtfo and never come back


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