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New Shipset Inspired by Original Designs

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  • New Shipset Inspired by Original Designs

    I was surfing around the various subspace forums and came across designs for a shipset based on the original ships (originally made by wormhole surfer). They were sorta all over the place, but good designs, so I compiled them into one consistent shipset. If you're playing in trench wars, the weasel will still follow the original design because that is controlled by an LVZ file.

    To use the shipset, simply back up your original ships.bm2 file in your Continuum>Graphics folder by renaming it to anything not currently in use, then copy my ships.bm2 file to your graphics folder. Make sure you have ship roll turned off under options>graphics in the continuum client because the shipset doesn't have roll. I don't have access to 3d renders of these ships, so I'm unable to generate ship rolls. I'm sort of out of the loop on good places to upload small files, so this link will only be active for a month, but if anyone shows interest after that, I'll be happy to re-upload.

    You can download the shipset HERE(link active until 2/14/21).

    You can download all of my graphics updatesHERE.

    Disclaimer: I did not make these ships, Wormhole Surfer did. I simply compiled it into a single, easy to use file.
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    Nice Courage! This is a pretty cool shipset and it's always fun to see Wormhole Surfer's name brought up.
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      I've also uploaded my entire graphics folder HERE if you'd like to use any of my other graphics. It's mostly a compilation of other artists images with some basic edits by me. Nearly every editable file has been edited.

      There's a screenshot below that shows a few of the changes.

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        looks sick fam

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          jav is a dorito?
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            Originally posted by Steadman View Post
            jav is a dorito?
            cool ranch.

            These are some pretty sick skins, thanks Courage!
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              Here's another WIP of the shipset. Major changes to compression and replaced a couple ships with different source images.

              Click image for larger version

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                Minor transparency and ship rotation artifacts fixed in this update
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                  Originally posted by Steadman View Post
                  jav is a dorito?
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                    Here's the current version of my graphics pack. Feel free to download and use as you see fit. Remember to backup your graphics folder before replacing it with mine.

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                      Originally posted by Iron View Post

                      I can't unsee this now lol
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                        The latest update includes new reps, bombs, warps, and greens. Probably my last update for a while.


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                          Can you add a $ sign on my lev?


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