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For those who remember former TeKs captain and baser dads revenge

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    Unfortunately, never squadded with him, but we played so much ?go base in the TeKs days when I was starting out. RIP
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      Wow RIP dads! I am still kickin was even in go base tbe other day but didnt stick around to embarrass myself u can check out my FB Michael Farris
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        Sad to hear. Ya I used to Ventrilo with him all the time, funny and great guy. He was a prodigious map developer for a while, I'll list some of his maps here once I remember them.

        A couple of his arenas:
        ZombHouse (I think)
        He also made a neat racing arena if anyone can remember what it was.
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          Such terrible news. Rest in peace dads. I think I was like 14 when him and A I taught me basing. Listening to them crack jokes on ventrilo are among my most favorite memories from this game.
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            I remember seeing him in game a lot many years ago. May he rest in peace.
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              Who doesn't remember this good guy. Always basing and there for a chat. Thanks for letting me know RR, RIP dads, until we meet again
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                RIP dad's revenge
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