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    Lizzo i'm honestly tired of this are you talking to everyone in general or me because I was talking directly to you. I don't spider much. Sometimes but rarely. Your comment. " These people are resigned to skill level being defined by how good aim is in a WB." Is extremely telling considering you require WB's to protect you at all times when your in a levi on a priv freq vulching off the main freq killing the spiders as you clearly put it because if you play on the main freq you get too many tk's.
    Then next instantly you default to race baiting.
    This is the community you want to foster? Your clearly doing nothing but sowing division. I'm all for revision and trying new tactics i'm coming up on almost 25 years of playing this game. All on the same handle for all these years. I have seen some shit lol
    All I ask of any game I play is that there be some type of goal everyone work towards and in this game towards as a team effort and that requires a multitude of ships. Yes a few very good players can cap flag in just 1 ship type but enter a Shark or Spider and it makes capping with a WB or Terr instantly much harder. That's the whole fun of the game.
    In seconds the entire dynamic of the landscape that is base shifts because one player in one ship can change the speed and dynamic of the play.
    That said.
    Lets talk about energy levels of ships and how that plays into game play. Size of the top base. Mid base and lower base and how throwing bombs effects gameplay in these areas.
    When you have people hiding in hidey holes just lobing bombs for hours on end and no one is hunting them or even stopping them and its draining everyone's energy levels mid base and lower base who wants to bother trying to take upper base when they know the second they enter mid base they will just get bombed to death by levis in hidey holes from corners of the base they will warp out of the second you try to go and "correct" that bs?
    There has to be some kind of balance to close up those holes.
    I get it they help weasels get around the map much faster but that idea has been warped not many people play the weasel anymore. Though tbh its a fun ship it teaches people how to pay attention to their radar. How to go into settings and play with them to get the right feeling for the game for each person it can be a gate way to learning the in's and out's of the game for new people get killed by a weasel hey I want o learn how to make my radar bigger and add a grid to my radar.. All thats in the settings ask a ZH for help.. I used to walk people through this..
    Back on topic.
    Asking older players to leave a game because you want to play it differently than it has been played for years and you want to bring in friends to back you up hey more power to you. That said if you accomplish your goal two things I want to say. If you get old timers to leave. I hope you can replace them with new players that are going to stick around as long as the old timers you pissed off and who had stuck with the game for years.. To adapt to your personal game style.
    I don't have many friends here I play because this game after all these years is still fresh and fun. Yall are hella fun to chat with at times and always a good time just reading the random shit said in chat lol and hell those spinny spinny shots i make always put a smile on my face.. It isnt always about getting the shot its about style
    Ok holey shit that was a long rant.. Time for me to stfu for a while...


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      Hidey holes? Some ships / play styles are better in enclosed spaces when walls blocking shots or being used for proximity"

      Base is hard, and it is harder if there are more than 2 team vying for it and players with novel styles. The harder it is, the more rewarding it is when you win. And some one can't win then maybe they need to get better or recruit a team that can. That is what is going to make the game grow. You either hold on to the dying roster of vets or you piss them off enough to where they actually learn how to win in a different environment. Maybe instead of 2 pub teams, there should be a size limit of 5 players.

      Funny how a thread with some potential substance on real Suggestions and controllable complaints get hijacked by the anti Lev/anti diversity crew. so I will do my best to extra hijack it since I am a loud, proud, bbbw. To save some space, here is the summary of the complainy argument:

      "We like to sit at one side of the base and fire against wbs, spid, lancaster at other side of base while I have my terr to safely attach to. we will keep doing this until players on the other team go to sleep and we win"

      "We will stand up against any ship or player style that disrupts this balance that we have all known over decades"

      How is this not racist? Conscious and unconscious bias against blue ships. And blatant "no levs allowed" purepub. No PP, we need NP. When is the last time you had a real conversation with a non-token blue ship?

      ​​​​​​​All you ships look the same to me. I can't wait until free spirit runs out of batteries and I get all his $$$s. I am going to have a 3 year perpetual CCCANCEL.


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        Ok cool so you do have a goal in mind your actively recruiting people to piss others off and having another guard you while you use your what you call play style to ruin others experience till they leave the game. Alright. Beautiful community.


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            Can we implement the !votemute feature for this forum because we have a couple of raging faggots in here


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              attachmode should be permanent

              Asia Minor> see you sunday fuckers
              Asia Minor> maybe not
              Asia Minor> i hope you guys lose
              bloodzombie> I hope your mom fucks you while you sleep
              bloodzombie> every time you have a wet dream, it's really your mom fucking you
              bloodzombie> remmeber that next time
              bloodzombie> seriously


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                Lower time limit while in safe. It's unnecessarily long. For levs who want to wait out purepub, ok... but afk terrs in safe can screw up everything. People hunting Best the other day (myself included) had like 10 people hunting him, while on pub freqs. Which makes the teams actually flagging unfair. Then in the long run, players get bored and log off.

                Since I'm here already, TWBD also kills pub and the overall population of the game. Make the borrow limit more strict. Less number of borrows. It uses a lot of the online players. Takes forever to set up with all the borrows, THEN setting ships... It's like 10 mins before the match starts and the overall game time... It takes forever! If you guys haven't seen the correlation between constant BD's in a day and the activity in the rest of the game, you should.

                Also, an anyship Elim should be a thing. Lol