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  • Hello TW friends!

    Hello TW friends!
    Just a quick update, slowly but surely I am clawing my way back to being a somewhat ‘normal’ human being. Stage 4 cancer has now been in full remission for almost 3 years although still on dialysis. Over the last few weeks, I am making trips out to Duke and going through the kidney transplant ‘listing’ process. This involves everything from educational classes (WFT, drive three and a half hours each way just to sit in hours of Zoom classes???), to endless tests, CAT scans, PET scans, stress tests, (WTF do they need 22 tubes of blood for???), to sitting with their financial people and getting cost estimates (WTF, $440,000 for a kidney transplant!!!).

    After all of this I can offer one piece of advice, when you are young and before you marry anyone ask them the most important question… what is your blood type? That way and years down the road you will have a way to harvest any organ you might need!

    There is one issue with me getting a transplant, since I was part of the first group of people to be ‘cured’ of this type cancer with immunotherapy, they have no idea what will happen if I get a transplant and then take the required immunosuppressant drugs (the immunotherapy chemo supercharged my immune system and this would get reversed with the transplant immunosuppressant drugs). They only have 3 other people who have done this so far but screw it, I am going for it. Someone has to be among the first group to find out what happens and I am weary of dialysis (over 7 years now).

    And when they call with an available kidney I have to get to the hospital within 6 hours so I convinced my wife that we need some ‘rapid transit’. So I just brought home a new car…
    2021 Honda Civic Type R!

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    Glad to hear you're on the road to a full recovery eph! Stay strong!
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      Nice to hear from you, what a car, wish you the best on your road to recovery.
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        Hey Eph, appreciate the update and wish you all the best. You are a legend



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          Hey Eph, really happy and glad to hear you're doing well! The new wheels look mean too! : )
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            wow Eph outlived TW.
            Nice car


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              You da man Eph. My buddy who has a corvette swears the spoiler on his makes it faster, so that car must be a beast.
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                Stay strong G!


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                  This is the best kind of update, pm me if you are interested in flame decals for even more speed.


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                    Big Eph, happy to hear from you again brodie.. Stay strong $
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                      Hell yeah, always love getting these updates from you 💪
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                        Great to hear you're doing well Eph, you've been on quite the journey.

                        That's incredible that you were one of the first people to do well with immunotherapy, so happy for you! Good luck with the transplant and keep us updated!


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                          This is amazing news! I love Type R's - you made a great choice going black on black. It'll be fun to drive and a head turner for sure


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                            Dec 2022 Update - In July of this year I got a kidney transplant, the new kidney is working great. I am blessed to no longer have to go to dialysis, the rejection meds kind of suck and have caused drug induced diabetes but daily injections and fist full of other drugs is better than dialysis. After 7 years of dialysis I do not miss it getting up at 4AM and being chained to the damn chair for 4-5 hours every other day.

                            Edit: Type R worked great, I think I set the land speed record getting to Duke when they called and said they had a kidney for me.


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                              Great to hear, Eph!
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