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  • ?obscene

    I remember posting about this quite a while back, but I was just wondering what the general consensus on this is.

    Some of you know this already, some of you probably don't. But in Trench Wars, ?obscene is automatically turned on whether it's set to "on" or "off" in your Continuum options.

    If anything is said with a swear word, or any racist term, ?obscene simply stops that line from being shown (except in red chats). This is extremely annoying, as most people in the zone don't know it's on, so don't think to turn it off.

    I am aware it's there for a reason, but is it really a good reason? I'm pretty sure that the majority of the players in this zone are not offended by the words fuck, shit or fag. Also, quite often, it will block a perfectly innocent sentence, as there'll be an obscene word "hidden" in it. Like if I said "Steve says hi to you!", it would be blocked.

    Why cater for the minority? It should be up to people who ARE offended to turn it on, rather than those who aren't to turn it off.

    For the time being, for those that don't know, here's two ways to work around it:

    - Go into your view, options, chat. And turn ON ?obscene. Then go into the profile screen, and put ?obscene in auto. This means that in zones where obscene is not forced, it will still be turning it off, rather than turning it on.

    - Alternatively, you could create seperate profiles (with the same username) for different zones, only putting the ?obscene auto command in the one you use in TW.

    Of course, if you don't play any other zones, you can just do the auto step.

    I can currently think of two solutions:

    - Turn off forced obscene. If people are offended, they can turn it on, but it's not wise to have it on automatically, especially as many people don't know it's already on.

    - Make the filter less strict. Let it still filter words just as n****r, but don't bother filtering swear words such as fuck and shit.
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    Originally posted by Ewan
    Why cater for the minority? It should be up to people who ARE offended to turn it on, rather than those who aren't to turn it off.
    Agreed, this is how it should be.


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      Other zones don't have ?obscene automated, why should TW?

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        i agree


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          Originally posted by Ewan

          Why cater for the minority? It should be up to people who ARE offended to turn it on, rather than those who aren't to turn it off.

          It's the American way. But I agree with you.


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            perhaps instead of removing ?obscene the idealist TW staff will count on EVERYONE TO STOP SWEARING!

            who's with me!!?!?

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              Originally posted by Spikester
              Other zones don't have ?obscene automated, why should TW?
              Dumb, why must we follow what other zones are doing?
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                Intelligent conversations require obscenity, you can't expect people to keep typing ?obscene everytime they start up ss.
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                  I agree, let those people who are offended by the language turn them ?onscene on. I probably missed alot of important PMs because of it
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                    given the fact that so-called "cuss words" have found their way into the common vernacular, i agree with removing the automatic obscene filter
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                      Just put obscene on auto... that's what I do. Although I do agree, it is pretty dumb.

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                        wait u mean all the times i've said the word fuck or shit the whole sentence wasnt shown? fuck sakes...thats a lot of shit that people haven't recieved.
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                          fuck i didnt even know it that existed

                          no wonder people just ignore me
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                            "Shit" isn't blocked by the filter.

                            And I give this thread about one more hour before Troll King the Human Filibuster comes and writes an essay on how, instead of common sense prevailing and the filter being removed by default, it would be more productive for us to just not say cock, fuck or bitch at all.

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                              If you disagree with any of my arguments, then don't just dismiss them, discuss them. People never have anything to say, instead finding it easier just to call it filibuster or nonsense, and usually in a later thread. Most people usually find I make a lot of sense and use a lot of logic, so it's odd you use those words against me.