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Threatening someones family is not bannable anymore???

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  • Threatening someones family is not bannable anymore???

    Sent this to LF as threatening death to someones family is bannable. check out what jb said twice. he banned me instead. Dunno who the rules apply to???
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    tucked under the rug
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      More info: tonight i called saiyan short and told beam to stop ddosing me at the start of every match and that got me banned by LF. Im a horrible person and that definetly breaks the rules so the 24 hr ban must be valid

      Stutman, Treister & Glatt
      32261 Subspace Communication LLC AS-SUBSPACE Restrictive ACTIVE
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          That was fun, thats where the ddos was coming from. Amazing! Beam, lf, and pureownage should be more careful when they ddos a player thats isnt an idiot. Reddit next!
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            Not sure what you're trying to prove with a WHOIS for a company that isn't even affiliated with the game, just thought subspace was a cool name for a communications company (it is).

            If you go to they offer SIP services and packet accelerator services... They don't even offer VMs. If someone was using this website to cause you any grief I'd be really surprised. Based on their website design their services aren't cheap, and they probably require a year long contract. You do know the first D in DDoS means "distributed" right? Meaning you'd have more than one IP address.

            The lawyer you quoted....represents bankruptcies and debtors? Weird choice. Sounds like they aren't even in business anymore:

            Like I mentioned, what was said above isn't a threat. Is it toxic? Yes. Is J-B-Inc a toxic individual who needs some therapy? Probably. As unfortunate as that is, it's not bannable. He didn't say he was going to do anything to you or your family. There is nothing actionable there in a court of law.

            If you have real evidence of threats or evidence of hacking (what you've shown is zero proof), we would love to hear about it.

            Sounds like you were trying some hacking of your own in dd3 this evening. Something about beam leaving his c drive wide open? You know how silly that sounds right? This isn't Hit TV Series NCIS where you just "crack into someone's C drive". IRL it's much more complicated and your assumption is embarrassing to anyone who understands technology.

            This and your other disruptions throughout the evening earned your ban.

            Enough of this. Play nicely with others or don't play. The dramatics are pointless.


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              logs dont lie, i have ip address where the ddos came from and it points at you. Dont worry im sending an email to your provider detailing the illegal activity, im sure they wont mind being affiliated with cybercriminals. Maybe peoples donations can pay for your defense. the lawyer i quoted has something to do with tw as i found it during the tracert, probably the one paying the server fees or someone higher up then you and any of your abusive staff. Im sorry one of your highly toxic staff members decided to use the tw platform to ddos someone, maybe ask him to stop using tw resources for personal gains and attacks or actually listen to people when they are bringing up staff abuse instead of standing up for toxic cucks. maybe stop spinning words to make yourself out to be the good guys. TW is not knows for good ethics. I got banned tonight for calling saiyan short and bringing truth to light, thats a crime im willing to accept as its dastardly and sinister. My family should all die in front of me for it. Se Acabo
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                TheSauce should have been banned ages ago for ruining MMR games and coming on the forum to talk shit. It's blatantly someone aliasing so I wonder if they're ban evading too. I'd suggest a 6 month ban.

                JB should also be punished for what he said even though it's not a threat, it's a horrible way to treat other players regardless. I'd suggest a 1 week ban.


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                  Just repeated what jb/honcho/blacklivesmatters said to me the other day about wishing death on my family and hookecho threatened to silence/ban me. The bias....i dont understand


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                    Can't wait to see this clown trying to sue a warbird on Judge Judy


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                      At no point did I say anything about sueing anyone, for you unintelligent fucks to assume such a thing confirms how stupid most of you are. I was merely pointing out some of the IP address hops the perp was using to get to me by using lookup tools. Re-evaluate your lives and IQ's before making retarded assumptions. Now you look stupid


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                        Look at this clown over here getting hacked by some TW pub law firm

                        Also, highly recommend Tower, Manco, and Associates. They turned my !votemute into a !votesettlement