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Biets bans

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  • Biets bans

    biet banned me from talking for 1667 minutes today for ignoring people and announcing it. Remove the abusive ban for 10 lines of text. Unless 24 people playing instead of 25 every night is ok with the higher ups to have a lesser poulation. If its not gone by tonight peace out enjoy your dead game

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    1. This is not the appropriate place for an appeal. Please use the guidance noted in the ban message. If you continue to complain on the forums you'll be banned here too.

    2. If BIET issued a ban, you probably deserved it.

    3. If all you're going to do is spread your toxic rhetoric and harass people, I'm ok with one less player. You mostly sit in spec and heckle or complain anyway.




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      Banned from talking for 1440 minutes because of about 15-20 lines of text that wasnt even offensive and mostly a conversation by biet today, completely unreasonable considering the spam in pub chat. 0 support from any staff at tw hook just wants to be disrespectful and wants me to leave. No bias there. Hook gonna end this topic fast because the 14 ppl that read it might get bored and move on. Why cant support for staff abuse be that fast?


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        Click image for larger version

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          Let the door hit you on the way out.


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            I can be the bad guy if you want, that's fine. The truth of the matter is that you have been disrespectful to every single person in this game for a long time.

            You were unbanned from MMR and you decided to return the favor by ruining everyone's good time in that arena.

            I've yet to see a ban appeal from you. If you submitted a staff abuse complaint those do not go to my team, so that's on you. If you're not getting a quick enough response, you can try

            At the end of the day your 24h silence has been building for quite some time with the way you toss your toxicity around. You don't just put people down, you beat the dead horse until it's been completely pulverized. It's not like this is one occasion here either, it's non stop. I can literally pick any log out of the server and here you are being rude and aggressive towards people. We're all very tired of it and want it to stop. The hour increment silences were doing nothing to drive that home so here we are with a lengthy ban.

            The take away should be: Stop being toxic and learn to get along with others or just keep your thoughts to yourself. If you can't do those things, then perhaps a nice contact sport where you can get your aggression out instead of sitting behind a computer screen playing keyboard bully.

            Not anywhere in any of your posts did I see any remorse for how you've behaved. Just "do what I want or I'm gone". I don't just do things because someone said "do it because I said so" and I'm guessing neither do you based on your behavior.

            I also warned you that further complaint abuse in the forums was not going to be tolerated.