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  • Directory Servers

    For those of you who are having trouble downloading your zone list, follow steps below.
    1. Click this link:
    2. Go to your Continuum client
    3. Click on "ZONES" from the main Continuum screen
    4. In the text field below "Directory Server Address List" paste the address of an online directory server
    5. Click "Download" to download your zone list
    6. Click on OK to close the window
    7. Select your zone and click "Play" to connect.

    As of 4/28/2018 we are experiencing some technical difficulties with the directory servers. They aren't registering all zones.

    In the meantime, please manually add the zone you would like to play. Here is an old zone list. You can use this to copy out the IP and port of the zone you wish to play. TW, EG and Chaos are most notably NOT included on the only active directory server's zone list at this time.

    	Battlestar Galactica	1579	Enabled	134	3
    	FSAU Devastation Down Under	5000	Enabled	134	
    	N734 Super Ships	10000	Enabled	134	51
    	SSCE Hockey/Football Zone	7501	Enabled	134	
    	SSCE Hyperspace	5005	Enabled	134	2
    	SSCJ Desert Storm	12030	Enabled	134	
    	SSCJ Devastation	7022	Enabled	134	1
    	SSCJ Distension	12010	Enabled	134	
    	SSCJ DragonBall Z	12020	Enabled	134	
    	SSCJ Galaxy Sports	7240	Enabled	134	
    	SSCJ Hub	12000	Enabled	134	1
    	SSCJ MetalGear CTF	14000	Enabled	134	1
    	SSCU Death Star Battle	3600	Enabled	134	29
    	SSCU DSB Dev	3610	Enabled	134	
    	SSCU Extreme Games	7900	Enabled	134	19
    	SSCU Trench Wars	5400	Enabled	134	64
    	SSCW Apocalypse Hell	24651	Enabled	134	1
    	SSCW Armageddon	24852	Enabled	134	1
    	SSCW Galactic Warfare	24351	Enabled	134	11
    	SSCW Quadrents Of War	25024	Enabled	134	1
    	SSCX Omega Fire	23001	Enabled	134	5
    	SSCXX Chaos/League Zone SVS	13500	Enabled	134	29
    	SSGO Ground Warfare (SSC)	11001	Enabled	134	7
    	SSM3 BOLO 0.99.7 CTF	7654	Enabled	134	
    	T3 The Gauntlet! (SSC)	11011	Enabled	134	7
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    Updated with information on the current state of the directory servers.
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