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  • MMR EU Hosting Blocks

    Hi Everyone,

    Mossad would like to try hosting some more specific MMR blocks for our EU players.

    Current blocks starting this week:

    Sunday, Tuesday and Thursday 3PM until 10PM UTC
    Saturday 10AM until 10PM UTC

    He will be trying out these times this week. Please join him for some MMR!

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    Been enjoying tw alot more now with mmr going on instead of godawful elim, thanx mossad.


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      Sunday is listed twice.
      Check whether you really mean GMT. Most places which use GMT aren't currently using it.


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        Omega Red> dwop sick
        mr mime> its called an orca smash u uncultured fk
        WillBy> ^^

        1:Chief Utsav> LOL
        1:Rule> we dont do that here.

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          Originally posted by Rab View Post
          Sunday is listed twice.
          Check whether you really mean GMT. Most places which use GMT aren't currently using it.
          I corrected it. Second line was supposed to be Saturday.

          Also, I do mean GMT or UTC+0. I converted it from Mossads timezone to UTC. Seems like the nomenclature may of changed at some point, I always thought GMT/UTC were used interchangeably.

          If you mean "We're not using GMT because of daylight savings", you can +/- an hour right?


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            Hookecho - Yeah just call it UTC or use London time instead. Saying GMT is ok when you mean it, but people are wrong so often you can't trust it. When someone says UTC or London you know they haven't made a mistake.

            Dwopple - pretty much nowhere is observing EST now. Normal tw scheduling should always either say ET or New York, not EST, not EDT. EST is always GMT-5.

            Europe uses the 24 hour clock and starts a week on a Monday.
            USA uses the 12 hour clock and starts a week on a Sunday.

            Euros know their offset from London, just like Yanks know their offset from New York.

            So something like this should be most understandable:

            For Euros: London Time
            Monday         N/A
            Tuesday   16:00 - 23:00
            Wednesday      N/A
            Thursday  16:00 - 23:00
            Friday         N/A
            Saturday  11:00 - 23:00
            Sunday    16:00 - 23:00
            For Yanks: New York Time
            Sunday     11AM - 6PM
            Monday         N/A
            Tuesday    11AM - 6PM
            Wednesday      N/A
            Thursday   11AM - 6PM
            Friday         N/A
            Saturday    6AM - 6PM
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              Big Mossad. Thank you bro