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Shrap chance in basing games (plus small change to how it's given)

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    I honestly there won't be any issues with the prizing, and if it goes wrong there would be bigger problems than sharks missing their shrap. But, there's a way to make it kind of fool proof in case the bot fails to prize.

    For that the initial bounty for shark would stay at 3, and would increase to 5 or more. So if the bot fails to prize, the chance for shrap stays exactly the same. The difference would be that the bot wouldn't know the shrap amount, which is to be expected since it also failed to prize.

    Since the shark's bounty after prizing would be higher than 3, it seems only logical to also raise the initial bounty for all the other ships with the same amount. Lets say the new initial bounty is 6. What this would do, as far as I know, is increase the points gained from killing other players and, I've talked with qan about this as something as a happy coincident, the chance for getting multifire goes up for jav, lanc and terrier since their are 3 additional chances for it to get prized.

    Regardless of which way we decide to choose, I think it's best to test it out soon so we aren't just speculating of what it would and wouldn't be.


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      As some reassurance, the issues with Distension mostly revolved around queuing prizes at a rate that wouldn't crash the server, so those shouldn't show up here.
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        Imo messing around with shrap to make niche ui work is a mistake.