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TWDD - New special flavor in TWDD5, shorter BulletAliveTime

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  • TWDD - New special flavor in TWDD5, shorter BulletAliveTime

    The previous flavor, res limited to 1280x1024, was only played twice on a single day. Those settings are now replaced with the default DD settings plus a shorter BulletAliveTime of 1.5 seconds. The default value is 8 seconds.

    The idea behind these settings are to reduce the amount strays and offscreen lobbing.

    If no bot is present, please use !ch <squad>:<players>:twdd5, on a matchbot in an arena where no game is being played, to spawn a matchbot in twdd5 (this might take up to a minute). If that doesn't work, please use ?help

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    Oh shit this actually sounds pretty cool. Forces people to play closer range
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      Much smarter than res limits.


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        as someone who played entire seasons with a TWLD capped at 1280 res, and as someone who staunchly opposed it initially, I can tell you rab that you dont know what you're talking about

        this game was designed with 1280 res in mind. the size of the radar was designed with 1280 size in mind. the league was designed with the idea that every player would be on the same res. it makes a huge difference, and only for the better.

        that said, bullet decay lower is a great idea!

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