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Why is bomb keep on ban me from mmr guy racist or something

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    Originally posted by micperk View Post
    In your post you’re literally saying you can’t wait for the zone to die lol. You’re another one of the random retarded trolls that need to be gone from this zone also. What a weird complex to have, even if I get axed for doing what any sane person would do what changes for you? You act like I’m gettin paid for this shit. Seek help my man, you’re grown men doing dumb shit and then crying like little school girls. It’s wild that you think your complete insignificance to the zone and petty drama is in any way important. Fucking weirdos.
    The only reason anyone wants you around is because LF doesn't have the brain power to hire active staff.

    I've staffed zones through up through system operator and have done so successfully for years on large servers without complaint. The reason I can speak out is because I don't really give a shit if I'm banned. This game, but particularly this zone isn't my identity or really even that enjoyable anymore given the state of the staffing situation, which I blame for 99% of the problems.

    Trenchwars use to have a little more sanity and it's been depressing watching it slip under new management or lack there of. Motherfucking trash staff in here ruining leviathan, having biased bans, adding people late selectively because of their baby egos are hurt by harsh criticism, spamming kicks for selective MMR games because they aren't even suppose to have the power to ban people, and failing to train staff properly or express any sort of consequence for garbage decision making and poorly thought out actions.

    Yeah lets make bombed staff so he can drive the population to zero. You literally prove my point of what's going to happen with retards like you moving up through the staff system. Hypothetical wishing given the current state of the zone and particularly staffing quality isn't that outlandish, stupid cunt.

    LF, it's actually silly as fuck to fail this hard when you have like 10 active staff members total at best. It shouldn't be this hard for your team to manage this shit.


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      people dying out in 2 mins to speed up games deserve to be banned if that is what's happening, wasn't there though


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        Man, this is more entertaining to read than the morning news.


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          Sometimes people have bad games... look at Dreamwin this guy rated 8.5 in WB, TWDT and went 1-10 against Crimson.

          The supposed beauty of MMR was to reduce staffing, not increase it. People don't have these problems in WBDuel and JavDuel because of subs and captain choice. If you automate subs at (-3) problems solved, the players would have an opportunity to play and would be popped out if they play poorly. The lowest level MMR hosts shouldn't even have the power to kick or ban people. It's obvious you all need help understanding statistics and should probably put someone with some actual intelligence in charge.

          Remove the ability for these dumbass kids to ban and kick people. They don't need that. Fixing the core systems like an actual programmer would could eliminate complaints. Having idiots like Bombed (demonstrated by his repeated actions and numerous complaints filed against him) with an ability to kick people is stupid. None of these low level kids should have the ability to kick or ban anyone in the biased fucked up way that they do. In theory these problems could all be eliminated.

          Like I was saying before, Cubone showed that the statistics are available to even track TK percentage per kills. People who just suck like J-B shouldn't be discriminated against.


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            Click image for larger version  Name:	kleanxSux.png Views:	0 Size:	73.3 KB ID:	1363361

            Ima go out on a limb and guess why you're mad.

            Bombed is net positive for zone.
            You are a net negative and toxic af for the zone.
            I've been on your team and seen how you treat your fellow players and teammates.
            Shut your toxic ass up

            You self-important karen.

            Obviously we try not to have to block players but when people are playing for 2-3 minutes (even 10 minutes) and going 3/10 with tks
            thats obviously ruining games for 9 other people, going to use your line here even a "retard" can deduce that.

            No wonder you're crying about a ship in pub that when you shoot any wall everything on your fuckin screen dies.
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              It's a really hard concept, but in order for people to go positive some people have to go negative. I've never claimed to be good at jav.

              Your opinion really should be discounted like your mom's pussy. It doesn't even have any logical connection to the arguments at hand. You're literally just lashing out because you have a crush on Bombed or something.


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                  Oh by the way, nice contributions to the zone brah. Don't know your aliases, but seems to me like you're useless trash.

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                    Here's mine if anyone wants to have a look!



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                      Man was this random weirdo that joined EG discord and just complained about staff and kept saying he should have powers when the zone was already dead. Players from other zones said he did the same on other channels and he got banned from pretty much all of them. Either this is him again or the chances of having delusional narcissism is much higher in this game.


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                        Yea just looked through his post history it’s 100% him. Crazy people man.


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                          I don't even use Discord, but the facts still stand. How convenient that multiple staff members are in here trying to defend their dumbassery when they could solve the issues at hand. Maybe just not be abusive cucks.


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                            csi Miami out here strikes again, go away u weird fucking Subspace rule analyst. The fuck wrong with you, you’ve spent the last two years going from zone to zone doing shit to get banned and then debating staff morality and offering retarded fixes like you’re the subspace rain man. You’re fucking W E I R D bro.


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                              I knew Bombed was retarded, but damn, this a whole new level lol


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                                I refuse to go in on you cause you have heart disease and the amount of lonely depression oozing from your comment in the twdt sign up thread actually makes me feel bad irl. Enjoy your day fam.