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  • Originally posted by Vehicle View Post
    No appeal thread?

    I hate the spawn mines. I hated getting spawn-mined last season when Sprackle did it and didn't get in any trouble for it too.
    what would be the point of appealing when dwopple couldn't be bothered to take 30 seconds to write a Rules post and write "mining spawn is illegal" at the start of the season, or before playoffs when someone is signaling they're going to cheat, then lashes out like a child when his decisions as op are criticized.

    zid spawned on like 8 mines in the semi-finals, leaving our team without a shark during crucial moments, just some absolutely brutal shit. anyone who bases seriously knows how game-destroying a shark spawning on a mine is. it ruined the game and affected the result.

    joeses is a cheating loser and dwopple thinks he's putting me on blast because i pm'd joe that nobody good in base will ever respect him after being so pathetically desperate to beat us he had to resort to cheating to win in a league where he already has a substantial advantage costing 1* less than us.

    integrity and fair play matter more to me than winning, which is saying something considering how fucking badly i want to win. i'll take the L over an asterisked W any day.


    • Originally posted by ogron View Post
      ...i'll take the L...
      Hi claushouse/ogron (!SPAWNMINE! Thing 2),

      I see you've changed the coconut "joke" directed at Iron Survivor in the online forums signature you like to feature once a week.

      Ogron Signature Watch: this week/month, a quote (screenshotted so the FACTS ARE REAL) of another person quoting... Ogron in red chat.

      The reason. The passion. Oi oi.

      Limited accountability
      For the words he speaks
      In the online (claus)House
      He eats sleeps and breathes beneath

      Hugs n kissis 2 "TW's chief statistician" and his younger sibling (⚽️) ⛳🏌🏻🏌️
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      • here's some proposed changes from me for the next season(s) in the hopes of improving basing experience overall plus satisfying some more sensitive people. I am aware that some people fucking hate changes, but may as well do it here while the topic is hot.

        1) adding a two-tile entry to both left and right side for "easy access" for terriers and your team. no one likes cram and people don't really know how to efficiently break current one. old cram also has its glaring issues so may as well fucking nuke the fuck out of it. see below for an example of what flag room could look like as a reference. it's not my final version, merely a quick suggestion to spice up basing in a good way.

        Click image for larger version  Name:	9b4e3b15c1.png Views:	0 Size:	13.9 KB ID:	1360239

        2) to minimize the chance to get spawned by a mine in spawn zone you could increase spawn radius by roughly 15 pixels. this would effectively make that strategy not worth using as the chance of actually having a game changing spawn kill would be extremely low. alternatively you could lower the duration mines last to something sensible such as 45 seconds or introduce a non-weapon zone in spawn area, but those alternatives have their cons which some players might dislike.

        3) incentivize team greening to give guaranteed power to team terrier while removing random aspect of acquiring bursts and portals as a terrier.
        • teams eat roughly 17 to 17.5 greens per minute. greens are generally speaking distributed fairly evenly between teams and most greens are eaten during flag room battles.
        • currently terrier has a 8.7% chance to acquire a burst and 3.48% chance to acquire a portal. this adds a lot of randomness to games which some believe is part of the game, but I greatly dislike those freak moments where terrier starts getting three or even four bursts within quick succession or when your terrier gets no portal after 100 greens eaten by your team. here are quick links to see what odds you have to get at least one burst or portal within X amount of greens eaten.

        my proposal to give a burst every 14 greens eaten by your team and portal every 36 greens eaten, but these values could definitely be tweaked more as teams would probably adapt to the way they play after such a major change. these numbers equal to roughly 72% chance to obtain your desired item after that amount of greens eaten.


        • the f1ns wish to c u try again and for u to try n shiw u r mastir ciptin. its a gr8 storyline for many reasins, but if u rnt competitir n dun wish 2 run it b1k aftir this seasin thats your p1r1k1t1f, just like its my p1r1k1t1f to speak on behalf of the entire zine n all the f1ns around the wirld n say every1 wishis for u to run it b1k


          • Originally posted by Riverside View Post

            Hi claushouse/ogron

            *insane ramblings*
            you're a mentally ill stalker who is obsessed with elite TWL players and desperate for attention. like ease, this is the last time i ever respond to you.

            apparently ignore.txt wasn't enough, so i've put you on forum ignore too. i'd be worried about encountering someone like you in cancun, but thankfully i'm in the finals.


            • In other news, some kid went 57-71 while using cheats in his only ship

              Cant blame him tho, I'd probably cheat too if I had 1 eye


              • +1 everything turb said

                I expect that will entirely kill the cram, so there's no point having it on the map at all, so may as well completely redesign and use that space some other fun way


                • Originally posted by ogron View Post

                  Ease apologized to me for his behavior & words in this exchange on this Online Forums thread. The apology was delivered in-game (green chat), and via ?message when she notice she on ?ignore for 0.25 hrs (I Wanted Space to Return to Respect).

                  During the in-game convo, I pointedly explained why I wrote what I did on Forums.

                  I didn't feel or think to screenshot the exchange for personal use, which has become more normalized within TWs (and other) online gaming communities.

                  In most situations, I avoid that type of recording without permission and will also avoid it in the future (hello TW Quote "Bots").

                  I contribute and directly/playfully quote ppl sumtimes (NOT the 3:liz/LF/Playir> fake quotes). I try to stop quoting ppl for laughs when I'm connected with what I'm typing, esp when I think or feel its gone too far; relative to my values.

                  Im referencing a private conversation with Ease now, without his permission & consent, because I felt the need or want to do so, defensively, in this situation where our public exchange was timingly resurfaced by mr. claushouse.

                  I didn't intend to do that: but it's happened. Ogron, if you weren't aware of the aftermath of Ease/I's forums exhange prior to your post, I've shared the highlights above (not below). Relevant context can provide a lot to situations.

                  In many circumstances, some peeps eventually tell on themselves through their behaviors and words.


                  The desired separation of associating with you and zid (Efil Knefil Thunder bois!) has been noted by some people in blue & green chats in TW.

                  The ogron apology tour may be in TWs sight 2048. I wud accipt your apologies too. I may haf sum of my own, amigo, cud c 🤷‍♂️.

                  💜❤ hugs n kissis, TWs cute little oggie ❤💜

                  Source: 3am in Tirinti feat. "😞 2 elite TWL players😞" & the non-TWL-winning muggles/muppets.


                  Google Images (pouting.Browser)
                  Whatsapp Mobile (Image Editing)
                  🚽💩🤮🧻🗑 Productions
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                  • Originally posted by saiyan View Post
                    In other news, some kid went 57-71 while using cheats in his only ship

                    Cant blame him tho, I'd probably cheat too if I had 1 eye


                    • Originally posted by ogron View Post

                      joeses is a cheating loser and dwopple thinks he's putting me on blast because i pm'd joe that nobody good in base will ever respect him after being so pathetically desperate to beat us he had to resort to cheating to win in a league where he already has a substantial advantage costing 1* less than us.
                      Ayo who voluntarily contributed to the ratings for Summer 2022 TWDTB?

                      Wasn't it (tweedil) zidee, claushouse and dwoppil (2 out of 3 baybee)?

                      You posting this comment after losing in the Playoffs is, hm:

                      Win-win situations are indeed the best situations,
                      Apparently until you lose

                      : ) ----> : ( -> scripted, often used words

                      Edit #2717199:

                      Ogrons Online Forums Signature Watch: a different sig after the last post, which was (also) changed hours after the TWDTB Summer 2022 Playoff loss.

                      The zooming in and out makes it easy to observe & participate through commentary: thank you ogron.

                      This hours signature is a video snipped to perfection to show the success of ogron against a team.

                      It was from a different TWDT season.

                      The one before the SpawnMines Summer TWDT.

                      Not yesterday.
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                      • wow to to see two stacks squads vs the rest of the tw will be great than after the smash the rest of tw we get to see them fight for the champ cup at the end
                        IMA HOE

                        Whacha gonna do on mawnin when you wake up to an M-16 nozzle at ya jaaaaaw.




                          • Originally posted by viop11 View Post
                            Why do you insist to write, associating a (person's ability and approach to shoot spaceships) with (their physical health)?

                            Was when you were peaking physically the only time you got out of F11 at a 9* level in any ship & zone in this 2d spaceship game?

                            Cud b a mystery 2 me, but pirhips I cud gif u sum pirsinil, customized advice.

                            I won't change my mind or words after telling you that i vs u w this advice, dont fr1t:

                            Health =/ 2d spaceships pew pew =/ what u can bicep curl or # of scotch 2 hop
                            "Intelligence" =/ 2d spaceships pew pew

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                            • I remember in twjd a few years back there was a no spawn zone added below the line.

                              Maybe add this to basing and add it to below the spawn bar?
                              Best warbird to ever enter trenchwars



                                Here we goooo. We’re 8 days post-announcement of the combined TWDT & TWL season announcement and (super) controversial community vote proposition to keep prize money for the current season, or roll it over to the next TWDT.

                                First, I appreciate everyone’s feedback here in the thread & in-game. This has clearly been a polarizing suggestion from the get-go, and I want to reiterate it was put forward with nothing but good intentions. That said, while this idea was brought to me, I absolutely accept full responsibility for ultimately putting forth this idea to the community and completely incorrectly anticipating the community reaction. In hindsight, it was extremely short-sighted and unfair.

                                Why did we take so long to respond?

                                I feel like an echo chamber sometimes, but things take time to discuss across time zones, busy personal lives, and not being too quick to make decisions based on limited (at the time) feedback. Most of you understood this and didn’t feel “forced to repeat” yourselves and I sincerely appreciate that.

                                So, what’s the outcome?

                                As of last Thursday (right before I left town), we all agreed to leave the decision to the winners on how they want to handle their winnings. At the time, we weren’t ready to make an official post, but the actual vote itself was very close (19 roll-over, 13 keep as-is IIRC) as I had stated on the forums. We didn’t know who voted how, but it was pretty obvious to me, as others stated on forum, many of the “roll it over” votes were from players who were already eliminated. Again, this was some shortsightedness on my part.

                                After taking the bot offline mid-Sunday morning, excluding players who voted after being eliminated, the vote failed to pass (and aligned with forum sentiment) with 8 in favor, and 13 opposed. Big thanks to qan for getting me that voter breakdown late last night.

                                So, what’s next?

                                Top players will get their payouts and choose what to do with their money (we’ll do this after the season concludes), and division winners will also do the same. Violence did post a great question in the original CASH PRIZE ANNOUNCEMENT thread in how the payouts would be determined. After further discussion, we’ve decided to do the following.

                                $100 for each division will be set aside for Captain discretion
                                $600 will be split amongst players who played playoff matches (Semis & Finals), weighted by games played and whether they were subbed. 1 point for each round played, .5 deducted if you were subbed to determine your overall weighting.

                                Winners can choose from the following options:
                                1. Keep everything
                                2. Roll over everything
                                3. Donate your winnings to TW Server upkeep & dev fund (my personal favorite )
                                This is a suggested breakdown, and we are open-minded to working with captains who may want to distribute the prize $$ differently, but within reason. However, players cannot be paid out more than what’s in the suggested breakdown, but if a captain wants to distribute more than the $100 set aside for their discretion (perhaps to regular season contributors, or people who showed every week).

                                See below for what this current suggested breakdown looks like. Keep in mind, this number will go down (perhaps significantly) should your team’s FINALS lineups look different than your team’s SEMIS lineups. One example would be Lockdown being played in all 3 divisions this weekend.

                                Click image for larger version  Name:	semisSuggestedBreakdown.jpg Views:	0 Size:	370.7 KB ID:	1360272
                                Last edited by Dwopple; 07-25-2022, 08:12 PM.
                                zidane> big play
                                Omega Red> dwop sick
                                mr mime> its called an orca smash u uncultured fk
                                WillBy> ^^

                                1:Chief Utsav> LOL
                                1:Rule> we dont do that here.

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