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    Originally posted by MHz View Post
    Story time...

    When I started playing EG circa 2006, the entire playerbase trash talked me relentlessly... people wishing me death, editing irl photos of me, etc. It was fine, I gave it back 2x (Bombed can tell you a funny story about my revenge on Seph.) Within 6 months I had established myself as an elite player and soon had tryouts for the best squad in the zone (Exalt) with their long standing captain, Sentenel. He would haze new recruits by essentially trashing them in the most severe (but accurate) way. Constantly harassing and demeaning you. And only the players that accepted the trashing with grace, and improved, would make it to the squad. The tryouts were actually insanely effective- he would race recruits round a track vs. the fastest players on the squad... and so ended up with only players who were mechanically gifted and tough mentally. Much like TW in that era, there was a whole hierarchy of private squads, and to even play in the most competitive games against the best players, you had to be in the best squads.

    Conversely, in today's TW, the worst and the best play together every night. We pit the Federers and Messis of the game against arthiritic obese randomers, and expect everyone to be happy about it. The worst players no longer have to prove their mettle to play in competitive matches. Yesterday I was reminded of the Sentenel's hazings when playing with a unique specimen named "StingingMetal". I noticed this fellow was constantly flying next to my ship posing a significant 2fer risk (as many sub-2000 players do.) I told him to stop doing this in the most milktoast way, and instead of following my instructions, he decided to deliberately hover my ship. Eventually I was forced to team kill this specimen and he ragequit with several deaths remaining... but not before spamming bluechat with a load of tears. I actually like MMR + TWDT but unfortunately it has fostered a culture of softness whereby legitimate hazing of shit play is seen as taboo.
    This would be perfectly understandable for a sports team or something where you are paid to be there to toughen you up. But why bother spending time logging into a video game where people treat you like shit when you can just do something else instead. Most of us have jobs/kids more important things to do with our time. The entire point of a game is to have fun and somewhere along the line people seem to have forgotten that. It's a really old video game with very few reasons to even login in the first place. Personally the only reason I still play is for the competition. Not many video games have people that have been playing for 20+ years and the cheating is minimal here compared to newer games that are flooded with it. The matches that are actually competitive are few and far between these days though.

    Also, stinking metal is a piece of shit player with an even shittier attitude, has he really been playing THAT long?

    Back on topic:
    DT is literally the only thing that keeps the zone alive and while I hope banks' league works out, DT should not take a back seat to it, at least not until it's a proven league.
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    rEnZi> its crazy
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      how about this... i am trying to play the game again. back from my last time which was 2009ish,,, i have been trying to even get sign up onMMR aggravating. the lack of support to even get me to play it frustrating... i have signup and i have registered... i have typed ?help countless time to get the same respond !register in ?go twd.... i have countless times... i am registered. when i type !p i says i am not... how about make it more welcoming to come back.... at this rate i jsut say screw it and play something else...


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        Originally posted by RageRitual View Post

        The matches that are actually competitive are few and far between these days though.
        That's because MMR matchmaking is trash just like everything else about it. I love the idea but it's busted and for some reason has been accepted as the gold standard for competition when it's shit. It takes longer than TWD games to setup. The odds of bad teammates or playing with trolls/people you hate is near guaranteed. The stat tracking aspect of it is nearly non-existent. And it only awards wins and takes zero account of what you actually did.

        Like what the fuck?

        Plus, host will take the zone hostage running the same division over and over. We literally will have jav MMR that last 10 hours that no one is allowed to play anything else but because whoever is hosting doesn't like base or warbird. This is near daily.

        Real truth is MMR is what fucked up this game so bad these last 2 years any sensible person left would have pulled it by now or very least, put it back in the oven to bake it a bit more. Although seeing as all the sensible staffers quit, I guess I shouldn't be surprised its not going anywhere but still irks me how complacent this community is towards changes that get made that are bad for the game and fuckall is done about it until it's too late.


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          Originally posted by TheSauce View Post
          This is the proof renzi, funny thing is my alias has no issues for the past few months and my rating is above 3500. Sounds like you were more offended by the fact you are a neckbearded asshole Virgin idk. Get off bests dick, you are embarrassing yourself
          huh lol I haven’t even been on in a couple of months, and at that point you were stinking up and trolling every game. And what’s this about my boyfriend best? Guy has some of the meanest, raw doggin, D slangin game in the world
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