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  • order of ld / lj / lb

    Can we go back to the normal order for games or Here is a poll for those in favour
    LD last
    LB last
    It doesn't matter

    The poll is expired.

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    3rd poll on this. Doubt it's going to change. Plus I like LD last. Was able to enjoy most of my Sunday with my family and then LD took place during my 1-2 hours of downtime I get on Sundays before family dinner. I know some people hate it and some are like me and love it. Can't please everyone but I do think LD last is probably the best solution for all our Euro/US players.


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      This was already polled! There is no point repeating polls in the middle of a season. Most likely this is something we will poll every season from here on going forward, which is something I have been working on behind the scenes.
      Mythril> when i met ease in 2001 he was a gameboy

      Shaw> it was sad steadman. ppl were saying morph was the best jav and stuff. sad times without you here

      mcvicar> the last time ease spoke to me is when he said fart and then claus said "Fart it is."

      Mythril> stead was wishing covid 14 on ppl back in the day


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        This poll is bad and you should feel bad
        1:Rough> if we even make playoffs, if the squad gets covid we could be missing key players.. gotta think of twl as sports right now, we all need to stay indoors for the next 3 months

        [Jan 27 23:30] fLaReD: ACROMANIA Challenge #10: G A G S W - fLaReD 0 pts (0 votes): grab aarons gabagool stupid wiseguy [NOVOTE/NOSCORE]


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          Most people voted TLWJ, TWLB, TWLD. There is no need for another poll.
          If you're going to do a thing you should to it to the best of your ability or don't do it at all.

          Siaxis> yo it was way harder to kill Rage then beam in that dtd

          Originally posted by olde;n1353305
          I can't beleive you left Acc. on Tj's birthday...


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            Someone link the last poll to this thread?


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              the masses have decided sorry for the repoll didn't see first one mb.


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                This new order is great.
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                Metal Headz> ROFL

                1:kesser> MENTION ME
                1:kesser> MOST KILLS

                kess is homo


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                  Games are finishing before schedule, due to the new order.
                  Best warbird to ever enter trenchwars


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                    I personally love the jav/base/warbird order and think it has gone really well so far. (I'm not playing in LD so I am undoubtedly biased.)
                    Vehicle> ?help Will the division's be decided as well today?
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                    2:BLeeN> veh yes
                    2:Vehicle> (Overstrand)>no
                    2:BLeeN> ok then no
                    :Overstrand:2:Bleen> veh yes
                    (Overstrand)>oh...then yes


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                      Originally posted by Vys View Post
                      Games are finishing before schedule, due to the new order.
                      This may be true for week 2, but that would've been the case anyways based on the final scores of each basing match this week. When the longest basing match of the week lasted only 22 minutes, 43 seconds, you will finish every match in under 30 minutes. The same could honestly be said for LD, as none of those matches ended up being particularly close...